Wednesday, 30 July 2014

100 Reasons to live :)

Good Evening :)

I Hope your doing good because it's good to be happy it's a skill and a talent and it should be YOU <3 Unfortunately sometimes people hit a low point ...a really low point that no one should even hover above let a lone hit, So this is a call out to every one of you beautiful people and yes you are beautiful don't even argue with my on that one I wrote a whole blog to counter every argument you have when you get confused and seem to go under the delusion that you're not beautiful which you can find here :)   But this is a shout out to you for if you're ever left that low that you feel like ending it all. Let me tell you now darling; Suicide is NOT the answer . Not ever . You are so loved by so many people even if you can't see it even if you're sat there going 'no, no you don't understand nobody cares' oh my gosh I promise you they do you might not even know you but they care .. I care <3 No matter how bad the situation is, how you're feeling and what the voices in your head are screaming at you .. the solution is never suicide . Never . There can be a million, billion reasons to go, but if there's even one to stay you should and I know you will because you're immensely strong honey and you will get through this and out of this dark place however scary moving away from it seems <3 I believe in you . One reason is all you need ... But I'm going to give you one hundred just to make sure :

  1. Going to the seaside
  2. Cuddles
  3. Friends
  4. Running around in the rain like a lunatic
  5. Singing ( even if you can't sing ) Really REALLY loudly :D
  6. Going to the theatre
  7. Seeing your favourite books turned into films
  8. The awesome adventures you're going to have
  9. The adventures you've had that you wont remember if you're gone
  10. Cloud watching
  11. Finding out if it gets better tomorrow ... You never know , it might? <3
  12. Swimming in the sea
  13. Picnics
  14. Watching your favourite YouTubers next video
  15. Counting the seconds between the thunder and the lightening
  16. Comfy Pillows
  17. Pyjama days
  18. Laughing so hard with your friends that you can barely breathe
  19. Smiling Uncontrollably
  20. Your kitten / pet climbing onto your bed in the night to sleeping with you
  21. All the sweets you still Haven't eaten ( have you tried peanut butter M'n'M 's ?)
  22. Seeing which Doctor is next O.o
  23. You never know .. you might be able to go to the moon one day
  24. Finding your soulmate ( or cat )
  25. Going on your first holiday with friends
  26. Getting drunk... on laughter
  27. Being Given Flowers
  28. You Inspire someone
  29. Breakfast in Bed
  30. Ice Cream
  31. Lolly pops
  32. Making wishes on 11:11
  33. Waiting for Santa
  34. bubbles
  35. Painting your nails a pretty colour
  36. Swinging on swings
  37. Getting picked up and swung around :)
  38. Trying to catch Santa out
  39. Catching snowflakes on your tounge
  40. The pet you always wanted but can get when you move out
  41. Spinning round and round and round and round ( ooo I'm getting dizzy ;) )
  42. Carboot Sales
  43. When a baby holds your finger
  44. The moment you go underwater
  45. Music
  46. Ice Cold Lemonade... with a straw :)
  47. Sparklers
  48. Awwing at cute baby animals when they're asleep
  49. CHRISTMAS!!! :D
  50. Getting dressed up
  51. Pizza yummy :p
  52. Toasting marshmallows
  53. Cookies
  54. loosing yourself in a song
  55. New cities
  56. Hugs from behind
  57. Keeping a diary that last like two days .. but you have about 50 of them over your life time aha
  58. Re-reading old notebooks
  59. Scented candles
  60. Lists
  61. Baking
  62. Making people smile
  63. Packing to go on holiday
  64. Staying in a hotel room .. with a bath !!
  65. Going to the Zoo
  66. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain
  67. Decorating cupcakes
  68. Slipper Socks
  69. Walking Barefoot in grass
  70. Seeing your favourite band in concert
  71. Long phone conversations
  72. The sound of Rice Krispies
  73. Squirty Cream
  74. Tight Hugs
  75. Seeing a rainbow
  76. Receiving Post-cards
  77. Hot Chocolate.. with marshmallows ! :)
  78. Sending Letters
  79. Pinkie Promises
  80. Winnie the Pooh
  81. Cookie dough
  82. Trampolines
  83. Fairy lights
  84. Balloons
  85. Dream Catchers
  86. Your helium voice
  87. Bookshops
  88. Getting into a freshly made bed
  89. Good, interesting and funny dreams
  90. All the absolutely hilarious stories you haven't heard yet
  91. Going to Disneyland I haven't been yet so I definitely have to be a live to do that and if you already have been then stay alive so you can go again :D
  92. Traveling the world
  93. This pain is tempory, suicide is permenant
  94. Dandelion wishes
  95. Going on dates
  96. Changing the world ,you're pretty cool so I know you can do that
  97. The best song in the world might come out tomorrow
  98. BuildaBear Workshop
  99. Adventure time
  100. I love you <3 :'( please don't go I love you so much and your destined to do such great things, you're amazing in ways your blind to but I promise you that I can see them and so can everyone else <3 I wish I could hug you and hold you until you feel like you can try and stand up again and I wish I could be there to help you up and catch you if you trip over again but you're on the other side of the screen so all I can say is if you need me , I'm here , Always <3 My Blogs Email address is Contact me anytime you need some advice, someone to vent to or just a cuddle over the internet and I WILL answer you are worth the world but I can only give you me but I'm pretty sure the world would want to follow because you are so amazing . I love you <3
So on that note I hope you can find a reason to stay, please for me darling . Find a reason to stay I've given you one hundred and you only need one but your worth one hundred and more and you are definitely worth more than the need to end your precious life . I believe in you <3

