Monday, 7 July 2014

#100happydays: day 37 ( A list: Five happy things from today :) )

Helloo :)

It's 23:16 on a school night and I've got Tom Laws song " I've Never Met You" stuck in my head ... to be honest I can think of worse songs to be stuck with ... oh look a good thing already :) I guess how many good things you see in the world doesn't solely depend on circumstance  also depends on how many angles you look at it from and how close you look <3

I'm feeling sleepy because I've already posted once tonight ... maybe one day I'll learn to stay on top of my blog aha , probably not today though ;) Today has in some way's been hard because I really missed my boyfriend who I hadn't seen for a week ( I know some people don't see their boyfriends for months but I just really couldn't handle that because I like cuddles :) ) However I knew I was seeing him tonight so it wasn't that bad :) Lot's of  good things happened today though which makes it a lot easier to pretend the bad things aren't there because I recently decided that if I didn't really need to be sad about the bad things and I couldn't do anything about it then I might as well try my best to move on, have a fresh start and be happy because well I like being happy and life is to short to spend every minute being sad .. that's not the sort of life I want so I changed it :) I thought I would make a list of the good things that happened today, I like lists and  If anyone happens to know where I can get a good list book with lines and tick boxes please comment because I just can't find one anywhere ... I know right modern teenage problems eh ;)

1) I finished my science coursework after four weeks of hard work and one hour of sleeping in class ( luckily the teacher was very nice about it ;)  ) I love the feeling of finishing things and knowing I've done it, it's out the way and nobody can take that away from me now :) If you're struggling with course work or exam revision or any long running projects and lacking motivation just try to remember
   a) why you started
   b) how good you're going to feel when it's done.. and trust me on this , it's a pretty damn good feeling :)

linking to this, today's quote is going to be :

" The moment you think of giving up, remember the reason you held on so long "

2) When I finished my coursework I had another hour left on it so I decided to draw a picture of me and my boyfriend , it's not quite done but I'm pretty proud of it :) despite my best friend telling me that both of the people in the drawing look like girls aha ;) I see her point to be fair <3 I decided to only colour in the eyes of the picture because I really love the way everyones eye's are a slightly different colour and they make us all unique and I'm sure you are a wonderful human being and no one else is quite as wonderful in the same way as you so why not embrace that? If you don't think you're a wonderful human being well I disagree with you but why don't you think that ? More importantly what do you think you can do to make yourself feeling like you are ? :) You're amazing even if you can't quite see it yet <3

3) I left a comment on one of my favourite male YouTuber's videos Tom Laywood ( Tomisnotawesome)
leaving a link to my blog and saying basically if he had time would he have a look at it because I know Tom is very much into the whole staying happy thing and I try to make this blog as positive as possible :) I in no way expected a reply or for him to even acknowledge my comment because I know he's very busy running both his YouTube account and he's own clothing brand which is awesome and you can check out Stay Strong Clothing by clicking here :). Tom Laywood surprised me though and made my day by replying to my comment saying "I am going to check it out now and add it to my favorites so I can check back with it everyday! <3" I couldn't be happier and more grateful so thank you Tom :) All of his videos are cheerful and inspirational he did a project with the NHS to support teenagers who were struggling which was fantastic. Please have a look at his YouTube channel , I know you'll love him as much as I do :) 

4) I finally saw my boyfriend after a very long week :) We watched YouTube videos and he lent me my favourite of his hoodie's. I like it because it's warm and snugly ... and at least people won't be asking me about iron maiden anymore ;) I seriously had people coming u to me and telling me they like me music taste and it's incredibly awkward explaining that you actually have never listened to the band who's merch you forgot you we're wearing and that it's not even yours aha :) So now I'm very happily cuddled up in bed looking forward to watching Peter Pan next time I see him ... because mentally I am three years old ;) He also showed me a quote I really liked from a band that he really likes ( Our music taste is very different ;) ) 

5) Slightly less important but It made me happy regardless :) I found a really cool necklace I liked on Etsy ( I have a massive obsession with this website aha <3 I just thought i'd show you the necklace because it's cool and it's existence made me happy .. so it might make you happy and I really want you to be happy :) 

I hope you have also had a good day or at least found something good in your bad day ... even if you had to look really close from a really awkward angle <3
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Try listing the good things in your day set a target to get to at least five each day no matter what .
Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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