Saturday, 21 June 2014

#100happydays: day 21 ( Turning your day around )

Good Evening :)

Today I had a bad morning . Today I had a good afternoon . Things can get better very quickly if you take the right attitude :) If I'm honest I just wanted to go back to bed and never move again but instead I forced myself to re-do my make up and go town with my friends because if you need to feel better quickly then surround yourself with good friends because if their in a good mood you wont be able to help but feel better :)

Today's #100happydays is this picture that symbolises me and my friends being idiots together ... really happy idiots :) Its all started when one of my friends was silly enough to where high heels to town , she very quickly got blisters so we sat her down and went to poundland to buy those heel plasters ... we left with these awesome child's plasters with jungle animals on , a packet of Haribo's Giant Strawbs of which for some reason had a mystery blackcurrant wine gum in ( literally the only reason I bought them and I don't even like that flavour wine gum haha ) and some rainbow twists because rainbows are amazing and smiley :) If something that beautiful can come from adding sunshine to rain then if you add a bit of positivity to a bad situation then maybe you'll get something beautiful too :) We then went to the park and sat in a field of daisy's and you know how much I absolutely love daisy's ( If you don't then have a look at #100happydays: day 13 ) Being the intelligent , sophisticated young women ;)  that we are we decided the obvious thing to do to demonstrate our maturity would be to stick a animal plaster on each of our  hands and make a pact of happiness because were cool like that ... woo teenagers ( I'm pretty sure were not doing the rebellious thing right ;) )

So remember if you are having a bad day you can turn it around if you pull yourself up and force yourself into a positive environment, You will be smiling before you know it :) It will get better it always will :) Sometimes you just need to let yourself feel like nothing else  matters but the moment your in ... go spin around in a field with music playing loud as you can get it and sing even louder or something like that ;) No seriously that's what we did but then we're lunatics but sometimes that's the best way to be ... that and hyper. Who needs drugs when you have sweets ;)

see if you can spot the wine gum ;)

Things do get better and okay maybe they will get worse first , like a lot worse but they will get better there's always good mixed in with the bad but sometimes after a long time of what seems like endless problems it can be easy to begin to see the world in a negative light constantly but you have to look for the little things . I mean it , you need to take everything and think how can I put a positive twist on this not fantastic situation :) But remember sometimes you do need to give yourself time to be sad before you pick yourself up other wise it will catch up on you . It's okay not to be okay for a while just don't let it take over your life because you are worth happiness <3


"Not everyday is a good day. You may feel like hell  and some you may feel like nothing could be worse. Keep your head up, because someday you will have your day. It could be tomorrow or the next day but that day will come, and it will be the best day of your life, just you wait."

- Ash Sweeney
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Everything can get better
Much love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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