Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reindeer Recipes ! :)

Nadolig Llawen                     #It'sSnowingInMyBubble

Reindeer cookies I promised, and reindeer cookies you'll get ! These would be really nice to decorate with a younger sibling or to make as quick gifts for friends or teachers :) 

Reindeer Shortbread :) 

What You'll Need : 
  • 225g of Margarine 
  • 110g of Caster Sugar 
  • 225g of Plain Flour 
  • 110g of Cornflour 
  • Two Mixing Bowls 
  • Spoons 
  • Writing Icing Pens in Red and Black 
  • Baking Trays 
  • Round Cookie Cutter 
  • Reindeer Cookie Cutter 
  • Rolling Pin 

1) Weigh out your margarine and caster sugar and cream them in a bowl until they're well mixed and have a white shine to them :) 


2) Now weigh out your plain flour and cornflour and sift them into a bowl together to mix until the two flours are combined :) 


3)  Then sift that mixture into your other mixture ( I'm not sure if this is the least or most complicated thing ever ? ) and then mix that mixture until you get a dough ball . You shouldn't eat the raw mixture but in case you're feeling badass like me, It's really yummy :) 


4) Flour a surface and put your dough on the surface before rolling it out to bout 1.5 cm thick but make sure the rolling pin is floured or it will rip the dough ... basically flour everything , even your face ! ... Maybe not your face actually ;) 


5) Now cut out as many shapes as you can of either reindeer or circles ( Don't worry if you don't have a reindeer one, the circle biscuits look equally cute if not more so :) ) and pop them on a baking tray and bake at 170 degrees for 20 mins ! 


6) Once your shortbread is cool it's time to decorate :) I've done step by step pictures for each design which are pretty self explanatory and writing icing is fairly easy to work with even if your hands arn't the most steady :) 

Circle Shortbread : 


 Reindeer Shortbread : 

I hope your taste as yummy as mine did :) Let me know if you try making them, in the comments :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Today's Merry Christmas is in Welsh :) Traditionally in Wales the go caroling  known as 'eisteddfodde' and are accompanied by a harp :) 

Much Love, Love Muchly 

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