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Random Acts Of Kindness

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13 Amazing Random Acts of Kindness To Make You Recover your Faith in Humanity (acts of kindness, faith in humanity) - ODDEE
A thoughtful random act of kindness that
I found somebody had done on Pinterest :) 
Last week I wrote a post called 'All That Jazz' Which I recommend you read before this one if you want a bit of heart warming human goodness to inspire you to actually do something, something simple that somehow matters so so much, to make someone smile before Christmas <3 In that post I said that I'd like to do a post based about random acts of kindness, I might do a few of these with different ideas every now and again to see if together we could maybe sprinkle a lil bit of happy glitter over some strangers ( To make it clear, although glitter makes people happy, I do not recommend or in courage sprinkling it onto strangers because they might punch you in the face, the previous sentence was metaphorical... just in case someone is as easily distracted by the word glitter as me I had to say that to prevent any broken noses ;) ) 

So here are five random acts of Kindness that you could easily do ( Some without spending anything and some with so there's something whatever your financial state because kindness that doesn't cost the giver anything is just as valuable, never forget that <3 

1) Leave a hopeful note somewhere, anywhere you like! Write something nice on a post it note, leave it somewhere for a stranger to find and although you might not see it I guarantee it will make them smile :) I have been promising a post of hopeful notes for ages but now I've got two weeks off, I'll definitely get it done ! I do take about the hopefuls and what it means to be a hopeful in this most here , I would really appreciate it if you took a look, that post means a lot to me :) 

2) Tell a stranger in the que that you like her dress :) You might feel weird and like they'll think you're strange, but as long as you say it sincerely then they'll appreciate it and feel much more confident for the rest of the day :) You could also do this at the checkout by said you like the shop assistants hair or anything like that <3 

3) Cook, bake or make something for a friend or family member that's not feeling great or just to add something to their day and remind them that you love them . We all assume people know we love them and maybe they do but everyone likes and needs a little reminder or your care every now and then ! 

4) Leave money ( £1-£2 ) , or just your change in the change part of a sweetie vending machine so that someone can buy themselves something :) I always remember as a kid always checking the change bit incase anyone had forgot , or for any sweets that accidentally got left in those machines you get in shopping centres or pubs where you put 20p in and turn the handle to make sweets come out ! You could buy some of those and leave them for a kid to find :) 

5) If a friend feeling rubbishy or had a bad day and you're having one of those nights where you cant sleep, write that friend a paragraph once they've gone to sleep and text it them to wake to :) Whenever I've done this I'm always told that it's made their day and that in turn makes mine <3 

If you have any other Ideas or try any of these out then comment and let me know, I might include them if I do another of these posts :) I'm going to set a challenge for you to go out and do one of these Random acts of kindness for someone within a week of reading this post so readyyyyy , get settt , GO !!!! ;) 

I have a pinterest with a aboard where I pin any random acts of kindness Ideas I see so for more ideas you can follow that board which I'll link to here :) 

Today's Merry Christmas was in Alutiiq Alaskan , In Alaska the children wander from house to house with a coloured star on a pole, singing Christmas carols ! 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Love and hugs, 

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