Tuesday, 17 June 2014

#100happydays: day 16 ( Your Life, Your Passions )

Helloooo :) 

I'm really sorry I didn't write this yesterday. I actually feel so bad aha :) I've been so busy last night and tonight ( friends having a bad time so was looking after them ) So neither of these will be particularly long either but I'm going to try my best . I just knew I had to do them :) 

So today's #100happydays photo is a picture of my drum kit :) I've had her nearly a year now, her name's Anastasia ( Yes I'm one of those people that name their musical instruments ) I've been playing drums for a year and a half ish now and I really enjoy it... Despite the fact I am a very jumpy person and jump every time it makes a noise haha :)  Today I had a really good drum lesson and my drum teacher said I'm nearly ready to do grade two which I'm really happy about. 

I love playing drums so much . It helps me calm down and I like the way I feel when playing them, like I'm in my own little world where nobody can get to me  ( anyone who plays any instrument or has a passion will probably understand what I mean by that ... hopefully .... maybe I'm just insane :/ oh well :) If I'm insane I'm definitely not suffering from the insanity , in fact I'm rather enjoying it ;) ) I started Playing drums because people said I couldn't. No one believed I could do it let alone stick with it ...I like proving people wrong and breaking stereotypes because it's always fun to shock people out of there stereotyping :) After all it must be said that the number of male drummers in proportion to female drummers does outweigh them rather a lot which is unfortunate because playing an instrument or having a passion that makes you happy is so important and fun :) If you don't have one go and find one it might make you feel really good about yourself . Whether it's knitting, swimming , blogging, playing a musical instrument or anything in-between. Just find whatever makes YOU happy . Do not let someone else who is not you therefore doesn't have the right t live your life in your place control your self-belief causing you to not try new things and take up hobbies because there doubt in you shouldn't matter because that thing you don't do because someone said " oh you'll never do it" or " you'll never be as good as ( fill in name here) " Might be the best thing you never did. It could make you so happy and if it does it doesn't matter if your as good as the other people there's always going to be someone better and someone worse than you . If there was no one better you wouldn't have anything to aim for and where's the fun and ambition in that :) Trust me I'm not a very good drummer ( no seriously I'm not ) but I'm better than I was when I'd never picked up a drumstick in my life ;) well I hope so anyway but regardless of that ; It makes me happy and happiness is important because the your smiling and I know I say this a lot mainly cause I'm unimaginative but also because its true aha ;) Smiling is good for you , and I like your smile so If for nothing else then where it for me ... go on , pretty please ? pretty please with a cherry on top ? :) You are an amazing example of a human being and I believe in you now go and show everyone else that they should too :) 

Sound's cheesy but It's right  and we all need a bit of cheesy- ness
now an again ... damn I like cheese especially mozzarella 

There's a great video about passions on YouTube by Savannah Brown I'll link to that here :) It's really good and writing this blog just reminded me of it and I think it's a great video. Savannah words it really well ... a lot better than me aha but she's definitely worth watching . Oh and while your on her channel she did a Slam poem called " What Guys Look For In Girls"  It's really good for self confidence and really, really worth your time. She wrote it in response to one of those what guys look for in girls tag videos ( If you couldn't guess by the title ;) )  Savannah puts it so well please watch it is so important for girls to hear words like hers :) She is the person who first inspired me to start writing slam poetry and listening to it :) Enjoy ! 

So this keeping it short because I need sleep and have another post to write after this didn't really work out I guess .. Oh well,  good talk :) I hope you enjoyed it I'm very very tired so I'm sorry for any mistakes and once again I'm sorry for the late post . However please do go find a passion and don't allow anyone to stop you pursuing them with dumb dream crushing words . You take those words and you can throw them back in there face ( not literally violence is never the answer) when your on stage in the west end singing your heart out or accepting your Olympic gold medal for gymnastic's or even handing your grandma a hand knitted scarf ;) You can do this, I know you can :) ( as long as you do it in a safe way, please don't be like my hobbies swimming and run into the sea when there's no one around,  get swept away and die... because that would not be fun and i'd feel really bad and I'd miss you because your worth a lot in this world no matter what you think  ) So go and pursue your dreams , and If you say you don't have any then go and find some , try a load of new things I'm sure you'll find something and you never know unless you try :) Unless your hobbies doing drugs or something ... in which case please stop and find something that wont ruin your life in the long term, make your family cry when they find out and probably leave you with lasting damage ... seriously just take up knitting ;)

I'm in the mood for a Disney quote today , this is one of my favourites :) 

" They can't order me to stop dreaming " 
- Cinderella 

So I hope you have a very lovely evening . 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
You're going to do amazing things, I just know it . 
Much love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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