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Moving and new beginnings ...

heyy ,

I've been writing on don'tburstmybubble for nearly a year now and I've really enjoyed it and i can't wait to write for another year with all the new ideas and plans I've got :) But I fancied a fresh start so I've moved dontburstmybubble to a new address with a new look and lots of plans for the future ! I'd really appreciate if you'd come with me to the new site and if you like what you see then you can follow me on my new bloglovin account for updates!

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Thought provoking Quotes

Monday again :) 

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales." - Albert Einstein #quotes #writing #readingI've actually grown to quite like Mondays so since I'm in a good mood I thought we could get all deep and talk about words that make me think :) I'm forever going on about how much I absolutely love reading through quotes , but my favourites are always the ones I've had to think about or that have impacted on how I act around and treat my friends, family, strangers and myself  
:)  So today I thought I'd share some of my favourite quotes that make you think :) 

" The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life "
- Jaggi Vasudev 

" To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist"
- Oscar Wilde 

" You can't save people. You can only love them. " 
- Anais Nin

" Love what loves you but never hate what hates you. For hate is the burden to exhaust the stars in you " 
- R.M.Drake 

"May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears"
- Nelson Mandela 

"And that's the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everybody else does too" 
- K. Hosseini

" The Work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life " 
- Jessica Hische

" I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it ."
- Mark Twain 

" You are so brave and quiet I forget that you are suffering " 
- Ernest Hemingway 

" Stones in the road ? I save every single one and one day I'll build a castle " 
- Fernando Pessoa 

" There should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire " 
- David O. Mckay 

" Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy " 
- Isaac Newton 

" Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" 
- Mark Twain 

" Great Minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. " 
- Eleanor Roosevelt 

"It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are "
- Roy.E.Disney 

"Kindness is in our power.Even when fondness is not" 
-Mark Twain 

"If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind ? " 
- Buddha 

" I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed " 
-Mary Oliver 

"Some days there won't be a song in your heart, sing anyway " 
- Emory Austin 

" Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody " 
- Kid President 

" I wonder how many people I've looked at in my life and never seen " 
- John Steinbeck 

I hope you liked these quotes :) I've found them all over the last year while just flicking through the internet instead of doing chemistry homework but these are my all time thought provoking quotes that make me see life a lil bit differently and look at it a lil bit harder :) I might do another one of these but for different kinds of quotes like the most beautiful quotes or sweetest love quotes ect but we'll have to wait and see :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you have a wonderful week filled with smiles and good coffee shops 

Much love, Love Much-ly 

P.s. I know I promised a post on the hopeful notes but I'd already written this post and I was super tired so I'll reschedule hopeful notes for next week but I'm super sorry :) 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Be The Good In The World :)

Heyyy  !

I've been in a really nice mood today, you know when you can see the sparkles in everything and it's just all rather lovely ? :) I've had a lot of mock exams this week so have really enjoyed just relaxing and flicking through my favourite online haven on the bus journey's home, thank god for Pinterest <3 I hope if any of you have been having mock exams that they've gone really well or at least you make all the mistakes on this one instead of your real one , i guess mock exams arn't meant to be gotten right since their purpose is to find your weaknesses so you can patch them up before your final exams :) So don't worry too much about them <3 Anyways, here are some of my favourite pins from the long journeys home !

I love River!

You have to love Riversong :) There's something about her that you really can't even comment on her sass ! 

Be The Good

I really like this ! There's no point expecting kindness if you don't add a little to the world :) "Be the change you want to be in the world " - Gandhi

Lovely! Pomegranate Heart Ice Cubes 

This is such a cute idea for a spring or summer garden party and so easy ! I can't believe i've never done this before :)

The point being, that this cactus now has a hedgehog and I STILL don't have one ;) 

via | we must be the change we wish to see in the world
Pretty words ^.^ 

I will never tire of River Song, whatever the writers do to her.

..... When River meets the Nazi's ..... my life feels better now xD 



“NOW YOU! OVER THERE! LOOK AT THIS DANCEEE!” | The 21 Happiest Otters Ever Are Here To Brighten Your Day

Happy Otterrr !!!!!!! :D I want ! 

Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves....y?? We're fighters...never giving up! We need to give ourselves some credit! Sheesh!

This is a nice thought to have <3 Remember that you're doing good enough and everyone else is too , we'll all get to where we want to be in  the end :) 

Watercolor book pages....cute for in frames

I think this would be super cute if you framed it and really easy to do :) All my favourite things aha <3 

I really hoped you liked this post :) Check back on Monday for a post that I've been promising for months ! All about the hopeful notes :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 


Monday, 9 March 2015

Like Gold Dust ! ( Magic Hot Chocolate Recipe )

Happy Monday !

