Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Smiley Sunday - #100happydays day 51-57

Hellooo :D

Welcome to the first ever Smiley Sunday post :) The annoying thing is that I've just realised I'm not going to get this posted this week until Wednesday because for some unknown reason the laptop at my dads wont let me post .. I can only assume its because I'm an idiot when it comes to technology , oh well :) I spoke about Smiley Sundays in a previous blog post but if you haven't read it then i'll just explain quickly : I have been doing the #100happysdays posts for 50 days everyday and its exhausting because I write a whole blog about each of them which also means that I don't have time to write the other blogs I want to write which mean alot to me :) So on sunday everyweek I'm going to do all the #100happydays posts in one so I hope thats okay with you :) I should probably get started <3

#100happydays: day 51 ... also known as Monday ;)

Today was awesome :D I went to my best friends house and me, my best friend, another close friend and her boyfriend ( the guy who I have a joke that I'm married to .. its complicated aha ;) ) but we all went for a picnic in a field with my best friends dog Milo who is the cutest ( bouncy-est) thing you will ever see ... although he did eat most of the food aha :) I love picnics so much and I'm always talking about them on here and how much I absolutely adore sandwiches cut into little triangles :D I'm actually smiling just just thinking about them aha :) We also found an abandoned house and an  abandoned barn with abandoned cars in it .. wow that's a lot of abandoned stuff ;) My friend was talking to me about the cars being like " I think its a 1960's mustang, what do you think ? " and I was just like " ermm I think its a car ? " so yeah that's an example of my never-ending lack of intelligence aha :) When we got home my best friend came back with me to sleepover so we spent the evening watching Russel Howard's Good News and eating strawberry laces :) Yay aha :D

#100happydays: day 52 ( Tuesday ) 

Lazy days are the best .. especially cuddled up with someone you love :) I spent the day at my boyfriends house , we got a chippy ( because his mums amazing ) and started watching all the Shrek films because I really like them but have only actually seen to number three and wanted to watch the first few again anyway's so we got to number two :) He also gave me my birthday present because the post took ages because he ordered it from Australia , they were "Okay?Okay." necklaces :D You've all seen me fangirl over The Fault In Our Stars in this blog ( I did a mini review of the film which you can find here <3  ) I love them so much and I moved them on to black cord because we both do a lot of activities that would lead to them getting broken and they're just so lovely :) I couldn't be happier <3 

#100Happydays: day 53 ( Wednesday) 

I spent most of today catching up on writing blog posts because I was behind ( oh what a surprise ;) ) Despite the stress of remembering to post and the effort of planning and finding time to write, I really do love writing this blog :) I love trying to make people smile and whenever there's a nice comment it absolutely makes my day :) So thank you so much to everyone who's left nice comments <3 It means the world to me :) I also went to see " Mrs Brown's Boys D'movie " It was hilarious XD If your fifteen or up definitely go and see it , I went with my sister and we were both crying with laughter :D 

Today's Quote is a Mrs Brown Quote because it made me smile and smiling's good ;) 

" NEW DIET, Guaranteed to work!! Just fill your tank with petrol, you won't be able to afford the feckin groceries " 
- Mrs Brown 

#100HappyDays: Day 54 ( Thursday ) 

It turns out I'm not very good at painting summer houses ... I mean I did well at painting my best friend , but I'm not sure a paint fight was quite what her nan had in mind but it was fun aha :) I can't say the same for the hours I've spent trying to get the paint out of my hair but ... the I can deal with the odd streak of blue paint in my hair ;) We also had pizza, well we wouldn't of if we hadn't burnt it but that's not the point ;) My favourite thing about today was that in the evening I got a bit ( a lot ) stressed and to calm me down My Boyfriend started planning with me:  if you had a Magic lolly , what colour lolly would do what thing ? It really took my mind off everything :) I think I might do a post about it at some point :) 

#100HappyDays Day 55 ( Friday) 

Have you ever had an idea that seems fantastic at the time but then you do it and end up hurting your foot and running home because you saw two foxes and you were scared they were going to eat you alive !!?! I know I know you wouldn't think that I've lived in the countryside my whole life would you aha :) Well anyway that's the last time I'm ever going for a walk down the overgrown country lanes next to my house aha ;) However when we ( I ) recovered from the "trauma" me and my boyfriend cooked lunch and I arranged the waffles in the shape of a smiley face our plates whilst waiting for the fish to finish cooking :) We then spent the rest of the day drawing in the garden, cloud watching and eating strawberry laces because calories taste good ;) 

#100HappyDays: Day 56 ( Saturday ) 

Some days you just know are going to be a bit rubbish ... and some days it's good to be wrong :) I thought I was just going to sit in all day but instead me and my mum went out to find some new furniture for my bedroom and found the cutest vintage up-cycling shop near where we live so we bought a new desk and new chest of draws and some chalk paint to paint them all up so we spent our afternoon painting together :) It's pretty easy to do, a good way to spend time with loved ones and if I'm honest, I was pretty proud of the results :) We also made plans for me to move into my sisters bedroom when she moves to Germany in September and turning my bedroom into my study :D  Afterwards I spent the evening eating a pita bread pizza that I made because it's a lot lower in calories and actually tastes better and yes I am one of those weird people that likes sweetcorn on pizza .. please don't judge me aha ;) All whilst Facetime to my friend whilst I planned out future blog posts :) I'm really looking forward to writing a lot of these ideas and I can't wait to see what you think but I really hope you like them :) 

#100HappyDays: Day 57 ( Sunday) 

I don't Know what it is about pretty little things that makes me so happy but they do and I like being happy so I don't have a problem with that :) But this does mean that my ideal place in the world is wondering around a Carboot sale :) I bought all the Harry Potter books because I really want to read them, I'm currently half way through the first one :) Then I went to my dads and spent the evening happily writing songs on my ukulele which I still haven't named :/ So if you have any ideas for names then feel free to comment .. I'm currently leaning towards Aurora ? What do you think ? :) 

So I hope you've had an equally Smiley Sunday and if not I hope it gets better ... it will get better honest honey you're doing great just keep going <3 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 

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