Wednesday, 30 July 2014

100 Reasons to live :)

Good Evening :)

I Hope your doing good because it's good to be happy it's a skill and a talent and it should be YOU <3 Unfortunately sometimes people hit a low point ...a really low point that no one should even hover above let a lone hit, So this is a call out to every one of you beautiful people and yes you are beautiful don't even argue with my on that one I wrote a whole blog to counter every argument you have when you get confused and seem to go under the delusion that you're not beautiful which you can find here :)   But this is a shout out to you for if you're ever left that low that you feel like ending it all. Let me tell you now darling; Suicide is NOT the answer . Not ever . You are so loved by so many people even if you can't see it even if you're sat there going 'no, no you don't understand nobody cares' oh my gosh I promise you they do you might not even know you but they care .. I care <3 No matter how bad the situation is, how you're feeling and what the voices in your head are screaming at you .. the solution is never suicide . Never . There can be a million, billion reasons to go, but if there's even one to stay you should and I know you will because you're immensely strong honey and you will get through this and out of this dark place however scary moving away from it seems <3 I believe in you . One reason is all you need ... But I'm going to give you one hundred just to make sure :

  1. Going to the seaside
  2. Cuddles
  3. Friends
  4. Running around in the rain like a lunatic
  5. Singing ( even if you can't sing ) Really REALLY loudly :D
  6. Going to the theatre
  7. Seeing your favourite books turned into films
  8. The awesome adventures you're going to have
  9. The adventures you've had that you wont remember if you're gone
  10. Cloud watching
  11. Finding out if it gets better tomorrow ... You never know , it might? <3
  12. Swimming in the sea
  13. Picnics
  14. Watching your favourite YouTubers next video
  15. Counting the seconds between the thunder and the lightening
  16. Comfy Pillows
  17. Pyjama days
  18. Laughing so hard with your friends that you can barely breathe
  19. Smiling Uncontrollably
  20. Your kitten / pet climbing onto your bed in the night to sleeping with you
  21. All the sweets you still Haven't eaten ( have you tried peanut butter M'n'M 's ?)
  22. Seeing which Doctor is next O.o
  23. You never know .. you might be able to go to the moon one day
  24. Finding your soulmate ( or cat )
  25. Going on your first holiday with friends
  26. Getting drunk... on laughter
  27. Being Given Flowers
  28. You Inspire someone
  29. Breakfast in Bed
  30. Ice Cream
  31. Lolly pops
  32. Making wishes on 11:11
  33. Waiting for Santa
  34. bubbles
  35. Painting your nails a pretty colour
  36. Swinging on swings
  37. Getting picked up and swung around :)
  38. Trying to catch Santa out
  39. Catching snowflakes on your tounge
  40. The pet you always wanted but can get when you move out
  41. Spinning round and round and round and round ( ooo I'm getting dizzy ;) )
  42. Carboot Sales
  43. When a baby holds your finger
  44. The moment you go underwater
  45. Music
  46. Ice Cold Lemonade... with a straw :)
  47. Sparklers
  48. Awwing at cute baby animals when they're asleep
  49. CHRISTMAS!!! :D
  50. Getting dressed up
  51. Pizza yummy :p
  52. Toasting marshmallows
  53. Cookies
  54. loosing yourself in a song
  55. New cities
  56. Hugs from behind
  57. Keeping a diary that last like two days .. but you have about 50 of them over your life time aha
  58. Re-reading old notebooks
  59. Scented candles
  60. Lists
  61. Baking
  62. Making people smile
  63. Packing to go on holiday
  64. Staying in a hotel room .. with a bath !!
  65. Going to the Zoo
  66. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain
  67. Decorating cupcakes
  68. Slipper Socks
  69. Walking Barefoot in grass
  70. Seeing your favourite band in concert
  71. Long phone conversations
  72. The sound of Rice Krispies
  73. Squirty Cream
  74. Tight Hugs
  75. Seeing a rainbow
  76. Receiving Post-cards
  77. Hot Chocolate.. with marshmallows ! :)
  78. Sending Letters
  79. Pinkie Promises
  80. Winnie the Pooh
  81. Cookie dough
  82. Trampolines
  83. Fairy lights
  84. Balloons
  85. Dream Catchers
  86. Your helium voice
  87. Bookshops
  88. Getting into a freshly made bed
  89. Good, interesting and funny dreams
  90. All the absolutely hilarious stories you haven't heard yet
  91. Going to Disneyland I haven't been yet so I definitely have to be a live to do that and if you already have been then stay alive so you can go again :D
  92. Traveling the world
  93. This pain is tempory, suicide is permenant
  94. Dandelion wishes
  95. Going on dates
  96. Changing the world ,you're pretty cool so I know you can do that
  97. The best song in the world might come out tomorrow
  98. BuildaBear Workshop
  99. Adventure time
  100. I love you <3 :'( please don't go I love you so much and your destined to do such great things, you're amazing in ways your blind to but I promise you that I can see them and so can everyone else <3 I wish I could hug you and hold you until you feel like you can try and stand up again and I wish I could be there to help you up and catch you if you trip over again but you're on the other side of the screen so all I can say is if you need me , I'm here , Always <3 My Blogs Email address is Contact me anytime you need some advice, someone to vent to or just a cuddle over the internet and I WILL answer you are worth the world but I can only give you me but I'm pretty sure the world would want to follow because you are so amazing . I love you <3
So on that note I hope you can find a reason to stay, please for me darling . Find a reason to stay I've given you one hundred and you only need one but your worth one hundred and more and you are definitely worth more than the need to end your precious life . I believe in you <3

Todays quote is one that just touches me heart and it's from the lead singer of one of my favourite bands, All Time Low :)

“I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won't do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don't do it, for me. I love you.”
Alex GasKarth

If you ever get this low, to the point that you want to harm or kill yourself then you need to seek help, I'm going to ask you to tell your parents I know you don't want to because it's really scary but that's the way to get help.. even if you can't get the courage to tell them you want to kill yourself or how bad it is really, then how about you tell them " I'm feeling pretty down and struggling to keep on top of things and my friend who felt like this earlier this year said she got a block of counselling and it helped her out a lot " Now it's much better if you actually tell your parents what'sgoing on but if you can't then say something like that to get yourself someone who you can tell because I know you don't want to see your parents upset honey but they do care about you and they would want to help you .. But most importantly you just need to get some help no matter where from lets just start you getting better and we can make it through this together <3 If you self-harm then I am currently planning a blog post about distractions when you feeling the need to hurt yourself but for now can you just stay strong and hold in there for me, all of you because you ARE going to make it through this I know you are <3 Please feel free to comment your reasons to live because your reason might just be the one that saves the person who reads it.. see I told you that you could save the world ;)

There's a Youtuber called Marina Joyce who did a video about why not to kill yourself and it's truly heart warming and well it made me cry and if you're feeling suicidal I think it would probably help you out to watch it :

Also here are some other videos that may help you , they're on depression but they do talk about suicide as a part of that topic <3
I hope this has given you enough to get through today :) You're going to be okay <3 Here's a video that will make you giggle to get you started with feeling a lil bit better even temporarily :)
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Talk to you soon
Much love, Love much-ly

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