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#100happydays: day 28 ( Festival Fun 2 )

Festival Fun Day 2

Friday night , I went to bed at one am . Saturday morning , why am I up at 5 am ? I wish there was an explanation but no . For some reason everyone got up at stupid o'clock for no apparent reason when breakfast wasn't until 9 ... wow .

So Firstly I'd like to ask you a question .  Have you ever tried to put super tight skinny jeans on in two man tent ? If not then lucky you ;) I literally spent ten minutes lying on the floor in the painfully slow process of wiggling into these jeans and then doing a kind of weird dance like struggle on the floor whilst trying to pull them up ... to much information ? sorry aha ;) When I was finally got dressed I went for breakfast and then went exploring :) I think I'm going to do this with small sentences and a picture but as we all know I'm not very good at short explanations due to my having a disorder I like to call obsessive rambling syndrome ;)

Sooo where to start to start ? I might try the beginning :) Right then , After breakfast I when for a proper look at our part of camp-site in day light because It was ten at night when I got there on Friday :) The tent's were all in a circle around a little gazebo where we could all sit together and chat .. until the ground got soaked :) The gazebo also had our mascot a painted gnome which for some unknown reason had a green face tied to the inside :) haha

Then Me and my friends went for a look around in the woods :) We found the lake where they did kayaking it  smelt like the sea and I spent hours wondering why until I worked out that Southhampton is actually not that far from the sea ... How did I get a B in GCSE geography ? I'll never know aha :) 

Not long after that , I found a bit of the lake that had bits of wood sticking out of it and I don't know if it's just me but I couldn't help thinking it looked a bit like a ship wreck... probably just me aha but regardless of my Disney inspired interpretations of the layout of the universe it made me think about my favourite Disney princess ... Ariel :) 

Fun fact : Ariel is a Hebrew name that means lion of god :) Rawrrrr

After continuing our little adventure for a good hour we found a little forest which looked like the rainforest no joke :) I found a pretty little stream there and took a lot of wrong turns on my way to no where but it was so awesome :) The other day I spoke about noticing the hidden little things and it was actually one of my favourite blogs to write , I'll link to it here . I've definitely noticed that I'm doing this more especially the other day , I saw a log just a average none exciting log fallen from a tree but i didn't see that bit. No , I saw this tiny little leaf that was the most beautiful shade of green that was sprouting from it and I thought wow we really do miss so much when we arn't looking for the right things ... I guess sadness has a way of blinding us but I refuse not to see the world in it's full beauty when there is so much to look at life's not long enough for that <3

Dancing in the rain...forest ;) 
why would you let yourself miss the little things when they make the big things ... If you don't look you might never know what you missed . I know its small but everything matters you just forget that sometimes :) <3

Finally after a few hours exploring we went back towards camp and heard someone shouting something about free cupcakes ! So obviously we ran all the way to this big tent in which they were decorating cupcakes ! For FREE! woooo :D I love cupcakes so I chose a chocolate one and used yellow icing because I'm hufflepuff and proud ;) Then I piled on as many sweets as I could because I love sweets even more than cupcakes haha :)

I then met some new people and with them and my other friend we went and found a park where we sat on the swing set for ages and talked ... I love swings there like flying and being free but staying exactly where you are sooo shout out to whoever invented swings I guess :) Just before we had to leave; a boy with ginger hair ( I love ginger hair) Came over to me and started talking to me about stuff and i found out he was from south Wales which just tops it off because I love the welsh accent ... So he was lovely , I did ask him to come home with me to read to me because I love the accent so much ... yeah I think I scared him ;) I love meeting new people who are friendly and smiley it literally makes my day :) After that we walked back to the main camp-site where an amazing live band were playing so me and my boyfriend stood and watched for ages it was so perfect <3 You know those moments when your so happy you could burst so you just stand there hugging someone with the music playing and you realise that everything is finally okay ? okay. Well it was one of those ( sorry I couldn't resist a TFIOS ) reference in there :)

I feel like I'm missing so much like I spent ages writing a whole pad of heart shaped hopeful notes and I saw a rainbow that made me really happy because well it's pretty colours magically appearing in the sky symbolising the sun is coming back and that the rain is nearly over... I think Rainbows should be a symbol of hope :)

Finally when it got dark there was a massive fireworks display which was absolutely breath taking :) I did'nt get any pictures of that because some things I guess you just has to be there to understand <3 But I did take a picture of the fair ground rides because the lit up like a Christmas tree ( sorry yet another TFIOS refernce ;) ) and it actually looked pretty awesome

Following that I went to a disco that had millions of glow sticks literally everywhere and then went back to the camp to chat with my boyfriend and a girl who is also a hopeful who met ( seriously the best thing that happened to me that weekend ) I'd never met another hopeful before so my #100happydays was definitely meeting her but for the picture it was watching that band with my fantastic boyfriend when I realised how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as him in my life <3 

“The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.” 
― Khalil GibranThe Prophet

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Remember that life is always worth living because although there will always be bad days, there will also be days like today that make everything seem worth it <3 Things do get better .. I pinkie promise you that <3 
Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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