Monday, 23 June 2014

#100happydays:day 22 ( Even in your darkest hour )

Good evening :)

Okay firstly I'd like to say sorry I didn't post yesterday . I was with my best friend all day and night due to a very unfortunate turn of events in her life ( I'm writing using big words for some reason .. this feels weird ;) ) so I couldn't really post but as usual when this happens I will write two today one for yesterday and one for today however it is likely that they may be shorter than usual as given yesterdays event's I am very tired ... no seriously , I fell asleep in class while doing science coursework haha :) 

Anyways, onwards and upwards :)  For today's #100happydays I didn't really know what to pick . On one hand it was a very sad day because a friends family member had died . In another way I ' help but notice I was still seeing the little things that were okay with the world . From this I can conclude that I think this #100happydays challenge is working because I'm really starting to notice the little things in life that are actually so amazing and good that our minds just gloss straight over to get to the bad stuff . Sometimes we definitely need to be sad about the sad stuff before we can move on to starting to be happy again but when your at your saddest I know it's incredibly hard but look a little closer at the world see the things you wouldn't normally see . Stop for a minute and look at the sky and pick out shapes, watch the clouds collide or go over each other or whatever it is they do ( wow that was spectacularly awful ... you wouldn't believe I got a B in my GCSE geography would you ? aha :) ) I couldn't decide whether this one looked like a dog or one of those purple alien/monster things off video games ( get that descriptive language ;) ) what do you think ? I asked my friend but she just said " well ... It looks like a cloud "  and I guess I was kind of just after something a little more imaginative haha :) 

I also found a little boys hat in the park with jungle animals on which I thought was cute :) It made me kind of sad that he'd lost it so I put it where I found it in hope he'd come back despite my mates telling me he probably wouldn't ... I decided they're simply pessimist's where I am hopeful ( get it ? cause Carrie's followers are called the hopeful's ? well It amused me ... I guess it doesn't take much though ;) )  Or maybe they're realistic ( most likely actually aha ) but who want's to be realistic ? In the real world people don't give sweets to strangers ( unless they're paedophiles ) or leave notes for people around town or bake cakes for friends who look sad ... well I burn them but it's the thought that count's right ? :) What I'm saying is sometimes it's nice to break out of the real world into well a more smiley one and very often if you offer a piece of your less realistic world to someone else then they will put a smile on and come and join you :) I also met a cat called Olly :) I love cats ... well I love anything fluffy and cat's are usually fluffy. He was seriously the cutest thing EVER ! You know that blue that's like the most gorgeous colour ever and you could just stare at all day wondering how things even get that blue ? yeah well that was the colour of his eyes <3 

I'm not going to lie ... I fell in love a lottle ( that's like a little except a lot :) ) 
Finally the highlight of four good things on a not good day ... I found a fluff tree ! I'm not even joking, the park near mine has a lot of tree's and when I got there today I found the park was covered in white fluff that was kind of like fuzzy wispy bit's off cotton wool :D I just looked it up and they're actually called Cottonwood Tree's ! How awesome is that :) If you want to read more about them ... I mean I'm pretty sure you don't want to because it's well .. it's a tree :/  but it is a fluff producing tree all the same :)  so it is a pretty cool tree haha ;) but you can read about them here :) I couldn't help but be reminded of the Truffula tree's in The Lorax :) 
The picture beneath the Truffula tree's is the group where In in the park, It's definitely my #100happydays picture today because it's reminded me of snow and well tree's don't tend to grow fluff and kind of magical. Especially on a day that is far too realistic and sad,  look for the small magical things you don't usually notice .. even if it's just that the grass is a really nice shade of green , it's still a good thing :) let me know if you find a unicorn :) I started looking for small things in each day after reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli ( it is aimed at people who are younger but Carrie often recommends it so I read it and now I see why ) The female protagonist in the book see's the world in a positive light and a large part of the book is about how she notices all the small things :) I seriously recommend you read it , no matter what age . It won't take you very long but it's definitely worth the time it does take :)  

So remember even on the worst of the worst of the worst-est days the small little things are still there and when you're ready to look for them, you only have to open your eyes and I guess your mind to a new way of thinking ( not literally though, I don't want to be responsible for any self-decapitation ) Try and see the little beautiful things in life because they are there I promise you :) Think about it .. do you really think the grass is actually less green when you get a bad exam result ? They don't go away just because your sad , you just close your eyes a little bit . 

Today I felt a quote from Stargirl would be fitting :)  

“She might be pointing to a doorway, or a person, or the sky. But such things were so common to my eyes, so undistinguished, that they would register as "nothing" I walked in a gray world of nothing.” 
― Jerry Spinelli Stargirl

Bye for now :) 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley 
I hope your eyes might be a little more open now ... and if they're not well you learnt fluff tree's existed :) 
Much Love , Love much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx 

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