Thursday, 17 July 2014

#100happydays:day 47 ( Jumping to my feet :) )

Helloo :)
I don't know about you but I am in a way better mood today :) I feel like ... you know when your sat on the floor and then it's time to go but you can't bothered to get up so you put your hands out and one of your friends pull you up so fast that you kind of jump up and suddenly feel energised and like you want to find all the good things and just smile about them ... well yeah I feel like that aha :)

Yesterday I was feeling a bit/a lot rubbish and that's okay ( I talked about this in my previous blog which you can find here :) ) But it's important to know when it's time to pick yourself up and jump into action, all positivity guns blazing :D Actually I feel like guns isn't really the right word to go after positivity aha .... so maybe ermm more like party poppers or something ;) As a result, today I started to spot loads of good things that made me happy and to be honest it was lovely :)
Firstly I was in a rush to get to work experience because I over slept so unfortunately I had to grab any socks as fast as I could and obviously they wouldn't be black because that would just be too good wouldn't it aha :) Nope they were bright blue with white roses on but i soon cheered up the moment my mum told me that these socks were actually made of bamboo ! :) Wow. Bamboo socks. Life has got better ;) I don't know how they made them but I'm impressed aha :)


Then still baffled from this amazing discovery , I was told that the school I was doing work experience in was having kind of an activity day. So I was sent to help out in paper crafting :) First I made a decoupage card with a really cute bear on ( awww ) and then we were taught how to do very basic tea bag folding which I thought was really awesome and made really cute patterns and shapes . If you look it up on google there's loads of things teaching you how to do it and all the more advanced ones :) I stuck mine to my card which I have now written to give to my best friend when I next see her because she's amazing <3  
When I came home from work I found my cat sat in the window looking like a lion ( A black extremely fluffy lion ) and it made me giggle but he's really not very good for taking photos of .. but I'll show you anyway :) I can only assume the poor thing must of been exhausted from a long day of sleeping and getting fur all over my bed aha ;)
Afterwards I went to my youth group and crept up quietly behind my friend and raw-erd at her and she jumped out her skin aha :) It was literally the funniest thing I had ever seen :') Despite me scaring the life out of her she still handed me a beautifully wrapped birthday present with instructions not to open it until Saturday ( my birthday ) I really hate waiting aha :) The anticipation is killing me and its practically a form of torture to have to watch it sat across my room practically begging to be opened ;) I'm actually getting kind of excited for my birthday even though I'm not doing anything in particular for it but I find people tend to be happier on peoples birthdays and I just love being around people who are smiley :)
The same friend who gave me this wonderfully wrapped present , told me earlier this week that her mum was feeling down. That made me sad because everyone deserves to be happy so I made her a lemon drizzle cake ( click here :)    to find out how I made it <3 ) and I wrote her a letter , telling her five good things about her because I've never met this woman but I'm sure she's lovely and I want her to be happy no matter what <3 My friend text me when she had given her mum the cake and the letter and said that her mum had tears in her eyes when she was reading the letter and that she hadn't seen her mum so happy in ages and this coincidentally made me cry just a lil bit because it meant the world to me :)
Following this, things just kept getting better and my mum bought chocolate Yazoo milkshakes which are practically my favourite drink ever :) They even had cute little straws attached to them :o <3  

So I can't deny that today things got better so today's quote is :

" Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever "

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
Your storm will pass soon , just keep going <3
Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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