So in Thursdays post I promised the cosy. wonderful, warmness of hot chocolate :) However, since it's Monday I thought we might all need something a lil bit stronger... so I added magic gold dust ^.^ I hope you like it , trust me this is the nicest thing everrrrr :)

The Nicest, Most Magical-ist Hot Chocolate Ever !


What You'll need :

  • 1 wonderful mug ( Mines a hopeful mug designed by Carrie Hope Fletcher, you can find them here )
  • A pack of chocolate chips , you'll need between 4 and 5 teaspoons of them depending on how rough your day was <3
  • A tub of ice cream ( Always Chocolate !! ... actually I bet this would taste pretty nice with toffee ice cream as well ) :)
  • A mugs worth of milk 
  • Edible Gold glitter, although they don't tell you on the packet because it's a big secret so don't tell anyone ; it's actually fairy dust !!!! :D

Step 1 : Pop 4 teaspoons of chocolate chips into your mug and then add an extra one for smiles, luck, hope , any excuse you can find to justify chocolate really ;)

Step 2 : Fill the mug about one third the way up with milk and microwave for 1 minute and stir until all the chocolate has melted into the milk :)

Step 3 : fill the rest of the mug with milk and microwave for 2 more minutes :)

Step 4 : Add 2-4 scoops of ice cream and sprinkle with fairy dust  or as the government want us to think, "Edible Gold Glitter " aha ;)

    And there it is ! The bestest, most magical-ist hot chocolate ever ! The ice cream cools the hot chocolate as it goes into your mputh and gives it the most gorgeous taste ever ! :)

    Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

    Check back on Thursday for this week top ten pins !

    Don't forget to have a wonderful week even if the week refuses to be wonderful ^.^

    Much love, Love much-ly

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hedgehogs Vs Ice cream

Hellooo :) 

I know I've not written in over a month and I'm super sorry I've just had lots of mock exams and all that boring stuff but now I'm already to go and i have a scheule so you never know, I might actually post on time someday ;) From now on, Mondays will be general anything I feel like posts so DIY's, Positivity posts and all that jazz and then Thursdays will be Top Ten Pins posts, appart from on the last Thursday of each month which will be a monthly favourites post :) So lets see how long a can stay organised for this time aha :) Anyways, here's this weeks top ten pins , enjoy! :) 

Mrs. Hudson- Sherlock, what have you done to John now?!?  Sherlock- ... Bored... and we're out of ice cream. - I came across a buisness called "J W Hedgehog, Inc" today, and almost screamed out loud at work...I clearly have a problem.

No matter how many times I've asked, my boyfriend still hasn't bought me a hedgehog ! Seriously I think this might be a make or break thing ;) I don't know why I even stand for it aha :) 

Skins [UK], Sid is the cutest most awkward kid... EVER!

I don't even watch this show but this just makes me happy ^.^

roald dahl quote | kensie kate

Always good to have a lil bit of Roald Dahl in your life :) We should all aim to make someone feel twinkly at least once a day <3 

This pretty much defines me ;) 

Easy Little Pandas Chocolate Cupcakes. Such a fun and easy-to-make cupcake! LOVE it!

What is this ? Have I actually found a pinterest DIY that I might actually be able to make ... Oh my gosh I might faint aha :) These are soooo cute and actually look quite easy :) It's comic relief coming up soon so you could make some and have a bake sale to raise some money :) 

Just be with me... You will see that everything will be ok... I promise... I will always be by your side...I love you with all my heart... You are the one for me...

Did anyone see Esio Trot on the BBC on new years eve ? Wasn't it like the cutest thing :) This really reminds me of that <3 

Even if you're having a rough day there's always time for a wish :) There's two 11:11's in a day and a whole lot of dandelions out there so there's always hope , don't give up yet :) 

Isn't it amazing how much of life is in your perception of it ? It's really pretty wonderful don't you think ? :) 

well I never knew how to make envelopes, and now I can make heart shaped ones (kinda...) this is something I need to try

Awwww I might try this for when I leave hopeful notes for waitresses or waiters in cafes :) 

Things to do when you are sad! Cheer up :) Ya know, placebos (yes, placebos) can help you cheer up too.. click the link for more info and smiiiiile!

