Sunday, 14 December 2014

Easy Gifts for Difficult People #2 ( Ice Cream Kit )

Feliz Navidad !                    #It'sSnowingInMyBubble

I really enjoy writing and doing DIY posts for this blog so today I'm delighted to post another DIY for my Blogmas mini series 'Easy Gifts For Difficult People' Today I made a ' Just add Ice cream kit ' because everyone loves Ice cream right ? But it always has to be chocolate flavour doesn't it ? If it's not chocolate then I don't want to know ;) Anywayyss this would do really well for anyone , family, friend and strangers a like :) 

Just Add Ice Cream Kit ! 

What You'll need : 
  • Ice cream waffle cones 
  • Gold curling ribbon
  • Gold wrapping Box 
  • Plastic Icing bag
  • Little Jam Jars ( 50p at Hobbycraft ) 
  • Ice cream sauce ( I used Chocolate and Toffee flavoured ) 
  • A Variety of Ice cream Sprinkles 
  • Cellophane Bags 
  • cellatape 
  • Scissors 
  • Basket/ Gift Box 

1) That four of the waffle cones and put them into the icing bag, then tie a length of gold curling ribbon around the icing bag and curl the ribbons to erm .. make them curly aha :) Add more ribbons until it looks all pretty and add a bow to finish it off :) I also added a chalkboard label because I wanted to play with them .. and it looked cute :) 

2) Next squeeze your toffee and chocolate sauce into the little jam jars ( Not both sauces into the same ones in case your as stupid as me ;) ) and pop them in the basket with the cones . 

3) Take the cellophane bags and cut them in half. Take the part that still has the bottom bit of the bag in and pour some sprinkles into the mini bag :) Sellotape the top of the bag and then old the top over until you've got it folded down to the sprinkles and then sellotape the bag again just to make sure ! 


4) Repeat step 3 with the rest of your sprinkles :) 

5) Finally just pop everything into the basket or gift box and it's as easy as that ! Perfect for anyone ... unless they're allergic to dairy ;)

Today's Merry Christmas is in Argentine, In Argentina after they toast on Christmas eve the adults dance whilst the children go out to see the fireworks :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Next post I'm doing another DIY but this time, a recipe ... to do with cookies .. and reindeer :D  

Talk to you soon ,