Monday, 15 December 2014

Fifteen Festive Favourites !

Vesele Vianoce !                             #It'sSnowingInMyBubble

Quite a while ago now, I was tagged by the absolutely amazing BeNiceItsTuesday to do the Fifteen Festive Favourites tag that was made originally by Carrie Hope Fletchers brother Tom . I have been waiting until the fifteenth of December to do it ... well because it kind of amused me that it was a fifteen question tag and I write it on the fifteenth ... but it's actually not all that amusing now I think about it aha :) Oh well <3

What's your favourite ...

1) Festive Food,
I love mince pies .. but only homemade ones because they're just extra nice, or maybe that's just the influence of the way too much brandy that my mum insists on adding to the mixture.. it probably is ;)

2) Reindeer...
I'm not sure if I'm allowed this answer but does anyone remember Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and The Island Of Misfit toys ? It was a really sweet Christmas film that I watched as a kid and in the film, Rudolf had a girlfriend called Clarice, that is really cute and I just love her :)

3) Christmas Song..
I'm pretty sure no one will of heard of this song but James Penguin by Brad Paisley has been stuck in my head on repeat since the end of November .. and I have absolutely no problem with that <3

4) Christmas Present ...
I'm pretty sure one year as a kid I got the Barbie castle from Barbie and the magic of Pegasus, I don't think I've ever played with anything so much as a child !

5) Christmas Film
Elf, Because " I like Smiling, Smiling's my favourite "

6) Christmas Cracker Toy ...
I always liked the marbles because the pretty swirly colours make me happy as I have a pretty similar mental state to that of a five year old ;)

7) Christmas Cracker Joke ...
How do elves greet each other ? Small world isn't it !

8) Christmas Decoration ..
I have a sweet little ceramic polar bear baubles that has a adorable scarf on it ^.^

9) Festive Candle Scent ...
Yankee candles are doing a salted caramel scented candle at the minute which is simply divine .. I'm not sure it counts as Christmassy, but it's good enough for me :)

10) Christmas Advert ...
I'm torn between the one with the penguins in ( I have no idea what shop it's advertising though ) and the Waitrose one where the girl bakes the cookies and it leaves me smiling every time I watch it

11) Day of Christmas..
This was meant to be further up the Tag but I apparently can't capably count to 11 .. there is no way I'm going to pass maths aha :) Anyways my favourite is the partridge in a pear tree ever since I watched Home Alone Two :) 
12) Christmas Tradition .. 
Every Christmas eve all our family friends come round for a few hours and my mum cooks a gorgeous buffet for everyone and then at five we all go to a Christmas Carol concert with my aunt which is really lovely because I don't see her all that often <3 

13) Place to Spend Christmas ..
Wherever people are being positive and kind, especially kind because kindness is very important to me, even more so at Christmas ! 

14) Christmas Fact ... 
Rudolf wasn't in the original 7 reindeers ... I guess Santa just had headlights fitted on his sleigh back then :) 

15) Snowman Accessory ... 
A Scarf ! I wouldn't want him getting cold now would I ? ;) 

I Tag anyone who wants to do it to add a little Christmas happiness to the blogging world :) 
Today's Merry Christmas is in Slovak ! In Slovakia they get Christmas gifts from baby Jesus which are left under the tree ... somebody should really keep an eye on that baby, letting it crawl into strangers houses isn't the safest thing to do aha :)

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley

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