Just in case you need some cheering up between now and Monday :) Also remember it's okay to be sad sometimes and just let yourself be sad for a lil bit, cuddle up on the sofa and watch rubbish Tv until you're ready to get up again :) I did a post on being sad ages ago which you can find here <3 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can check back on Monday if you fancy it for a yummy DIY which is excellant for when you're sad, happy, heartbroken, in love, any occasion as long as you're not allergic to chocolate ... if you are then umm I'm sorry for your loss ;) 

For Positive bits and bobs all week long you can follow my blogs pinterest here :)

Much Love, Love Much-ly 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Origami Hearts ( Valentines Day DIY #1 )

Hello lovely :) 

It's 13 days until valentines day ! Some people don't like valentines day because they feel like it's all depressing when you're not in a relationship but I simply disagree. Partly because of the reasons expressed in Connor Manning's recent video which you can find here . But mostly because their are a lot of extremely nice chocolates around at this time of year and I'm not one to deprive myself a little pressie in the form of Thorntons ;) So for the next four posts I'm going to put up valentines day DIY's :) So In today's post I thought I'd show you how to make an origami heart love letter which  I've found is a really cute substitute for a valentines day card and is a lot cheaper <3

Origami Heart Love Letter <3 

What you need : 

All you you need is an A4 piece of paper and a pen to write your letter.... see what I mean about it being cheaper than a £5 card from Clinton's ;) 

1) Take your A4 sheet and write whatever you want to say to your valentine/friend/loved family pet/anyone who's not having a great day . Now now fold your top right corner across to meet the the edge of the piece of paper and crease along the line with the edge of your nail before unfolding it :) 

2) Repeat step 1 but this time fold from the top left corner :) 

3) Take the two triangles on the left and right side of the paper and pull them together so that they meet each other in the middle .

4) Pinch the bottom of the fold and then press down from the top of the side of the fold and it should form a triangle ( Don't worry if this takes a few attempts I promise that you'll get it in the end ) 


5) Take the top layer of each of the sides of the triangle and fold them in to meet to top corner of the triangle <3 

6) Fold both of the sides of the paper into the middle so they meet each other. 

7) Turn the paper over so that the side without folds on is facing you :) 

8) Fold the Bottom of the paper up to meet the line where the triangle shape begins

9) Fold the top layer of the triangle down to form a kind of envelope shape . 

10) Fold the bottom corners into meet the centre line and then tuck them into the slots of the upside down folded triangle shape :) 


11)  Fold each of the top corners in to make a triangle and tuck them into the folds across the heart and voila ! All ready to give to whoever you like :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Keeping with the valentines day theme, leave your favourite pick up line in the comments ! 

Check back on Thursday for another valentines day DIY that's super yummy :) 

Much Love, Love Muchly 
DontBurstMyBubble Xx

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Good Times At All Times :)

Thursday again ! 

rise like the sun and burn // william c hannanI've been thinking about what the days of the week mean to me this week ... that sounds weird and probably doesn't make much sense but let me explain :) I noticed on Monday that I was in a good mood, usually in my head if I think Monday I think; blue, good or fresh start . This Monday I decided that I would think of Mondays as good . Tuesday reminds me of a great blog I read called BeNiceItsTuesday so on Tuesdays I will try and focus extra hard on being nice and aim to leave a hopeful note somewhere or change in a vending machine, just something nice like that :) Wednesdays automatically reminded me of oranges ... mainly because of Odeon orange Wednesday deals aha . But I decided as oranges are lovely and fresh that Wednesdays would be fresh starts ! Thursdays , I struggled with so I've decided that it will be positive Thursday :) Fridays I'm thinking will be Fairy Fridays because I think they'd be a good day to try and see the wonder and magic in everything <3 I haven't decided how I want to think about Saturdays and Sundays yet but I guess I need to channel the majority of my positivity into school days so I will consider them at a later date :) 

I'm not sure if that was understandable or relevant but I thought it might help inject some magical positivity into my outlook on the week :) What do you think about the way we look at the week ? Comment ways you think you could pop a lil bit more happiness or kindness into your week <3 

I know today was meant to be a top ten pins post but I have changed the schedule a lil bit again and this kind of balances it out . So from now on Mondays will be a post about whatever I fancy, DIY's, Books and Positivity ! Thursdays or Fridays will be a Top Ten Weekly Pins post for the first three weeks of every month but the fourth of the month will be a monthly favourites :) I Hope you don't mind the new schedule and that you enjoy the new stuff I've got planned ! There's definitely going to be some valentines DIY's coming up in the next two weeks so be sure to check back for that <3 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Much Love, Love Much-ly