Todays quote is one that just touches me heart and it's from the lead singer of one of my favourite bands, All Time Low :)

“I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won't do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don't do it, for me. I love you.”
Alex GasKarth

If you ever get this low, to the point that you want to harm or kill yourself then you need to seek help, I'm going to ask you to tell your parents I know you don't want to because it's really scary but that's the way to get help.. even if you can't get the courage to tell them you want to kill yourself or how bad it is really, then how about you tell them " I'm feeling pretty down and struggling to keep on top of things and my friend who felt like this earlier this year said she got a block of counselling and it helped her out a lot " Now it's much better if you actually tell your parents what'sgoing on but if you can't then say something like that to get yourself someone who you can tell because I know you don't want to see your parents upset honey but they do care about you and they would want to help you .. But most importantly you just need to get some help no matter where from lets just start you getting better and we can make it through this together <3 If you self-harm then I am currently planning a blog post about distractions when you feeling the need to hurt yourself but for now can you just stay strong and hold in there for me, all of you because you ARE going to make it through this I know you are <3 Please feel free to comment your reasons to live because your reason might just be the one that saves the person who reads it.. see I told you that you could save the world ;)

There's a Youtuber called Marina Joyce who did a video about why not to kill yourself and it's truly heart warming and well it made me cry and if you're feeling suicidal I think it would probably help you out to watch it :

Also here are some other videos that may help you , they're on depression but they do talk about suicide as a part of that topic <3
I hope this has given you enough to get through today :) You're going to be okay <3 Here's a video that will make you giggle to get you started with feeling a lil bit better even temporarily :)
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Talk to you soon
Much love, Love much-ly

Smiley Sunday - #100happydays day 51-57

Hellooo :D

Welcome to the first ever Smiley Sunday post :) The annoying thing is that I've just realised I'm not going to get this posted this week until Wednesday because for some unknown reason the laptop at my dads wont let me post .. I can only assume its because I'm an idiot when it comes to technology , oh well :) I spoke about Smiley Sundays in a previous blog post but if you haven't read it then i'll just explain quickly : I have been doing the #100happysdays posts for 50 days everyday and its exhausting because I write a whole blog about each of them which also means that I don't have time to write the other blogs I want to write which mean alot to me :) So on sunday everyweek I'm going to do all the #100happydays posts in one so I hope thats okay with you :) I should probably get started <3

#100happydays: day 51 ... also known as Monday ;)

Today was awesome :D I went to my best friends house and me, my best friend, another close friend and her boyfriend ( the guy who I have a joke that I'm married to .. its complicated aha ;) ) but we all went for a picnic in a field with my best friends dog Milo who is the cutest ( bouncy-est) thing you will ever see ... although he did eat most of the food aha :) I love picnics so much and I'm always talking about them on here and how much I absolutely adore sandwiches cut into little triangles :D I'm actually smiling just just thinking about them aha :) We also found an abandoned house and an  abandoned barn with abandoned cars in it .. wow that's a lot of abandoned stuff ;) My friend was talking to me about the cars being like " I think its a 1960's mustang, what do you think ? " and I was just like " ermm I think its a car ? " so yeah that's an example of my never-ending lack of intelligence aha :) When we got home my best friend came back with me to sleepover so we spent the evening watching Russel Howard's Good News and eating strawberry laces :) Yay aha :D

