Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#100happydays: day 45 ( Dream World )

Good Afternoon :)

I've been working all day again and have met one lovely woman who was incredibly helpful ... and looked remarkably like my maths teacher, which made me happy for some unknown reason :) I'm currently sat in a library listening to a song that I have recently fallen in love with on repeat because I love repetition for some unknown reason aha :) Despite loving this song, I'm not actually that fond of the original but the recent cover by Bryaly Bishop is amazing so I'm currently trying to learn " Grey or Blue" with my rather impressively awful guitar skill's ;) I know some people are like oh my gosh I'm so bad at * insert something they're amazing at here * but no I'm actually appalling ... actually its less guitar playing and more going for it whilst singing at the top of my voice whilst my dad sits downstairs presumably waiting for the time when I can move out and annoy someone else haha ... I would be if I was him <3

What was even meant to be talking about ? I don't have any idea how I got onto the topic of guitars so I guess I should start talking about today's #100happydays :) I was going to write about dreams... I still will but I just got distracted momentarily by the most lovely woman who I wanted to say something about because I think she made my day , actually I think she makes a lot of peoples day's but I doubt she knows it <3 I was sat in the library typing away and she was hovering and she stopped to have a ten minute conversation with me :) I have spoken to her before , she helps out in learning support I think and is absolutely amazing, I could see right through her hazel eyes into her kind, compassionate soul <3 You know when you talk to someone and you're just like oh my gosh I just want to take you out to the theater and you're praying they'll have kids because you just know what an great mother she will be <3 This woman just fills my heart with compassion, respect and love ... she's magic , perhaps she is actually an angel and not even just a metaphorical one :) I just wanted to say something about her because the fact there are people like her out there restores my faith in humanity , she has so little yet appreciates so much , she is more loved than she could know yet gives more love than i thought a person could hold , her joy over other peoples joy is heart warming and I can say with a heart filled with no doubt only admiration that she inspires me to be like her ... infact I think I might bake her a cake to thank her for being such a lovely person <3 It sadden's me to know she will never read this but regardless thank you <3 You're beautiful inside and out :) I feel like this is a really long version of Carrie Hope Fletcher's," things i'll never say" cards :) Look it up on YouTube if you don't know what I'm taking about aha .

Okay now I've got that out into the world, lets chat about the #100happydays challenge :) Today it's a dream because the dream has been making me smile all day, every time I told someone about it so I thought I'd share it with you because I like you :) Obviously I couldn't take a picture of my dream ( I wish I could because then I might remember a little more than the tiny bit I remember aha ) But I found a picture that I thought represented it ... I did my best I guess ;) I know this is off topic but yesterday I was at a primary school waiting in the reception and I could here them chanting over and over in assembly " Be happy, be happy, be happy today , and always do your best !" it made me smile so \I thought i'd tell you aha it was like the best thing I'd ever heard :') Anyways , so in my dream I'm not really sure what happened , I just remember at the end I was walking home with someone and I saw my boyfriend and said hi before carrying on walking and then I ran back and hugged him , then we went and sat down somewhere and he was showing me these rainbow snails and he told me that if they had rainbow swirls on them then they were male aha :) 

On that note I should probably be off before someone admits me to a ward for people suffering from insanity which I assure you I am not... In fact I very much enjoy my weird happy little world and insanity is the nicest place I've been in a long while ;) 

Today's quote a friend sent me who's actually a hopeful , she found it whilst shopping in Evolution which is a awesome shop which I could happily spend my whole day in ... actually my whole life aha :) As she put it " I could just buy the whole shop " I don't know if I've mentioned it before but she has a blog that's very positive and smiley ( I'm not saying this because were friends, we started talking because I messaged her about liking her blog ) You can find that here :) but the quote she sent me read : 

"'play like there are no winners, give like you have pleanty, smile till your face hurts"

I just really liked it and thought it was a great quote to live b :)

Remember to Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Thank you for taking the time to read my little ramblings,I really do appreciate it <3 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontburstMyBubble xxx

P.s. Nice Fact for you : 
 The elements that we are composed of were formed in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are all made of star dust... see I told you're amazing <3 

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