Friday, 25 July 2014

Feeling sad ? 10 steps Happy :D

Feeling Sad ? Please don't be ... You're so awesome <3 :) 

Sometimes we wake up and find our selves sometimes with a reason or sometimes without , feeling sad . I want to let you know that that's okay but when you have been sad a while it might be time to pick yourself up and make the decision to be happy because I love you and your happiness means the world to me and so many others <3 So here's some ways that I like to use to get from sad to smiley :) because being sad's no fun and if your insisting on waiting for someone else to make you happy then you could be waiting a long, long time. Its your life and your happiness so you should take control of it and I know you are strong enough to do that :) I love the saying :

" You must first be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else " 

It's so important to remember , you are absolutely amazing and to be happy you need one thing : 

                                     YOU <3 ( and possibly chocolate ;) ) 

You are the best thing you will ever own and I wish I could make you see what an awesome thing that is. To be happy you don't need someone else to pick you up, spin you around and tell you that every part of you is beautiful everyday ... I mean that would be nice and is one way to be happy . However for happiness all you really need is your consent and participation :) I'm not talking long term happiness ... I mean it could be I guess it depends how much you embrace your wonderful self and the happiness I know your worth, but this could definitely get you get you back on your happy little feet so you get a head start on yourself:) So now I've finished rambling; What to do when you're sad : 

1) Give yourself some time to be sad 

If you don't let yourself be sad for a while then it's just going to build up and will all come crashing down ... and we wouldn't want you getting squished under the weight of your own problems, do we ? So make yourself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and as much squirty cream as you can eat ( calories don't count when you're sad ;) ) Drag your duvet and pillows to the sofa and watch chick flicks all day or a comedy and just give yourself some time <3

2) What's making you sad ? and what are you going to do about it ? 

Whenever I'm down I some times get so mixed up in the emotions that I get a bit confused as to why I'm actually sad. It might be a mix of little things or it might by one big thing that's weighing you down. I like to make a mind map everything ( even the tiny-est things ) that are making me sad or are in anyway affecting me in a negative light and then branching off from each sad thing, and idea of what I'm going to do about it so either an action plan to fix it, a way to move forward from it or a way to prevent it happening again :) I always feel better once I have a plan so this is especially good when you can't sleep because something's stressing you out even if its something small like I an't manage the amount of homework I'm getting and it's upsetting me you could plan to go and see your teacher the next day to see if they'd help you make a timetable or plan to help you plan out your work load :) There's always a solution or a way forward .. there has to be because that's how life continues even if it seems hopeless you just have to keep going exploring all the options, if you can't find a solution or any more options then ask someone else because it's there, I promise <3 

3) Don't do anything you'll regret <3

 Under no circumstance allow it to get to the point where you want to hurt yourself . Nothing is ever worth self harm I promise you that you don't need to do that to yourself. EVER . I know it's hard but you are stronger than that <3 If you ever get to this point then you need distractions , lots of distractions. I love you, don't do it , please. For me <3 If you would like to see a blog post on self-harm and distractions from it then comment and let me know . 
<3 Kellin Quinn

4) Ready to get up yet ? 
No.7 Duck Egg blue nails
Polish always makes me
Feel positive :) 

When you're sick of being sad and you've found ways to fix things .. I think it's time to get up honey :) There's no point in staying sad forever <3 So how about you get up and get in the shower, use your favourite shower gel and just pamper yourself so you feel a bit better about yourself just to help your body remember that it is worth it ... because it is :) Maybe switch the shower to cold for a few seconds before you get out just to wake you up from being sad, I don't really understand it but having a cold shower always makes me feel like a fresh start and I LOVE fresh starts :D 

5) Get dressed up :)

Regardless of whether you're a boy or a girl , get dressed up :) Do your hair nice, paint your nails , do your make up nice ( if that's what your in to ) and put on your favourite clothes ( you should probably do that regardless of whether your into it or not... just to avoid getting arrested aha ;) )  that make you feel good about yourself , if you don't feel good about yourself in anything then your in the wrong clothes or the wrong mindset because let me tell you right now . You're Beautiful . Try going shopping and trying on different clothes in different styles until you feel good about yourself , even if you don't have money to buy new clothes its still fun to do and can show yourself you the you that I see and trust me it's a lovely sight :) <3 

6) Music up Loud <3

Positive music has a massive impact on your mindset :) Make a play list of your favourite songs, you know the ones that have a good beat that makes you want to get up and go save the world ... or at least get up aha :) Turn it up as loud as you can and bounce around doing everything you need to do with it on in the background, maybe even while your doing your make up or getting dressed. I made a list of my top ten positive songs to work to in a post you'll find here :) 

7) LEAVE THE HOUSE !!! ;) 

When your feeling rubbish it can make you feel like you do want to go out and just can't be bothered to go out with your friends ... go out anyway . This feeling isn't going anywhere unless you do <3 Going out with your friends will probably make you feel better because if your sad well surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself ( if they don't then they're not your friends... go find some new ones because you're worth more I promise <3 ) and you have a laugh with is pretty clearly going to make you feel at least a lil bit better :) Although this will only work if you let it , if you go out with your friends and you're moody and spend the whole time being miserable and refusing to even try being happy ... well there not really going to want to be around that so try and embrace the positivity for the first half hour of being there and then they should do the rest :) 

8) Laughter is the best medicine XD 

I've talked so many times about how laughter has the ability to make anything feel better in just an instant. Watch a comedy, YouTube videos ( Emma Blackery always makes me laugh ), call a friend and share embarrassing stories, or even just type 'funny stories' into Google images that's always a good way to give yourself the giggles :) 

9) It's nice to be nice :) 

My pastoral teacher at school always says this and once when she said it in assembly I must of leant on my phone because Siri went straight after she said it " I'm sorry I didn't quite get that " I didn't know whether to laugh or cry aha and when the teacher found out it was me she went " oh it was only you, I thought it was the boys behind " and that my friend is why you do your English homework in your early years of school aha :) Anyways .. rambling again my bad, I am a great lover of random acts of kindness. I'm frequently telling you about days where I've spent my whole school covering towns in Hopeful Notes ( Nice messages to brighten strangers days ) it always make you feel better too :) When I'm having a bad day, I like to find someone who's also having a bad day and send them a paragraph saying all the good things about them to wake up too, it only takes ten minutes and is so so worth doing <3 

10) SMILE :D 

Yes YOU ! Smile that gorgeous little thing as much as you can because 1) It will make you feel better I'm always saying fake it till you make it because if you smile then other people will smile and act happy around you which will automatically put you in a good mood <3 2) Well your smiles just so wonderful ... it brightens my day so I don't really see how it could help brightening your own :) 

I hope this helps pull you out into the happy sunshine, the bad things may be happening but you're strong enough to get through them <3 Try finding positive quotes to keep with you on your phone or something to look at whenever you're down just to give yourself an extra lift ... you deserve that :) I leave positive quotes on both my twitter and my pinterest so feel free to follow, I'll leave the links below : 

Pinterest: Little Hopeful  
Twitter : @MyHappyBubbleXx

Please comment to tell me what you do to cheer yourself up when you're sad ... together we can be happy woooooooo :D
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”
― Barney Stinson
Much love, Love Much-ly 

P.s. Fun Fact : If you yelled for 8 years 7 months and 6 days you would have made enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee!


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