#100happydays: day 52 ( Tuesday ) 

Lazy days are the best .. especially cuddled up with someone you love :) I spent the day at my boyfriends house , we got a chippy ( because his mums amazing ) and started watching all the Shrek films because I really like them but have only actually seen to number three and wanted to watch the first few again anyway's so we got to number two :) He also gave me my birthday present because the post took ages because he ordered it from Australia , they were "Okay?Okay." necklaces :D You've all seen me fangirl over The Fault In Our Stars in this blog ( I did a mini review of the film which you can find here <3  ) I love them so much and I moved them on to black cord because we both do a lot of activities that would lead to them getting broken and they're just so lovely :) I couldn't be happier <3 

#100Happydays: day 53 ( Wednesday) 

I spent most of today catching up on writing blog posts because I was behind ( oh what a surprise ;) ) Despite the stress of remembering to post and the effort of planning and finding time to write, I really do love writing this blog :) I love trying to make people smile and whenever there's a nice comment it absolutely makes my day :) So thank you so much to everyone who's left nice comments <3 It means the world to me :) I also went to see " Mrs Brown's Boys D'movie " It was hilarious XD If your fifteen or up definitely go and see it , I went with my sister and we were both crying with laughter :D 

Today's Quote is a Mrs Brown Quote because it made me smile and smiling's good ;) 

" NEW DIET, Guaranteed to work!! Just fill your tank with petrol, you won't be able to afford the feckin groceries " 
- Mrs Brown 

#100HappyDays: Day 54 ( Thursday ) 

It turns out I'm not very good at painting summer houses ... I mean I did well at painting my best friend , but I'm not sure a paint fight was quite what her nan had in mind but it was fun aha :) I can't say the same for the hours I've spent trying to get the paint out of my hair but ... the I can deal with the odd streak of blue paint in my hair ;) We also had pizza, well we wouldn't of if we hadn't burnt it but that's not the point ;) My favourite thing about today was that in the evening I got a bit ( a lot ) stressed and to calm me down My Boyfriend started planning with me:  if you had a Magic lolly , what colour lolly would do what thing ? It really took my mind off everything :) I think I might do a post about it at some point :) 

#100HappyDays Day 55 ( Friday) 

Have you ever had an idea that seems fantastic at the time but then you do it and end up hurting your foot and running home because you saw two foxes and you were scared they were going to eat you alive !!?! I know I know you wouldn't think that I've lived in the countryside my whole life would you aha :) Well anyway that's the last time I'm ever going for a walk down the overgrown country lanes next to my house aha ;) However when we ( I ) recovered from the "trauma" me and my boyfriend cooked lunch and I arranged the waffles in the shape of a smiley face our plates whilst waiting for the fish to finish cooking :) We then spent the rest of the day drawing in the garden, cloud watching and eating strawberry laces because calories taste good ;) 

#100HappyDays: Day 56 ( Saturday ) 

Some days you just know are going to be a bit rubbish ... and some days it's good to be wrong :) I thought I was just going to sit in all day but instead me and my mum went out to find some new furniture for my bedroom and found the cutest vintage up-cycling shop near where we live so we bought a new desk and new chest of draws and some chalk paint to paint them all up so we spent our afternoon painting together :) It's pretty easy to do, a good way to spend time with loved ones and if I'm honest, I was pretty proud of the results :) We also made plans for me to move into my sisters bedroom when she moves to Germany in September and turning my bedroom into my study :D  Afterwards I spent the evening eating a pita bread pizza that I made because it's a lot lower in calories and actually tastes better and yes I am one of those weird people that likes sweetcorn on pizza .. please don't judge me aha ;) All whilst Facetime to my friend whilst I planned out future blog posts :) I'm really looking forward to writing a lot of these ideas and I can't wait to see what you think but I really hope you like them :) 

