Friday, 11 July 2014

#100happydays: day 41: ( SNAP! )

Good Evening :)

If you haven't guessed from the title of this blog post ... yes I did spend my last lesson at school before we broke up for summer playing snap with my friends .... don't judge me ;) Technically we're not on our summer holidays yet but I have work experience next week so that's technically not school and that's good enough for me aha :) Anyways today's #100happydays is a picture of the snap cards that our GCSE maths teacher gave us to give us something to do on our last lesson of the academic year ... just note quickly that on the box they say " age 5 plus" I feel like now would be a good time to tell you that we gave up matching the times because that was too complicated so we match the colours of the cards  ( it was fun and I never said I was as smart as a five year old ;) )  Although by the end it was pretty much if you could grab the cards, shout something and then get it into your pile without someone fighting you to the death for it then it was yours :) wow I love my friends aha :)

I then came home and cuddled with my boyfriend , watched the Aristocats, Burnt our tea and set off the smoke alarm twice ... very successful day really ;) At least we know I'll never be a house wife because I wouldn't be safe so that's motivation to work hard at school I guess as I can't even cook pizza and chips aha <3 I'm very tired now but extremely happy that I'm back on top of my blogs :) So I'm going to sleep because I'm going out shopping for clothes birthday presents tomorrow and can't wait ... so I will talk to you tomorrow :)

Until then and always, Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
If you're feeling down seriously just go and find people who make you feel good about yourself and smile and surround yourself with their company because it's priceless <3 

"No Road is long with good company"
- Turkish Proverb 

Much Love, Love Much-ly
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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