Monday, 14 July 2014

#100happydays: day 44 ( Heigh Ho, Heigh ho, it's off to work we go )

Good afternoon :) 

#100happydays photo :) 
I'm in a very Disney mood because I just met the loveliest woman whilst I was writing some hopeful notes, who was telling me about how she's going on a Disney cruise and although I am undeniably incredibly jealous , I was just thrilled by her enthusiasm and hope and it just filled me with happiness so now I'm in a fantastic mood :) I know I've now ruined the chronological order that this blog was meant to be in but I just couldn't wait to tell you :D Wow I like being happy ... I think I'm gonna do this more often aha :) 

Anyways, now I've got that little ( MASSIVE ) burst of excitement off my chest I guess I better say something normal ... so urmm hi ? nah I don't do normal I just get way to bored and sad if I'm being normal for too long :) I mean who wants to be normal ? Be yourself ! why ? because you're wonderful and special and so beautifully unique that it would be practically a crime to not allow the world the pleasure of seeing the real you shining through that made up facade that society put up for you ( I mean it was very nice of them to try but we don't need them to hide behind anymore ) You are You isn't that absolutely brilliant you are the only you out there so stop hiding that :) 

Following on from that unplanned second outburst of emotions aha is today quote :

" Be yourself , everyone else is already taken " 
- Oscar Wilde 

Wow, okay I seriously need to work on my rambling aha :) So today I started my work experience helping out in the special needs department of a school, only I didn't really because today I went out shadowing an educational psychologist ( I know, I didn't like how serious that sounds either ;) ) It was really interesting but not positive enough for me to particularly care to remember for the now because I don't want to write about sad things because there's so many positive things in the world , why focus on the negative minority just because; as John Green so beautifully ( as he puts everything ) puts it  " Pain demands to be felt" .. so when sad things start getting demanding I like to climb into my metaphorical happy bubble and think about nice things because a lot of the time I can't do anything about the sad things and worrying rarely achieves anything so I'd rather smile :) However when I was out I was asked to do some filing and yes that sounds boring and actually it was very boring however I like to think of it as good time to listen to my music because that sounds nicer than filing <3 I thought I'd share with you my top 10 songs ( In no particular order ) to work to in that sort of way and by that I mean work that involves moving slightly and requires some form of positive motivation :) Although I like these songs they're not necessarily my favourite's but they did put me in a good mood and gave me a great working attitude at the time .. but will probably of changed by tomorrow because my brains temperamental and  I'd like to apologies on it's behalf for that reason aha :) 

So here we go :) Top ten feel good songs... for today ;) 

1) For Baltimore - All Time Low 
2) This Kiss - Alex Day ft. Carrie H Fletcher 
3) Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
4) Four Simple Words - Frank Turner
5) Lighthouse - Lucy Spraggan
6) Long Live - Taylor swift
7) Lightening In A Bottle - The Summer Set
8) Real Girls Eat Cake - The Janoskians 
9) My Favourite Thing To Sing - Tonight Alive 
10) Lived a Lie - You Me at Six 

Let me know what your favourite positive/feel good songs are in the comments,
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
I hope you have a truly wonderful day and are feeling equally positive :) If not I recommend listening to a few Disney songs and singing along because I always feel better after a sing song aha <3 
Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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