#100HappyDays: Day 57 ( Sunday) 

I don't Know what it is about pretty little things that makes me so happy but they do and I like being happy so I don't have a problem with that :) But this does mean that my ideal place in the world is wondering around a Carboot sale :) I bought all the Harry Potter books because I really want to read them, I'm currently half way through the first one :) Then I went to my dads and spent the evening happily writing songs on my ukulele which I still haven't named :/ So if you have any ideas for names then feel free to comment .. I'm currently leaning towards Aurora ? What do you think ? :) 

So I hope you've had an equally Smiley Sunday and if not I hope it gets better ... it will get better honest honey you're doing great just keep going <3 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Feeling sad ? 10 steps Happy :D

Feeling Sad ? Please don't be ... You're so awesome <3 :) 

Sometimes we wake up and find our selves sometimes with a reason or sometimes without , feeling sad . I want to let you know that that's okay but when you have been sad a while it might be time to pick yourself up and make the decision to be happy because I love you and your happiness means the world to me and so many others <3 So here's some ways that I like to use to get from sad to smiley :) because being sad's no fun and if your insisting on waiting for someone else to make you happy then you could be waiting a long, long time. Its your life and your happiness so you should take control of it and I know you are strong enough to do that :) I love the saying :

" You must first be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else " 

It's so important to remember , you are absolutely amazing and to be happy you need one thing : 

                                     YOU <3 ( and possibly chocolate ;) ) 

You are the best thing you will ever own and I wish I could make you see what an awesome thing that is. To be happy you don't need someone else to pick you up, spin you around and tell you that every part of you is beautiful everyday ... I mean that would be nice and is one way to be happy . However for happiness all you really need is your consent and participation :) I'm not talking long term happiness ... I mean it could be I guess it depends how much you embrace your wonderful self and the happiness I know your worth, but this could definitely get you get you back on your happy little feet so you get a head start on yourself:) So now I've finished rambling; What to do when you're sad : 

1) Give yourself some time to be sad 

If you don't let yourself be sad for a while then it's just going to build up and will all come crashing down ... and we wouldn't want you getting squished under the weight of your own problems, do we ? So make yourself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and as much squirty cream as you can eat ( calories don't count when you're sad ;) ) Drag your duvet and pillows to the sofa and watch chick flicks all day or a comedy and just give yourself some time <3

2) What's making you sad ? and what are you going to do about it ? 

Whenever I'm down I some times get so mixed up in the emotions that I get a bit confused as to why I'm actually sad. It might be a mix of little things or it might by one big thing that's weighing you down. I like to make a mind map everything ( even the tiny-est things ) that are making me sad or are in anyway affecting me in a negative light and then branching off from each sad thing, and idea of what I'm going to do about it so either an action plan to fix it, a way to move forward from it or a way to prevent it happening again :) I always feel better once I have a plan so this is especially good when you can't sleep because something's stressing you out even if its something small like I an't manage the amount of homework I'm getting and it's upsetting me you could plan to go and see your teacher the next day to see if they'd help you make a timetable or plan to help you plan out your work load :) There's always a solution or a way forward .. there has to be because that's how life continues even if it seems hopeless you just have to keep going exploring all the options, if you can't find a solution or any more options then ask someone else because it's there, I promise <3 

3) Don't do anything you'll regret <3

 Under no circumstance allow it to get to the point where you want to hurt yourself . Nothing is ever worth self harm I promise you that you don't need to do that to yourself. EVER . I know it's hard but you are stronger than that <3 If you ever get to this point then you need distractions , lots of distractions. I love you, don't do it , please. For me <3 If you would like to see a blog post on self-harm and distractions from it then comment and let me know . 
<3 Kellin Quinn

4) Ready to get up yet ? 
No.7 Duck Egg blue nails
Polish always makes me
Feel positive :) 

When you're sick of being sad and you've found ways to fix things .. I think it's time to get up honey :) There's no point in staying sad forever <3 So how about you get up and get in the shower, use your favourite shower gel and just pamper yourself so you feel a bit better about yourself just to help your body remember that it is worth it ... because it is :) Maybe switch the shower to cold for a few seconds before you get out just to wake you up from being sad, I don't really understand it but having a cold shower always makes me feel like a fresh start and I LOVE fresh starts :D 

