Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#100happydays: day 49 ( It's My Birthday :D )


Cutest pressie EVER :D
Too personal to talk about
 properly but I wanted
 to give it a mention
 because I'm so so grateful
 for this <3 I cant describe
 what it means to me :) 
Sorry I'm in a very good mood ... have I mentioned it's my birthday because it's my birthday and I'm just really happy because ITS MY BIRTHDAY :D * Deep Breath * okay its safe to come out ... I'm calm now ;) I know you probably wouldn't guess this from the massive overload of excitement you just experienced ( yeah sorry bout that ) But I actually don't like birthdays usually but this one was a bit different I guess I'm just generally a happier person this year and that makes all occasions seem better... and everything else actually :) Well what can I say ? I've always told you that smiling is good ;) So today .. what happened today ? urm well I woke up at 7 ( I know waayyy too early ) so I went to wake my boyfriend up and fell back asleep with him <3 Then about an hour later when he woke me up we went downstairs and I ate some crumpets ( I eat them cut into quarters because that makes me happy.. I'm weird like that :) ) We watched Adventure Time while we ate because why the hell not aha ;) We'd arranged to meet my friends in town just to go shopping at eleven thirty ish so I had to get ready I mean it might only take him twenty minutes including showering ... but I was struggling with the two hour limit ;) Anyways, while we were waiting for the hot water to heat up; I opened my presents off my boyfriends family which were AMAZING :) They must know me a lot better than I knew because they bought me two of my favourite things... Socks and Pyjamas , I mean Just look how awesome these socks are !!! :D After my shower I realised that I needed to straighten my hair and oh my gosh I cannot tell you how relived I was to know that I had brand new straighteners off my mum that would mean my hair would actually stay straight for more than just the entirety of half an hour when I'm lucky :)

I seriously would recommend these to ANYONE <3
How awesome are the chairs in hobbycraft !! :D 
Once we finally got ready we went to meet my friends in town and I just want quickly go off subject for a second ... have you been to McDonald's recently ? If not why not ? I went in today and made the most amazing discovery of my vegetarian life! :D Currently McDonald's have these GORGEOUS cheese bites in and oh my gosh they're like a taste sensation exploding in your mouth and just mmmmmm * mouth waters*  The reason I think I love them so much is the coating on the cheese bites , as a vegetarian I've found that the one thing I miss more than chicken ... is the actual breadcrumb coating with all the flavours and spices that just taste awesome :) Please go and try them, it will make your life better aha ;) Anyways, about two million calories later ( worth every one of them ) we went off to look round the shops and I bought some feathers in Hobbycraft because ... okay because they looked fluffy ... I'm sure I'll have a purpose  for them something , right?  ;) 

Then came presents :) wooo ! aha :D I'm so lucky to have such cute and thoughtful friends who know me well enough to get me such adorable ( and funny ) pressies :) I think I'm just going to show you pictures off the things off my friends bellow because it would take forever to thank all of them individually but I am so so grateful to have people like them in my life :) Also There's one I can't have a picture of because my best friend got me the amazingly fantastically wonderful :D give me a second I'm getting too excited * Deep breaths* tickets to see Cats the Musical :D You couldn't understand how thrilled I am by this gift and I can't wait for September 23 rd to go see it :) However as I am me she doesn't trust me not to lose the tickets hence why there's no picture but yayyyy :) 
Made me giggle :) One of my closest friends who is a boy has a joke with me that were married ... I expect he got some weird looks whilst buying this :) 

Meet MShadows the bear :) My friend who loves Avenged Sevenfold got me this addorable bear and as Buildabear workshop isn't really his scene he panicked and named the bear after the lead singer in Avenged Sevenfold aha :) 

LOVED this necklace <3 My friend and me have a thing about butterflies because they're a symbol of staying strong to us :) I don't have many necklaces and am really trying to build up my collection and this is just perfect :) 
I have a minor ( massive ) obsession with Wonder Woman :) A friend who I have become very close to in the past few months got me this awesome mug with socks ( you know how much I love socks aha ) and oh my gosh they're so awesome :) I'n my blog a few days ago where I spoke about the nicely wrapped present that was driving me crazy because I wasn't allowed to open it ... well that's this one and it was so worth the wait :D This girl is always there for me and an absolute angel <3 She makes me proud everyday and I will enjoy many a hot chocolate from this amazing gift :) 
We Then went to the park for a little while and I spent about twenty five minutes on the swings because I was that feeling that you're flying :) My ideal date would actually be going for a proper picnic with the cute little triangle cut sandwiches and strawberries and chocolate Yazoo milkshake and then spending the rest of the day on the swings or just drawing and reading in a nice field someone ... yeah if I go on a date like that I'm guessing I'm probably taking myself aha :) Oh well I'm okay with that ;) 

Finally around six o'clock we went home and I got ready to go to my dads when he called and asked if my boyfriend wanted to come over with me for some cake and for some unknown reason that actually made my day :) So I put on my favourite summer dress and the butterfly necklace that I showed you a few pictures ago and we went for cake :) My boyfriend left the cutest thing on my notice board and a drawing of a tiger that was completely unrecognisable as a tiger but it made me laugh :) Then we went down stair and ate birthday cake ( Aldi's finest at £1.49 aha ;) ) and everybody sang which made me happy :) Then there were even more presents off my dad and sister which I'll show you : 


I can't express how much I love all the songs from wicked :) 

My parents will probably never take me on another car journey again aha :) Sing-song Time ! :D

Also I got a UKULELE ! :D I've wanted one for so so long :) What could make this better ? well I'll tell you :) The book if Disney songs on ukulele that I got with it :) YAYYYYYYYY

I think that's all I have to say for now :) There's another present off my dad which is totally awesome and like the best thing ever but I kind of want to do a whole post about it so COMING SOON ;) Before I go I just wanted to show you my two favourite cards :) One I thought was funny and the other I thought was just cute mainly because of what was on the inside but I also liked the outside cause it was such a pretty design :) 

P.s. " Don't ever leave " :')  Love you <3 
On that note I better be off,
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
I love you ... Really I do <3 you're worth while 
Much Love, Love much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

P.s. As it's my birthday a lovely girl on the hopeful forum messaged me saying that as she didn't know me she couldn't get me a present but she knew I liked quotes so she sent me a load of birthday related quotes :) Which ones your favourite ? Or do you know any others ? Feel free to comment them below :) 

'Each year on your birthday you get the chance to start anew' 
'Don't just count your years, make your years count'
'Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come'
'The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate'
'A birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by, and set your goals for the coming year'
'You don't stop having fun when you grow old, you grow old when you stop having fun'
'Live every day like it's your birthday' 

I've mentioned this before but the girl who sent me these quotes has her own blog very similar to mine please check it out it really is wonderful :) You can find it here :)


  1. Happy birthday! I am little late, but still <3 You got really awesome gifts, very lucky girl (;

    1. aww thank you aha :) and yeah I'm really happy bout all of them <3