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Easy Gifts For Difficult People DIY #1 ( Hot Chocolate !! )

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I Know this post should;ve been up yesterday which was the 5th, but I have a good excuse I promise ! :) I went to see War of The Worlds at the LG arena ... and Carrie Hope Fletcher was in it and oh my gosh, it was so so wonderful :D But it was one am when I got home so I imagine anything I wrote in that sleepy a state probably could of had me put me into an insanity asylum ! ;) But I will talk more about War of the Worlds, in Sundays post :) 

So today I wanted to talk to you about the start of a new mini series I'm going to do over my Blogmas 'It'sSnowingInMyBubble' Month called " Easy Gifts for Difficult People " . Now, we all know those people who we really want to get a cool, cute gift that they will like, enjoy and actually use ... but they're impossible to buy for and they're usually male so you can't buy them jewellery or you just have no clue what they'd want. In this series I'm going to show you some easy gifts to make or buy that would be adored by anyone and even if you don't know one of these unintentionally awkward people then perhaps make a few bits and bobs up, ready, just in case someone unexpected gives you a gift :) Today I made a hot chocolate in a Jar kit ... with a cute twist ;) 

Hot Chocolate Kit 

What You'll Need : 

  • Marshmallows !! :D ( 99p in the 99p store ) 
  • Hot Chocolate Powder ( I used Cadburys and despite the misleading £1.99 label, It was actually only 99p in the 99p Store)
  • Edible Food Ink Pens ( I bought mine for £3.00 each In hobby craft, in shades Dusty Pink and Jet Black ) 
  • Mason Jars ( 3 for £3.50 in Asda ) 

Firstly, Tip your hot chocolate powder into you mason jar so that it's filled about half way up :) I recommend using a spoon to avoid tipping more of your hot chocolate powder onto your table and bedroom floor than into the jar ... not that I did that .... ;) 

Now, pop your Mason Jars to one side and take your Marshmallows and Edible Food Pens and with you black one, draw two little eyes on one of the circle sides of your marshmallow ( I drew mine like little arrows ) 

Next add a little mouth , still in the black :) 

And obviously rosy cheeks are a necessity for the cuteness of any marshmallow ....

Cuteness overload yet ? 

So all we have to do now is follow the same steps for the rest of the marshmallows :) Here's some different Ideas for the faces ;

It's a marshmallow family !! Just like in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Two :) 

Finally, just arrange your marshmallows in your mason Jar and VIOLA ! A sweet gift for anyone :) Perhaps add a ribbon and tie it into a bow, PERFECT ! :) 

I hope you liked this DIY , Let me know in the comments if you have made it, or have any other ideas for this mini series :) If you have a blog at all and have done any recent christmassy DIY posts then comment the links because I would love to have a look ! :) 

Today's Merry Christmas was in Japanese , and although only 1 percent of Japanese people believe in Christ they often still celebrate Christmas and in my opinion in a far more beautiful, valuable and hopeful way :) Among the Christian Japanese Christmas is not a day for the family. They do not have turkey or plum pudding, rather than that the day is spent doing nice things for others especially those who are sick in hospitals <3 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

Mistletoe kisses and fairy Squishes, 

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