5) Get dressed up :)

Regardless of whether you're a boy or a girl , get dressed up :) Do your hair nice, paint your nails , do your make up nice ( if that's what your in to ) and put on your favourite clothes ( you should probably do that regardless of whether your into it or not... just to avoid getting arrested aha ;) )  that make you feel good about yourself , if you don't feel good about yourself in anything then your in the wrong clothes or the wrong mindset because let me tell you right now . You're Beautiful . Try going shopping and trying on different clothes in different styles until you feel good about yourself , even if you don't have money to buy new clothes its still fun to do and can show yourself you the you that I see and trust me it's a lovely sight :) <3 

6) Music up Loud <3

Positive music has a massive impact on your mindset :) Make a play list of your favourite songs, you know the ones that have a good beat that makes you want to get up and go save the world ... or at least get up aha :) Turn it up as loud as you can and bounce around doing everything you need to do with it on in the background, maybe even while your doing your make up or getting dressed. I made a list of my top ten positive songs to work to in a post you'll find here :) 

7) LEAVE THE HOUSE !!! ;) 

When your feeling rubbish it can make you feel like you do want to go out and just can't be bothered to go out with your friends ... go out anyway . This feeling isn't going anywhere unless you do <3 Going out with your friends will probably make you feel better because if your sad well surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself ( if they don't then they're not your friends... go find some new ones because you're worth more I promise <3 ) and you have a laugh with is pretty clearly going to make you feel at least a lil bit better :) Although this will only work if you let it , if you go out with your friends and you're moody and spend the whole time being miserable and refusing to even try being happy ... well there not really going to want to be around that so try and embrace the positivity for the first half hour of being there and then they should do the rest :) 

8) Laughter is the best medicine XD 

I've talked so many times about how laughter has the ability to make anything feel better in just an instant. Watch a comedy, YouTube videos ( Emma Blackery always makes me laugh ), call a friend and share embarrassing stories, or even just type 'funny stories' into Google images that's always a good way to give yourself the giggles :) 

9) It's nice to be nice :) 

My pastoral teacher at school always says this and once when she said it in assembly I must of leant on my phone because Siri went straight after she said it " I'm sorry I didn't quite get that " I didn't know whether to laugh or cry aha and when the teacher found out it was me she went " oh it was only you, I thought it was the boys behind " and that my friend is why you do your English homework in your early years of school aha :) Anyways .. rambling again my bad, I am a great lover of random acts of kindness. I'm frequently telling you about days where I've spent my whole school covering towns in Hopeful Notes ( Nice messages to brighten strangers days ) it always make you feel better too :) When I'm having a bad day, I like to find someone who's also having a bad day and send them a paragraph saying all the good things about them to wake up too, it only takes ten minutes and is so so worth doing <3 

10) SMILE :D 

Yes YOU ! Smile that gorgeous little thing as much as you can because 1) It will make you feel better I'm always saying fake it till you make it because if you smile then other people will smile and act happy around you which will automatically put you in a good mood <3 2) Well your smiles just so wonderful ... it brightens my day so I don't really see how it could help brightening your own :) 

I hope this helps pull you out into the happy sunshine, the bad things may be happening but you're strong enough to get through them <3 Try finding positive quotes to keep with you on your phone or something to look at whenever you're down just to give yourself an extra lift ... you deserve that :) I leave positive quotes on both my twitter and my pinterest so feel free to follow, I'll leave the links below : 

Pinterest: Little Hopeful  
Twitter : @MyHappyBubbleXx

Please comment to tell me what you do to cheer yourself up when you're sad ... together we can be happy woooooooo :D
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”
― Barney Stinson
Much love, Love Much-ly 

P.s. Fun Fact : If you yelled for 8 years 7 months and 6 days you would have made enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#100happydays:day 50 ( Almost there ... well half way ;) )

"I'm Almost there, I'm almost there, people down here think I'm crazy but I don't care "
-The Princess and the Frog 

I love the song "Almost There" from the princess and the frog , it's got a really can do feeling to it :) The reason it's relevant is because I'm half way through my #100happydays posts :) I know this is late but I've only just got my laptop back so I've got a lot to do so I'm going to have to keep this really short :) 

