Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Favourites :)

Heyyy :D 

Wow this month has gone fast ! I'm in such a good mood, it's such a lovely day :) I know that's irrelevant but I guess I feel like it's important to acknowledge what a beautiful day it is and that the world isn't actually all that bad :) I can't believe it's already time to write another favourites blog .. I mean I'm happy about it because I love writing at these because It leads you to think about your month and look for the good things but wow it's gone so so fast :) So without any further a do I guess we better get started :) 

Cinema :) 

I mentioned In my first "Smiley Sundays "  I went to see Mrs Browns Boys D'movie the other day at the cinema and it was hilarious :) It's a great pick me up if you're feeling down because you can't help but laugh .. and there's blind ninjas ... so you should go aha :) I really enjoyed the film, the plot line was interesting .. well anything involving Mrs Brown usually ends up rather interesting regardless ;) But watching her and her family fight to save her market stall whilst desperately searching for a solution to the very very large debt that she has inherited amongst uncontrollable laughter is definitely two hours well spent :) 

Books :) 

Usually I recommend three books that I have met throughout the month but unfortunately I only had time to read one book and I was reading another but its gone missing which is really annoying because it was getting to the good bit but this means I will only be able to recommend one book this month and I'm actually really sorry but I promise there will be three next month <3  however the book I did read was outstanding. I saw 'Breaking Butterflies' by M.Angelais on the top self in W.H.Smiths  when I was out with my friend .. The title attracted my attention because butterflies are a symbol to me and many people I know, of staying strong ( Type 'the butterfly project into google') so I'm automatically intiguied by anything to do with butterflies .. plus they're pretty aha :) But the blurb of the book gave nothing away .. and I mean nothing . So I started to read the first few pages of the book ... I understood what was going on, I was interested and really enjoying it ... but I still didn't know what it was about or where it was going . Then my birthday came and someone gave me the book as a present because they knew I wanted it, so I continued to read and I continued to enjoy the book and I continued to not know what it was about or where it was going literally until the last page . Then I understood that the book could not be explained only read, I can't tell you what it's about even the basic plot line without ruining the whole thing but I can tell you it's breath taking, it leaves you with your heart in your chest, filled with fear, confusion and every emotion you never even knew you had <3 I loved this book and I'm sure you will love it too so please read it because it's absolutely amazing and if you have or when you have please let me know what you think in the comments :) 

Song :) 

I was planning to say my favourite song for this month is Little Bird by Ed Sheeran and you should definitely check it out because it puts me in a good mood .. it's sort of the song you want to listen to when your feeling all loved up :) But then yesterday I heard one a song written by a YouTuber who's channel is called DoddleOddle called a 'A permanent hug from you ' it's just really sweet and cute and makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside <3 Plus Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle) is such a talented singer and she sings it as a duet with Tessa Violet which is absolutely gorgeous , they're both such wonderful young women :) 

Clothing :)
Cutest design Ever !!! :D 

it's too hot for clothes. next !

Just kidding aha :) It is really warm though haha ... I'm not sure i'm at the point of wanting to become a nudest yet though ;) This month I'm absolutely loving the clothing being made by the woman behind a twitter account called @againstsuicide they do such good work and you should definitely follow them and check out her clothes and I am in love by the motivational Penguin top ;) i will definitely be buying this :) You can buy it by clicking here <3

Etsy :) 

This won't be the first time I've mentioned just how much I love and am completely obsessed with 'Looking for Alaska' By John Green but I've found the cutest notebook on Etsy :) You can find it here :) 

Website :)

As a result of my never ending love of Carrie Hope Fletcher and her YouTube channel 'ItsWayPastMyBedTime' I was lead to DFTBA to buy her merch ( I'm always wearing my hopeful top and my signed poster is my pride and joy aha ... but the fact i don't yet have the mug does make me feel a little sad ) but then I found tons of merch for all the things I love including John Green's stuff :) My top three things from there are : 
Want <3
I love these posters :) 

They do indeed ;) <3

Blog :)

urmmm so yeah I'm pretty damn happy about this aha :) Carrie has a blog called All I Know Now  Which is amazing I've been absolutely loving her posts about things that make her happy :) You should definitely check it out :) 

YouTube :) 

Thoughts and Nonsense is a really creative Channel where the girl who makes the videos doesn't actually appear in the videos but writes down what she want's to get across in her notebook in loads of different awesome styles of writing :) They're are really impressive and unique and she deserves way more subscribers than she has so it would be really great if you'd go have a look :) 

Five Good things That Happened This Month :) 

This is a new section that I'm adding because I think it's important to reflect on the good things that happened so that you can see the best in life so here we are : 

1) It was my birthday :) I had such a lovely day and wear my TFIOS necklace everyday .. also I had a caterpillar cake .. yeah ! I'm that cool ;) aha .
2) I've spent two days so far this holiday covering towns in hopeful notes and my hopeful notes blog post should be up at some point next week :) 
3) My friend answer the door to a poor delivery man in her underwear thinking it was only  her nan... I almost died of laughter when she told me XD
4) I went to see "The Two Gentleman of Verona " at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with my youth group and despite being slightly unsure of going I actually really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone :) 

What five good things have happened for you this month ? :) 

Remember to Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)
I hope you have a wonderful day
Much Love, Love Much-ly 


  1. Fab post! You sound like you had a great month! :) Hattie @

  2. awww thank you aha :) and well i guess its important to only focus on the good bits <3 xxx