Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#100happydays: day 18 ( Fresh Veg and Fresh Starts )

Good Evening :)
I hope your all okay :) I'm not going to lie I haven't had a great day. In fact it was a rather stressful, borderline tears , I'm sick of all this kinda day . Everyone has them , we've all been stressed out and found our selves with too much work to do with not enough time to do it ... and watch YouTube ;) It is important when you have a lot of work to try and make sure you really do still have time for you . Even if your making time to see your friends, finish coursework and pursue all five million hobbies ... you still need down time for you and just you because you are important . I promise you that :) So in order to avoid days like mine because I'm ever so slightly, extremely unorganised ; I recommend you make a list ... no, actually I recommend you make a colour coded list because that's more cheerful and colourful :) If you write out each day of the week and underneath each one put in a different colour , when your seeing your friends, when you have exams or work due in , when your doing your out of school things like cadets and youth groups and then in big capital letters write in " ME TIME" because important things have capital letters , that's why you have them in your name :) If you can't find time for " me time" then drop something because seriously it's so important . You might not see it now but it will build up and your going to get upset and stressed out and well like I did today and I really don't want that for you <3 Sadness can't always be prevented but sometimes.. a lot of the time it can and I sure intend to try because being sad is no fun which means no laughter and where would we be without laughter aha :) So if your feeling like everything's getting too much; try making a brightly coloured list because :
1) Having a plan no matter what the situation or what for always makes me feel better because I know what I'm doing so there's no need to worry about what's going to happen and how to handle it .
2) All the bright colours in that place will make you feel happy .. well they make me happy , maybe I'm just weird . What am I talking about ? I take that back actually. I am definitely weird and I am proud to be so ;)
Additionally I decided that I had two options when I came home rather distressed from spending the day buried in what appeared to resemble a unclimbable mountains worth of in completed course work
I could either mope around, eat lots of chocolate and song write for a few hours and then cry . Or :) I could put on nice clothes, do my make up, pick myself up and go to my singing lesson like I was meant to and then come home and exercise until I'd released enough natural endorphins to make me feel less like a hopeless mess and more like a young woman who's got the power to take control of how she feels and choose how to cope with the situation . We can all do this I know that it's hard but we all have the power to say , Okay I know today wasn't great in fact it was awful but I don't like feeling like this so why should I ?   From there you can get up and turn your day around and at least make it so there was something positive :) It's because of this logic I chose to go with the second choice in reaction to a not so good day . I went and had what was actually a great singing lesson and started to learn a new song ( The Wizard and I from wicked if your interested)  This instantly picked up my mood because singing is my passion ( despite how much I love playing drums as I mention in a post the other day Your Life, Your Passions ) I then came home, finished writing a song that I started a while ago and then I decided I fancied a fresh start :) Whenever I have a really bad day I always like to have a fresh start to kick me ( in the nicest possible way ) back into my positivity bubble ;)
As a result I turned to one of my best friends .. The stepper ;) which is my #100happydays picture today :) This Is probably my favourite method of indoor exercise at home because It doesn't take to much effort to the point where it hurts but after an hour on this I tend to feel a fair bit better and more enthusiastic :) As I previously mentioned I have lost a stone and a half over the last year because I had very low confidence and it was something I wanted to do for me . I am now making the push for a final half stone... I have been making this push since Christmas and it's really not working . Why? because I'm not trying I'm at the stage where I just want the weight to go away but believe me that's not how it works ;)  If you want to lose weight or become more toned firstly I just want to say , do it for you . Don't let anyone make you feel rubbish about yourself and then go on some starvation diet that doesn't work and will make you feel rubbish about yourself . I will tell you now starving yourself does not lose weight . Your body will panic because it won't know when your next meal is coming therefore causing it to store fat and If for some reason it does work , It wont last . The weight will come back on . Don't even try it. Please be sensible, as long as you're happy and healthy then nothing else matters to be honest :) Carrie Hope Fletcher did a great video on this that I will link to here . I lost weight over a year , it was slow but it's still gone because I did it for me and I was sensible :) Now I want to work on my strength and tone up a lil bit because I genuinely have the upper body strength of a squirrel ... a baby squirrel . But I'm doing it for me . So Today's going to be a fresh start I know snacking is my worst enemy because I'm guilty of eating when I'm not hungry, a lot haha :) It is difficult to judge when your full but you can learn to do it . Lots of the time I eat for the sake of it , mainly because I'm bored so now I've decided to keep things like cut up peppers and cherry tomatoes in the fridge ready so that if I really insist on mindless eating  then I can mindlessly eat fresh veg that's low in calories and doing me some good :)
So I'm going to  try and build in exercising on the stepper at least one or two times a week , maybe once a week on the running machine and I really want to start swimming again when I can find time for that :) I will let you know If I find any workout routines that I think are good and let me know if you have any suggestions . I'm currently looking at song workouts which sounds quite nice to do so I will keep you updated on that :)
So What I'm saying is if you are feeling down . It's hard but I know you can chose to make you feel better :) As we learn from Captain Jack Sparrow
"The problem is not the problem , The problem is your attitude about the problem "
This is kinda a harsh way to put it but it's true :) So please Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
I know you can do this , I know I've already given a quote today but I'm now in a good mood so you can have two just for today ;)
" It's just a bad day, not a bad life "
I hope your feeling better if you weren't feeling good
Much love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx
P.s. It's going to be okay <3

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