Today's #100happydays photo is the birthday cake I had when I went out for lunch with my grandad and mum ... his name is Clyde aha :) It actually is as well , it says so on the box, also he has feet :D I have no Idea why that makes me so happy but it does so I'm not going to question it :) 

After lunch I went to my aunts house and on the way back, my granddad's dog fell asleep on my lap which was so so cute :) I love animals and lily is the loveliest Irish setter you could ever wish to meet and she's absolutely terrified of my cat ( yes the one that looks like a big fluffy pompom ) bless her lil cottonsocks :) 

I'm also thinking about instead of posting everyday just on a certain day each week doing all the #100happydays things in one post because I have a lot of other things I want to write about and this make it very difficult to do that :) So I think I'm going to post #100happydays on Sunday ... Smiley Sunday aha :) I have so many ideas for other posts that I can't wait :) 

“Even in winter, the cold isn't always bitter, and not every day is cruel.” 
― Jim Butcher

So I will see you all soon 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Feel free to follow me on twitter for more positivity throughout the week @MyHappyBubble 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

#100happydays: day 49 ( It's My Birthday :D )


Cutest pressie EVER :D
Too personal to talk about
 properly but I wanted
 to give it a mention
 because I'm so so grateful
 for this <3 I cant describe
 what it means to me :) 
Sorry I'm in a very good mood ... have I mentioned it's my birthday because it's my birthday and I'm just really happy because ITS MY BIRTHDAY :D * Deep Breath * okay its safe to come out ... I'm calm now ;) I know you probably wouldn't guess this from the massive overload of excitement you just experienced ( yeah sorry bout that ) But I actually don't like birthdays usually but this one was a bit different I guess I'm just generally a happier person this year and that makes all occasions seem better... and everything else actually :) Well what can I say ? I've always told you that smiling is good ;) So today .. what happened today ? urm well I woke up at 7 ( I know waayyy too early ) so I went to wake my boyfriend up and fell back asleep with him <3 Then about an hour later when he woke me up we went downstairs and I ate some crumpets ( I eat them cut into quarters because that makes me happy.. I'm weird like that :) ) We watched Adventure Time while we ate because why the hell not aha ;) We'd arranged to meet my friends in town just to go shopping at eleven thirty ish so I had to get ready I mean it might only take him twenty minutes including showering ... but I was struggling with the two hour limit ;) Anyways, while we were waiting for the hot water to heat up; I opened my presents off my boyfriends family which were AMAZING :) They must know me a lot better than I knew because they bought me two of my favourite things... Socks and Pyjamas , I mean Just look how awesome these socks are !!! :D After my shower I realised that I needed to straighten my hair and oh my gosh I cannot tell you how relived I was to know that I had brand new straighteners off my mum that would mean my hair would actually stay straight for more than just the entirety of half an hour when I'm lucky :)

I seriously would recommend these to ANYONE <3
How awesome are the chairs in hobbycraft !! :D 
Once we finally got ready we went to meet my friends in town and I just want quickly go off subject for a second ... have you been to McDonald's recently ? If not why not ? I went in today and made the most amazing discovery of my vegetarian life! :D Currently McDonald's have these GORGEOUS cheese bites in and oh my gosh they're like a taste sensation exploding in your mouth and just mmmmmm * mouth waters*  The reason I think I love them so much is the coating on the cheese bites , as a vegetarian I've found that the one thing I miss more than chicken ... is the actual breadcrumb coating with all the flavours and spices that just taste awesome :) Please go and try them, it will make your life better aha ;) Anyways, about two million calories later ( worth every one of them ) we went off to look round the shops and I bought some feathers in Hobbycraft because ... okay because they looked fluffy ... I'm sure I'll have a purpose  for them something , right?  ;) 

Then came presents :) wooo ! aha :D I'm so lucky to have such cute and thoughtful friends who know me well enough to get me such adorable ( and funny ) pressies :) I think I'm just going to show you pictures off the things off my friends bellow because it would take forever to thank all of them individually but I am so so grateful to have people like them in my life :) Also There's one I can't have a picture of because my best friend got me the amazingly fantastically wonderful :D give me a second I'm getting too excited * Deep breaths* tickets to see Cats the Musical :D You couldn't understand how thrilled I am by this gift and I can't wait for September 23 rd to go see it :) However as I am me she doesn't trust me not to lose the tickets hence why there's no picture but yayyyy :) 
Made me giggle :) One of my closest friends who is a boy has a joke with me that were married ... I expect he got some weird looks whilst buying this :) 

