Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#100happydays : day 31 ( Gift's from the heart )

heyyy :) 

I'm so tired ... I know I say that on a pretty much permanent basis now but I am truly exhausted so this is actually going to be short and I'm sorry about that however I will try and make tomorrow's better :) I'm also considering doing a June favourites soon because I like finding pretty little things that make me smile . However right now ... I need sleep but I couldn't just not post because I love you all lots and don't want to let you done on your daily fix of confusing, cheerful and quite frankly completely irrelevant to anything rambling :) 

Today has been nice :) I got up , went to school and then came home to see my boyfriend and spent the evening watching YouTube cuddled up with him :) There were however two things in my day that stood out and really made me smile and to be honest I can't really pick which is today's #100happydays ... so I'll leave that to you and your lovely opinions :) 

Firstly , when I got on the bus this morning my best friend handed me a small purple bag with little slightly metallic gold flowers on and said it was from her nan ( whom I made a lemon drizzle cake for last week when she was sad ... you can find out how to make that here :) ) I opened up this cute little bag to find a gorgeous bracelet that I simply loved :) It's a style that I really enjoy wearing and just makes me feel happy and smiley so that's got to be good right ? After all.. Smiling's good ;) Tiny sparkly beads  that were my favourite shade of green ... you know that sort of mystic forest colour ? well that one :) With three little sliver Bambi charms ( I call deer's Bambi's .. I think it's just a habit I picked up from my mum when I was little)  what could be better ? I'm so grateful and it really made me smile whilst reminding my of a lot of styles I actually love to wear but had forgotten about :) So a massive thank you to this amazing, thoughtful woman who I don't just see as my best friends nan but as a friend ... and kind of a bit like my nan too :) 

Secondly  :) As I mentioned previously ; my boyfriend came round and I often talk about hopeful notes ( I might do a whole post on them if anyone's interested ? ) well I often end up dragging my poor boyfriend round town while I essentially as my mum calls it " litter the streets and shops" however if I am littering the only thing I'm leaving behind is hopefully a smile and I can't see how that is particularly a bad thing :) Anyway my boyfriend surprise surprise isn't a hopeful but he did leave me what was technically a mini hopeful note which really made me smile just because well random acts of kindness always do <3 So I stuck it on my wall of stuff and gave him a big hug because hugs are also important :) I think little things like hugs to sad friends and hello's to strangers can make a big difference and it doesn't cause you any harm so why not ? :) Anyways it just made me realise how happy I'm actually beginning to be at the minute and that love and feeling loved is important ... Not necessarily by a boyfriend just by a friend or even a stranger and this just made me want to write even more hopeful notes aha :) Seriously peoples just try and make someone's day a little brighter it doesn't have to be big ... I saw on The Hopeful Forum that one girl found a hopeful note in a library book that she had taken out on a day when she happened to be feeling rather crappy but this tiny note that probably took a random kind stranger about 10 seconds to write made her day and allowed her to feel a whole lot better knowing there was such kindness in the world :) Pick your friend up a chocolate bar on the way to school or make them a small piece of origami with a note on to slip into their bag .. You might save their day :) I know I've written a lot of things I might write about today already but a post on different ideas for random acts of kindness is also a possibility :) I like having a world of endless possibilities .. that way we can choose where were going with it :) This is your world and your life so Impact on it how you would like :) In my opinion you should try and leave a smile behind <3 

"Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom."
-Theodore Isaac Rubin

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
You have the potential to change someones life . You inspie someone even if you don't know it yet <3 
Much love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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