Sunday, 1 June 2014

Heyyy :)

Welcome to DontBurstMyBubble :) 

I've recently become obsessed with positive living and I've been looking at all sorts of random acts of kindness, fitness routines ( I'm still searching for one that I can be bothered to do and where day 30 doesn't look like a 5 minute trip to hell ) and pretty little things that make me smile :) after all smiling's good for you 

always good to remember :) 
I'm a big fan of Carrie hope Fletcher and her amazing you tube channel "Itswaypastmybedtime" she is seen as an honorary big sister to all the hopefuls    ( her subscribers ) She created a project called "the hopeful notes" where hopefuls leave nice messages on post stick notes to brighten peoples days in random places. The ultimate aim is to leave a smile on someone's face and the project truly embrace's the idea being nice for no reason :) I now frequently go out for the day leaving hopeful notes everywhere and covering towns with one of my friends whom is also a hopeful :) In future i will take pictures of them as i leave them and upload them here if anyone would like inspiration for quotes or messages to put on any hopeful notes you would like to do please feel free to use some of mine .

Wooo Carrie in a donkey hat ...  well what else would she be wearing ;)

I have a long lasting love for inspirational quotes and may either try to incorporate my perhaps favourite quotes of the week in a weekly blog or maybe a blog post purely of my all time favourite quotes however that list is ever growing :) I also have a love for list I may post lists such as my bucket list , a list of random acts of kindness that I would love to do or even lists of cute bedroom decorations. 

Losing weight has been a goal of mine for over a year now i have so far lost a stone and a half and am now trying to make the final push to lose the last half stone :) so I am constantly on the look out for low calorie ( well pro points because I use weight watchers) meals and new fitness routines :) After all , increased exercise = increased positivity .

Also I hope to do the 100 happy days challenge on here maybe which I will either start very soon or after my exams :) so more about that then .

Anyway's that's a little preview as too the future of this blog , I hope you enjoy reading it as much as enjoy writing <3

Bye for now's 
Much love , Love Much-ly   
DontBurstMyBubble xxx 

p.s. You can find Carries you tube channel here:

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