Meet MShadows the bear :) My friend who loves Avenged Sevenfold got me this addorable bear and as Buildabear workshop isn't really his scene he panicked and named the bear after the lead singer in Avenged Sevenfold aha :) 

LOVED this necklace <3 My friend and me have a thing about butterflies because they're a symbol of staying strong to us :) I don't have many necklaces and am really trying to build up my collection and this is just perfect :) 
I have a minor ( massive ) obsession with Wonder Woman :) A friend who I have become very close to in the past few months got me this awesome mug with socks ( you know how much I love socks aha ) and oh my gosh they're so awesome :) I'n my blog a few days ago where I spoke about the nicely wrapped present that was driving me crazy because I wasn't allowed to open it ... well that's this one and it was so worth the wait :D This girl is always there for me and an absolute angel <3 She makes me proud everyday and I will enjoy many a hot chocolate from this amazing gift :) 
We Then went to the park for a little while and I spent about twenty five minutes on the swings because I was that feeling that you're flying :) My ideal date would actually be going for a proper picnic with the cute little triangle cut sandwiches and strawberries and chocolate Yazoo milkshake and then spending the rest of the day on the swings or just drawing and reading in a nice field someone ... yeah if I go on a date like that I'm guessing I'm probably taking myself aha :) Oh well I'm okay with that ;) 

Finally around six o'clock we went home and I got ready to go to my dads when he called and asked if my boyfriend wanted to come over with me for some cake and for some unknown reason that actually made my day :) So I put on my favourite summer dress and the butterfly necklace that I showed you a few pictures ago and we went for cake :) My boyfriend left the cutest thing on my notice board and a drawing of a tiger that was completely unrecognisable as a tiger but it made me laugh :) Then we went down stair and ate birthday cake ( Aldi's finest at £1.49 aha ;) ) and everybody sang which made me happy :) Then there were even more presents off my dad and sister which I'll show you : 


I can't express how much I love all the songs from wicked :) 

My parents will probably never take me on another car journey again aha :) Sing-song Time ! :D

Also I got a UKULELE ! :D I've wanted one for so so long :) What could make this better ? well I'll tell you :) The book if Disney songs on ukulele that I got with it :) YAYYYYYYYY

I think that's all I have to say for now :) There's another present off my dad which is totally awesome and like the best thing ever but I kind of want to do a whole post about it so COMING SOON ;) Before I go I just wanted to show you my two favourite cards :) One I thought was funny and the other I thought was just cute mainly because of what was on the inside but I also liked the outside cause it was such a pretty design :) 

P.s. " Don't ever leave " :')  Love you <3 
On that note I better be off,
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
I love you ... Really I do <3 you're worth while 
Much Love, Love much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

P.s. As it's my birthday a lovely girl on the hopeful forum messaged me saying that as she didn't know me she couldn't get me a present but she knew I liked quotes so she sent me a load of birthday related quotes :) Which ones your favourite ? Or do you know any others ? Feel free to comment them below :) 

'Each year on your birthday you get the chance to start anew' 
'Don't just count your years, make your years count'
'Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come'
'The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate'
'A birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by, and set your goals for the coming year'
'You don't stop having fun when you grow old, you grow old when you stop having fun'
'Live every day like it's your birthday' 

I've mentioned this before but the girl who sent me these quotes has her own blog very similar to mine please check it out it really is wonderful :) You can find it here :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

#100happydays : day 48 ( "Life is an occasion, Rise to it" )

Good evening :)

I know I'm late again but my laptop should be fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday which should make well everything easier aha :) Today's been good , it was the last day of my work experience and I spent most of it discussing pranks to do on the last day of school and college ... my personal favourites included cling filming year 7's to trees and getting escorted from the school so throwing water balloons at the window with actual catapults ( something the woman I was talking to actually did with her year group aha ) When I came home I was exhausted and barely had time to get ready before my boyfriend came over ( I don't actual know why I bothered straightening my hair, my straighteners are so rubbish that my hair was wavy again before he even got there ) however, I still managed to fit in ten minutes of piano playing only in chords though because I'm useless on piano despite seven years of lessons as a child I wasn't even good enough for grade one XD I would actually I was talentedly untalented ;) But I managed to write another verse to a song I was writing regardless  :)

