Thursday, 11 December 2014


Vrolijk Kerstfeest                #It'sSnowingInMyBubble! 

I'm sorrryyyyyyyyy ! I know this post is late ( again ) But I had one of those nights last night where I just wanted to play guitar and finish writing a song .. and maybe watch Waterloo Road , but don't tell anyone that's our secret ;) STOP JUDGING ME !!! ... okay I deserve to be judged aha ;) 

Anyways, at first glance you might not see this post as christmassy. At first thought, neither did I . But now I realise, nothing could be more christmassy ( annddd  yes, that is a word I discussed it with a lovely girl in the comments on a Christmas tag I did and we both agreed so that makes it official .. I think you'll find that the Oxford dictionary values our opinions highly ;) ) especially too any hopefuls reading this because this is essential what being a hopeful is and when my mum told me this story sat there beaming and making that noise you make when you see a REALLLY cute kitten ... no ? just me then ? okay ... well that's awkward . 

So, my mum is a headteacher and she was telling me how in the staff room at work someone ( no one knows who it is ) Left a bag of Jazzles ( you know those really nice like chocolate buttons with rainbow sprinkles on top for added smiles ? yeah those ! )  in the staff room with a note saying " Please take one and if it makes you happy then pass the bag on " .... think about it ... keep thinking .. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING MORE HOPEFUL OTHER THAN CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER HERSELF !?!! Okay so maybe I'm slightly over excited but kindness and strangers are two things that should mix way more than we as a society let them, whether someone knows who is being kind to them is irrelevant, their smile afterwards isn't. In fact perhaps it even has more worth coming from a stranger :) That bag of Jazzles probably cost whoever started this awesome random act of kindness about £1 ... It wasn't costly or difficult or self rewarding .It was, to put it simply; Just rather lovely :) 

The term " Goodwill to all men " is familiar to all of us around the Christmas season, this story is that saying in an act and I for one found it completely heart warming :) I know I decided to do the Christmas traditions from different countries each day instead of a quote, during the #It'sSnowingMyBubble series but I saw a quote in the new Cinderella trailer that fitted too much for me not to include it ... so you're getting an extra you lucky thing ;) 

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic ! "

 If you would like me to do a post of random acts of kindness Ideas then let me know in the comments because I would LOVE to do more hopeful orientated things on this blog ! 

Today's merry Christmas was in Dutch . In Holland, farmers blow long horns at every sunset over waterfalls ( to make the sound loud )  in the Christmas period to announce the coming of Christmas ! If I ever got my hands on one of these long horns I feel like my family might ship me to Australia let a lone Holland , before we even got to December 2nd ! 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) Stay Kind ^.^

Lots of Christmas love , 

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