Saturday, 5 July 2014

#100happydays: day 33 ( A letter to the heart )

Hellooo :)

Once again I'm behind and this post is a day late ... sorry about that :) Both of today's posts will be short because I've been to a funeral today ( cheerful I know ) and I have a long list of things I haven't done that kind of really needs doing :) I also said in #100happydays: day 32 ( Music; a remedy for all ) that I would do a June Favourites blog post that night and I did however my computer for some unknown reason will not let me post it so when I get home I will try again on my own laptop and get that up as soon as possible :) 

Today I had an argument and was pretty upset. I didn't know how to get my point across because I felt like I couldn't say anything that would be listened to ( basically we were too alike with strong minds and different opinions that neither of us wanted to change ) So the first thing that made me happy was a tree ... okay I know that's weird but for some reason I managed to get it into my head that the trees leaves looked a bit like a turtle that was sat in the tree dancing aha It sounds ridiculous and it was ... I think that's why it made me giggle :) I have found that laughter ( even when it's forced ) can cure a lot in the way of sadness so next time you're sad try forcing a laugh and then laugh at you're laugh and then laugh at how you're laughing at yourself ... why are you laughing at yourself you numpty ? ;) It sounds crazy but it might just work , anything's worth at least a couple of tries :) I then decided to use my new letter writing set ( wooo new stationary is literally the best thing eveeeeerrr :D ) to write a letter explaining how I felt , how I wanted to feel , how I thought that we could move forward to make us both feel better and stop the argument from happening again . When I give it to them I hope it might make things clearer and rule out any problems because who wants to be sad all the time ... I don't , I really really don't :) Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and try to fix things as best as you can because I'd personally rather be happy than right ( although I am still rather fond of being right ;) ) So next time you have an argument or mess up and can't see a way out , write it down . Write every last detail of how you feel because you are amazing and deserve to feel happy and the other person is amazing and deserves to be happy . I recently read in my book One Million Lovely letters something that really made me think and reconsider how I and so many other people I know see the world , the people in it and the kindness that these people deserve however Jodi Ann Bickley said this :
"Were told it's a flaw to wear your heart on your sleeve, but I don't agree. Being honest and kind isn't something anyone needs to fight against. I don't need to 'toughen up' or 'stand up for myself more', as I've been told in the past. Wear your heart on your sleeve, you put yourself out to receive love but someone can just as easily more salt into your heart. It's a fine risk to take because when you are honest and people really see you for you, that's when you find true happiness and true friends. Whoever said kindness kindness should be earned is wrong. A kick in the shins is earned - kindness is not" 
Please read that , re-read that and think about it ... It changed my thought process forever and I think if the whole world saw life like this it would just be a way nicer place and everyone would be more smiley .. and smiling's good ;) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

No matter what has happened , No matter how hopeless the situation may seem , It's not . Things can work out because you are so strong that I know you will keep going :) You're that awesome , even if you cant see that <3
Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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