Friday, 20 June 2014

#100happydays: day 20 ( You're beautiful )

hellooo :) 

I hope all is well with you  :) Tonight I wanted to talk about beauty and self confidence . Firstly I would just like to say ; I am not what would be considered a  particularly attractive girl and my self confidence has a tendency to run lower than low on a regular basis. So I'm not saying that I am completely 100% filled with reassurance that I am " beautiful" and I have never felt particularly okay with myself until recently so I know what it's like to not like what you see in the mirror, feel  like everyone's judging your appearance and to feel like you dislike every part of yourself and I'd like to wish on a dandelion ( dandelion wishes are amazing never underestimate their power )  that you don't but in reality I expect a lot of you reading this are teenagers and are under the ever growing pressure of society to look like you have been taught to believe people will love . However I have learnt some lessons that are extremely important and I think other girl should learn them because it is so so sooo Important to be happy, confident and comfortable within yourself because you are amazing,  you just need to learn that <3

 I am aware you might be shaking your head at the screen thinking ' no,  I've heard it before I'm still not beautiful everyone always says that they have to because society says they should to make me feel better about how I look ' I am not society . I refuse to be part of this group of "people" moulding the universe into a seemingly flawless, perfect shape that suits them . No. Just no . I know I like to be positive and not too serious but this is important to me and I feel like people need to understand what I'm going to say , I promise I'm aiming for a positive outcome but I'm going the long way round as to not miss anyone out because everyone's important to someone and as it happens you're all very important to me <3 So I really want you to feel happy :)

Okay right, I think I'm done with the angry mini rant about a society that I'm ashamed to live in . Despite this one society I'm proud to be a part of is the Hopefuls community , If you ever need support or just a friendly chat then please visit The Hopeful Forum because everyone is so supportive . Anyway's I'm off topic already aha and I've not even got on to anything that I wanted to say :) So I wanted to offer you my views on beauty in fact no , I want to offer you my views on the ways I think might just maybe make you see that you don't need to feel in anyway bad about yourself , So here we go : 

You are beautiful. If you are trying your best to be the best version of yourself and as nice as you can be without compromising your essential happiness I can tell you that makes you a beautiful person on the inside . But that's not enough is it ? You are constantly told that without outer " beauty" you will not attract a suitable partner to admire your inner beauty and we couldn't risk that could we ? because what more would a young adult need but someone to first recognise their beauty whom would then commit to complimenting it everyday ? Nothing apparently . This is ridiculous . Outer beauty is not important . However your self confidence is important because it allows you to be yourself , be comfortable as yourself and over all be happier as yourself . 

So I offer you this ; The Oxford Dictionary definition of beauty : 

Definition of beauty in English:


Line breaks: beauty
Pronunciation: /ˈbjuːti 

NOUN (plural beauties)

  • 1[MASS NOUN] A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight:
I would firstly like to point out that every individual see's the world differently. We all see beauty in different things for example ; I saw little beauty in the spider I found scurrying hurriedly across my bedroom ceiling as I woke up this morning however I know many people are entranced by the intricate details that create something as amazing as a living creature :) Beauty is a perception. If I tell you that you are beautiful its my perception so it can't wrong . Therefore you can make your own decision and your own interpretation as to what your perception of beauty is . Try standing in front of a mirror and looking directly at yourself. Point out all the things you like about yourself ( even if its as small as the colour of your eyes or that your hair is quite a nice colour just something, anything . Now look at everything else and bit by bit look at yourself and think that isn't that bad , this is actually pretty damn beautiful in its own way and then look at yourself and smile and say out loud " actually I am beautiful, it's okay to acknowledge this because it's true and there is no reason I shouldn't believe it's true and anyone how says anything other than that about my body, simply has a different perception of beauty " and smile , go on smile . I mean it whether you force it or you mean it from your new realisation just smile and everyone else will recognise that you are okay with yourself ( as you should be ) and that it's okay for them to feel okay about themselves too <3

My #100happydays today is hopefully you feeling better about yourself. You feeling beautiful , not by society's standards, not by my standards but by yours <3 because if you feel beautiful from by your standards that confidence will shine through and everyone will see it in your smile :) after all smiling's good ;) My #100happydays picture today has kind of been pictures of quotes that I have spread throughout this blog post however this is my main one : 

Finally , just in case you haven't had enough quotes yet then today's quotes is a Marilyn 
Monroe one because this woman talks a lot of sense sometimes :)

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

― Marilyn Monroe

I hope this wasn't too pushy , I know it's different from my normal style however I really wanted to get this message across <3 I'm sorry if it was badly worded I tried my best and I spent 3 hours and a half trying to put these thoughts and feelings into words that might vaguely resemble them but I hope in some way they helped you out , I really do :)  

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
I hope you have a great day ahead of you ,
Much Love , Love much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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