Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#100happydays: day 24 ( TFIOS Film - Warning minor spoilers )

Good evening :) 

I still haven't caught up on my sleep due to staying up to write two blogs yesterday , so this one will once again be short .. and hopefully sweet :) 

Today was a good-ish day that got better ... and better .. and then even better and now ? well I am in a very good mood :) You know those moods when you just feel warm and cosy and kinda fuzzy inside and just want to cuddle up in your favourite pyjamas in bed and continue to think lovely thoughts until you drift off into dreams of them ? yeah well I'm in one of those moods :) So how did you get into such a mood that sounds so perfectly marvellous ? I hear you ask ... well you probably didn't and probably aren't particularly interested aha which is fair enough but I think I'm going to tell you anyway because I'm sure I can fit some form of minor life lesson in there ... and if it gets really boring you can just skip to the quote at the end ;) 

So lets start at the beginning or a day that gets progressively better :) Firstly when I got on the bus that I nearly missed ( because it's me and I'm un-organised ... I think I can assume you have already picked that up from my late posting times aha ) I sat down and got a precious 30 minutes to read my book which is Sweet Honey by Cathy Cassidy it's the last in a series called the Chocolate Box Girls . I really enjoy her writing however this series is not my favourite of her books ... actually I don't think I could even pick one maybe Scarlett ... or Gingersnaps... or maybe Driftwood aha :) I might do a top ten books list in another blog post at some point ... that should be urmm interesting as I can't even decide on my favourite book by only one author haha :)
Then My friend got on the bus who hasn't really been feeling great for days however after an assembly about the possibility of going on a four week exhibition around Ecuador in 2016 with chances to learn to scuba-dive, Help out building in the community and meet and help school children who live in such different circumstances to us . The prospect of a new eye-opening experience in a one of the most bio-diverse places in the world , to indulge in a new and amazing culture and through ourselves into exciting opportunities all whilst travelling across a new country for such a long period of time just gave us both a massive burst of enthusiasm :) Soon we were talking about how amazing it would be if we could go and possible fundraising ideas if we do and even though we know it's pretty likely that we might not get to go, she cheered up very quickly :) I think that if your feeling down or you know someone that is, then you need to find something to be enthusiastic about or to work towards . This will automatically give you a new sense or focus that people can't take away from you and the prospect of something new and exciting can make you feel way more enthusiastic than sitting in your bedroom, eating chocolate and allowing yourself to wallow in self pity all day :) For example . say you didn't get then grade you want be it in a music examination or a school test whatever it was , pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say right now they think I can't do it so i'm going to work hard so that I can prove them wrong . Be honest with yourself .. come on everyone likes proving people wrong ;) Or even if it's just about doing something that you want to do and have wanted to do for a while, just go for it ! What's the worst that can happen as long as your pursuing your idea's safely and not causing anyone any harm then a new hobbie is a fantastic thing to pull yourself out of a time when your feeling really down :) If you want to read more of my stuff on passions I wrote a blog about it which you can find here :)  I know you can do anything you put your mind to :) So for once I think I'm going to put today's quote here in the middle instead of at the end because I like to live dangerously like that sometimes ;) So here have a quote from the most amazing man who was behind my childhood .. I seriously couldn't thank him enough :) 

" All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them . " 
Walt Disney 

When I got home from school I did my make up and straightened my hair :) I really enjoy the actual process or getting ready to go out, just how you do your make up a bit different and feel abit more special :) It's important to do things that remind you you're special sometimes because I can promise you that you really are <3 You might just forget it sometimes .. which is okay because everyone forgets things ( seriously the amount of trouble I get into weekly for forgetting my PE kit is unbelievable aha  ) but it's important you let the people around you who you tryst know that your not feeling great because then they can remind you .. like my friends remind me about my PE kit ;) Anyway's so the reason I was straightening my hair ect was because me and my boyfriend were going to the cinema to go and see The Fault In Our Stars and Oh my gosh it was amazing <3 I loved the actors for both their obvious talent and well in some cases simply gorgeous looks *cough* Augustus Waters*cough* I thought It was a good adaptation of the book , it got me pretty emotional .. I'm not going to  lie, I cried but then again so did literally every other person in the cinema . I was vaguely amused by how the cinema was full of just groups of teenage girls fan-girling with mascara running down their faces and the occasional girl with a boyfriend who had been dragged along ... all of which looked sceptical at the beginning but were definitely also crying at the end even if they wouldn't admit it ;) However the film missed out many crucial parts of the book and this did rather annoy me ( and probably my boyfriend as I interrupted the film every 5 minutes moaning about it aha ) But seriously these were such important things to me in the book I was actually completely shocked by how they were just missed out . Things such as Augustus doesnt say he loves Hazel Grace on the plane, they miss out the part in the eulogy about seeing through girls tops, they don't even sell the swing set it's just gone at the end , Hazel constantly calls Augustus  "Gus" so the part at the end where she actually calls him Gus ( you know that really significant bit ) well that doesn't happen  , they miss out like half of the ending, your barely even see see Augustus when he's deteriorating from the illness , and lots of other little things that really annoyed me .. Now I think I've made the film sound bad , that's not what I wanted though . The Fault in Our Stars is a really good film that I thoroughly enjoyed and I would definitely recommend it to anyone :) But please don't watch the film and think you don't need to read the book the book because you've seen it because in my opinion The Fault In Our Stars is a utterly amazing novel which would make grown men cry and everybody laugh and I feel to fully appreciate the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus that the novel is a necessity :) 

My evening then got further better when it was topped off with a long hug and a really cute goodnight text from my boyfriend that left me feeling all fuzzy and smiley :) I hope someone's made you smile today if not then try making someone else smile because that will coincidently make you happy and I want so very much for you to be happy <3 :) Feel free to comment what people have done that made you smile today or even what you have done for someone else .. I mean you don't have to but it would be nice to see that there are nice people and positivity in the world :) 

So now I'm going to sleep to hopefully dream dreams as lovely as my currant thoughts
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
I hope your all doing marvellously ;) 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

P.s. I'm aware the short and sweet thing didn't really work out aha ;) 


  1. This is much better than my review! Although I have picked up a few tips ^.^

    Also, I completely agree with you about not seeing Gus deteriorate! It annoyed me slightly too xxx

  2. aw aha I didn't even mean for it to be a review I just started writing and I guess it turned into one :) I considered writing a proper review but I dont tend to read them so I thought why write something i wouldn't want to read :) I just went with it .. I don't mind what i'm writing i just want to make people happy and if my words made anyone smile then well it would make my day because smilings important ;)

    lots of love xxx