Sunday, 24 August 2014

Smiley Sundays - #100happydays : day 79 - 85

Heyyyyy :)

I'm feeling smiley now despite already having written a Smiley Sunday post , what ? Ten minutes ago aha :) Listing the good things from your week can really help you to see that it isn't all that bad even if you're feeling a bit rubbish at that moment I promise there's good things :) Although my bum is going a lil bit numb from all this sitting down writing for hours and hours but oh well :) You're worth it <3

#100happysdays : day 79 ( Monday )

I can barely contain my excitement to see my best friend for the first time in weeks today :D I've missed her so much and the laughs that come with her :) Unfortunately I have to go to work first . For the last two weeks of the summer holiday I'm going to be helping out at a summer school for year 6's moving up to year 7 to make friends and I actually really enjoyed helping out and watching the kids play benchball .. I was actually kind of jealous that I couldn't join in aha :) After picking up my best friend ( and taking the mayonnaise from her house because we think the one her mum buys tastes better ... yeah her mum did give me a weird look as I walked out her house with it but oh well :') ) We went back to mine, made double pizza ( we made pizza on wraps and put them on top of each other .... BEST. IDEA. EVER ! )  watched some comedies and then she decided that we should play innuendo bingo ... if you don't know what it is then look it up .. all I can say is I spat A LOT of water on my best friends face .... ummm I missed you ? ;) 

#100happydays : day 80 ( Tuesday ) 

Work again . Ummm yay ? It wasn't that bad actually, I really enjoyed helping the kids to sow the purses they were making .. even if I did have to thread about a hundred needles :/ I mean seriously ? How hard can it be aha :) After work I had to go to NewLook quick to get my school uniform and as it turned out I also desperately needed a dress ... and a Harry Potter top ... I mean you can never have too many Harry Potter tops right ? ;) Whilst I was there, the writing underneath the plastic manikins made me giggle . Then I went to my boyfriends house where we watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special and just thinking of Christmas made me feel all warm and fuzzy :) I seriously can't wait for Christmas :D It's going to be so awesome I really want to make loads of home made gifts this year so get ready for loads of DIY blog posts through the build up to  Christmas because I have been scrolling pinterest for days looking for ideas and its not even the end of August yet :) <3 I also found these really cool pictures on Facebook and I thought I'd share them with you because ummm they're Frozen ... Is there a better reason for anything ;) 

 #100happydays : day 81 ( Wednesday ) 

Today I saw my favourite musical that I one day want to be in. For the first time ever ! One things for sure , I've changed for good ;) Wicked was absolutely breath-taking <3 The casting was fantastic and all the singing was amazing I loved the whole thing :D Oh my gosh I can't even get over how good it was <3 Please, if you get the chance, go and see it because its just wonderful :) Also feel free to tell me your favourite musicals in the comments <3 Despite the excitement of going to see wicked and believe my it did not disappoint but surpassed my expectations ; I couldn't help but feel a little nervous all day knowing that tomorrow was results day for all GCSE students but when scrolling through pinterest I found a quote that made me feel a whole lot better and I feel like It would do everyone good to remember Mr.Disney's words <3

#100happysdays : day 82 ( Thursday ) 

Arghhh the day everyone's been dreading .... results day . It wasn't that bad , I was pretty happy with my results :) Turns out Mr.Disney was right ;) After I got some results I treated myself to some awesome socks from river island because I love love LOVE socks :)  Congratulations and a massive well done to everyone who got their GCSE results to day , I'm proud of each and every one of you . I'm also proud of the people who didn't get what they wanted, I'm proud of you for trying and I'm proud of you for the moment when you pick yourself up saying I tried my best and now I'm going to try harder <3 You only need enough to get you on to the next stage, so seriously, A* rarely matter unless you want to go to medical school in which case there are Re-takes . If you are disappointed with a result because a friend did better ... you are NOT them. You should compare yourself to no one but you . All you need to do is YOUR best not someone else's and if it's your best then oh my gosh I'm proud of you <3 I love you for being you and the only person you need to show, is yourself <3 Finally, please remember ; it's a grade on a bit of paper , that's all. It most certainly does not define you as a person . You are amazing and will continue to be so regardless of what a stranger looking at some scribbles you left on an exam paper thinks . You are good at something and it's okay if that's not maths or science or art ! I promise you're good at something even if you haven't found it yet ! Maybe you're good at making people feel good ! You can't take an exam in that, but I can't think of something more important to be able to do <3 You're perfect no matter what :) 

" Be Somebody who makes Everybody Feel like a Somebody " 
- Kid President 

#100happydays : day 83 ( Friday ) 

I had a Great day at work today, mainly because I got to join in as the kids played bench ball  :) Yayyy aha :) After work I attempted to get changed, straighten my hair, do my make up and tidy my room in half an hour which involved some serious multitasking aha but I got it done just in time.. but something had to go wrong, so my boyfriends family stood awkwardly at the door looking rather confused as I tried to mouth I've look the key, whilst my sister ran around up stairs trying to find it in her bag.. well at least missing keys make life interesting I guess :) Me and my boyfriend then sat in my room whilst I got all excited about Christmas plans and shopping trips and ahhhh Christmas !!! :D I can't even think about it without getting over excited aha :) We went through books of Christmas recipe's trying to work out how we could make awesome Christmas themed cupcakes :) The penguin ones were my favourite <3 By around nine o'clock I was exhausted so we snuggled up in front of the TV laughing happily at The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice ... You can always rely of Jo Brand for a good giggle :) 

#100happydays : day 84 ( Saturday ) 

After spending most of today in town with my friends having a lovely time and drinking hot chocolate ( even the day didn't feel right without my best friend there because she'd gone on holiday :( ) I came home and hurriedly got ready because today is the 23rd of September 2014 . Today is the day the Doctor returns and I am going to see it on the big screen at the cinema ! YAYYYYY :D I was unsure about the new doctor ( Peter Capaldi ) But I really enjoyed the start of the new series <3 I loved all the jokes about Scottish independence and was nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement when I caught on to the link between this episode and the David Tennant episode ; " The Girl Behind The Fireplace " I loved it and can't wait for next Saturday to find out what amazing antics The Doctor and Clara will be off on next ! :D 

#100happydays : day 85 ( Sunday ) 

Honestly the best part of today is now . Looking back on my week which I thought was a bit ( a lot ) rubbish and realising that It was actually pretty good especially when I focus on the good and cut out all the bad :) I'm so relieved to be all caught up with my blog posts and can finally start writing all the ideas buzzing round in my head :) To top it all off .. my dad bought me a Daim bar so life is pretty good :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

And remember, "Always take a Banana to a party " ... If you got that, You are awesome :) 

Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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