Monday, 7 July 2014

#100happydays: day 36 ( happy and hopeful)

Good evening :)

How are you all ? I hope you're good because you deserve to be happy and if you are , work that smile because you look absolutely incredible when you smile . I promise <3 if you're not feeling so good then I'm really sorry that you're not feeling great and I hope things get better soon but would u do me a favour and try work that smile ? just a little one for me honey ? It might make you feel a lil bit better <3 If you need a hand with that smile then here's a silly llama to help you out ;)

Oh and lots of big hugs because hugs are awesome !  :) 

I spent most of today running around town with my friend , covering every place we could find in hopeful notes and eating about four McDonald's and one Costa in total... woo healthy living ....kind of ;) Oh well I'd rather be happy with a slice of cake than slim with a lettuce leaf ( unless you like lettuce and you're getting slim purely for you and doing it healthily ... in which case good for you :) ) I don't really want to talk to much about hopeful notes because I want to do a whole blog post about them at some point in the future with what they are, what they are for , why they are such an amazing project , what to write on them and where to put them :) Basically all the the things I wish someone would've told me <3 The hopeful notes project means a lot to me and is a massive part of my life so I want to write that post when I have time to put the amount of effort and information I really want to be in it but I'm hoping to get it up as soon as possible :) If you want to know more about " The hopeful notes " you can find Carrie Hope Fletcher's Video about it here :) This picture of one of our many McDonald's is today's #100happydays photo because it represents the part which isn't my favourite part of hopeful notes but is the most creative , I really like writing to the strangers who receive the hopeful notes because I really enjoy putting the words I wish I could tell everyone on earth to make them smile into a few sentences and every single one I make different :) I never like to stick up a hopeful note that says the same as another on that day because every person is special and an individual who deserves so much and at the very least words just for them <3 

Today's quote is one from Carrie Hope Fletcher as the hopeful notes are her idea :) 

" Things haven't always been this bad, Therefore they won't always be this bad " 

Life has a way of making it look like it's throwing us off course but actually this wrong turn might take you to the right destination <3 You're going to be okay . Trust me :) 
Just Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Try leaving a hopeful note for someone , If you brighten someone's day then a little bit of the sunshine might just splash on to your day too :) 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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