Then me and my boyfriend attempted to watch Peter Pan ( Yes, it was my choice ;) ) but the DVD wasn't working (noooooooooooooo ) so we ( I ) decided that we should watch Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium ( also my choice ;) ) I just love this film , I don't even have a reason :) I think It might just be that one of the quotes from the film is one of my favourite quotes :

" Life is an occasion, rise to it . "

I find this quote says a lot <3 it's just too true and when you think about it a good way to live because it really fits in with the topics of everyday is special and make every second count. Sometimes we forget just how precious and amazing life really is even if it's something a bit rubbish at that particular moment in time :)

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
I'm actually kind of getting really excited for my birthday tomorrow so I need to try get some sleep :)
Much love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

#100happydays:day 47 ( Jumping to my feet :) )

Helloo :)
I don't know about you but I am in a way better mood today :) I feel like ... you know when your sat on the floor and then it's time to go but you can't bothered to get up so you put your hands out and one of your friends pull you up so fast that you kind of jump up and suddenly feel energised and like you want to find all the good things and just smile about them ... well yeah I feel like that aha :)

Yesterday I was feeling a bit/a lot rubbish and that's okay ( I talked about this in my previous blog which you can find here :) ) But it's important to know when it's time to pick yourself up and jump into action, all positivity guns blazing :D Actually I feel like guns isn't really the right word to go after positivity aha .... so maybe ermm more like party poppers or something ;) As a result, today I started to spot loads of good things that made me happy and to be honest it was lovely :)
Firstly I was in a rush to get to work experience because I over slept so unfortunately I had to grab any socks as fast as I could and obviously they wouldn't be black because that would just be too good wouldn't it aha :) Nope they were bright blue with white roses on but i soon cheered up the moment my mum told me that these socks were actually made of bamboo ! :) Wow. Bamboo socks. Life has got better ;) I don't know how they made them but I'm impressed aha :)


Then still baffled from this amazing discovery , I was told that the school I was doing work experience in was having kind of an activity day. So I was sent to help out in paper crafting :) First I made a decoupage card with a really cute bear on ( awww ) and then we were taught how to do very basic tea bag folding which I thought was really awesome and made really cute patterns and shapes . If you look it up on google there's loads of things teaching you how to do it and all the more advanced ones :) I stuck mine to my card which I have now written to give to my best friend when I next see her because she's amazing <3  
When I came home from work I found my cat sat in the window looking like a lion ( A black extremely fluffy lion ) and it made me giggle but he's really not very good for taking photos of .. but I'll show you anyway :) I can only assume the poor thing must of been exhausted from a long day of sleeping and getting fur all over my bed aha ;)
Afterwards I went to my youth group and crept up quietly behind my friend and raw-erd at her and she jumped out her skin aha :) It was literally the funniest thing I had ever seen :') Despite me scaring the life out of her she still handed me a beautifully wrapped birthday present with instructions not to open it until Saturday ( my birthday ) I really hate waiting aha :) The anticipation is killing me and its practically a form of torture to have to watch it sat across my room practically begging to be opened ;) I'm actually getting kind of excited for my birthday even though I'm not doing anything in particular for it but I find people tend to be happier on peoples birthdays and I just love being around people who are smiley :)
The same friend who gave me this wonderfully wrapped present , told me earlier this week that her mum was feeling down. That made me sad because everyone deserves to be happy so I made her a lemon drizzle cake ( click here :)    to find out how I made it <3 ) and I wrote her a letter , telling her five good things about her because I've never met this woman but I'm sure she's lovely and I want her to be happy no matter what <3 My friend text me when she had given her mum the cake and the letter and said that her mum had tears in her eyes when she was reading the letter and that she hadn't seen her mum so happy in ages and this coincidentally made me cry just a lil bit because it meant the world to me :)
Following this, things just kept getting better and my mum bought chocolate Yazoo milkshakes which are practically my favourite drink ever :) They even had cute little straws attached to them :o <3  

So I can't deny that today things got better so today's quote is :

" Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever "

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Your storm will pass soon , just keep going <3
Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx