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Smiley Sundays - #100happydays day 72 -78

Good Afternoon my beautiful friend :)

As a direct result of my holiday throwing me off schedule, feeling rubbishy all week and being lazy and confused without school days to keep me knowing when I need to write and post ... this is my first ever smiley Sunday  post that has actually been posted on a Sunday.... and its a week late :') I'm so sorry please don't hate me it's just I have so many idea in my head ( mainly christmassy ones ) and the fact that I have to write this when I want to write them just puts me off doing this despite how much I love it when I'm doing it :) So this is the Smiley Sunday post from the week I was on holiday in Ireland where the people are ever so friendly to the point where I feel like I might actually belong there ... no seriously ! They smile back :D

#100happydays : day 72 ( Monday )

Where I belong <3 
Nothing that has to be done, A five minute walk to a beach of sapphire seas lapping at the golden sands and a day in your holiday home with your sister and her boyfriend who hasn't been in the sea in years ( honestly I think he was more excited that me ! ) . What else would you do than throw on your favourite summer dress over your swimming costume and run into the sea .... before running back out again immediately ... WAIT WHAT ! That's not what happens on the beach on the movies ? Oh wait the movies an't set in freezing cold Ireland ;) Regardless we edged back in inch by inch , dodging seaweed and believe me that's difficult because despite what you may think there's quite a lot of seaweed in the sea aha :) I just so happen to have a phobia of seaweed and a love of swimming in the sea -_- typical ;) Never the less from the moment I started swimming I couldn't stop smiling, ever part of me wanted to be a mermaid like Ariel and stay there forever ! Meanwhile every part of my sisters feet went blue so no longer able to ignore her moaning we left the sea for a while to let my wuss of a sister recover her normal colour because apparently she didn't like being blue ( a bit racist to the Smurf's don't you think ? ;) ten minutes later she announced that she'd realised the water had made the colour of her shoes run and dye her feet blue ... and then it started to rain so we went back home and had a lovely warm shower. However funny it was the highlight of my day had to be unleashing my inner mermaid in the icy cold sea's and it couldn't have been more worth the cold I had for the rest of the week ;)

#100happydays : day 73 ( Tuesday )

:o    No. Words. Needed.
Time to explore the local ( well not so local I guess it was an hour away but still worth it ) town :) Today me, my sister and her boyfriend went to look around a town and it was great :) We found that the Irish have all the same shops as us they just change the names  :) We went to 'Dealz' which is " part of the Poundland family " where everything was $ 1.49 ... apart from the things that weren't in which case they cost .. well anything aha :') We also found  'Penney's ' which is " part of the Primark family "  ... are you beginning to see what I mean about changing names aha ;) Despite this I did buy a Batman Top from 'Penney's' . However I feel the most important thing to tell you is as follows : I FOUND A CHOCOLATE CAFE !!!!!!!!! This is the best discovery ever and I would like to know why we don't have ' Lily O'brians Chocolate Cafe ' In England  :D I had the most amazing banoffee pie there ! Mmmm just thinking about it makes my mouth water , it was absolutely delicious ! But most importantly , the sign outside said " Hot Chocolate Stop " This made my day .. I think we should start a campaign for the well-being of all Brit's " Hot Chocolate Stops throughout England " to compensate us for the freezing, stormy weather that lashes out at us on a daily basis aha ;)

#100happydays : Day 74 ( Wednesday )

" It does not do to dwell on dreams and
 forget to live " - Albus Dumbledore 
Another day at the beach ! Woo :D After we froze every part of us and someone's dog ( We have no idea who owns this dog ) Seemed to attach itself to us so he came for a swim too ( he kept bringing me rocks and every time I fell over in the sea he swam out to check that I was alright so I named him ...*Dramatic Drum Roll ! * ..... " Rocky The Lifedog " :) I like names aha ) We headed home and drank hot chocolate whilst reading my book . I've always wanted to read the harry potter books and I don't know why I never have because I am a massive fan ( Woooo Hufflepuff ;) ) I went to the Harry Potter studios and wrote a post about it which you can find here <3  and ever since I have been determined to read the Series of books :) Today I finished " Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone " I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would and would happily spend the rest of my life curled up in an oversized hoodie, drinking hot chocolate, listening to BriBry's music and reading Harry Potter .. and sometimes when I'm feeling particularly like being the wreck less teenager you all know I am ... I might add marshmallows to that hot chocolate ;)

#100happydays : day 75 ( Thursday )

It's a long story why she's called Beep Beep aha :) 
This morning I was feeling a less than fantastic but my friend sent me a really cute text that made me smile and you should never underestimate the power of a smile because it picked me back up again <3 So with my smile back in tact we went to look around one of the ships that's transported Emigrants from Ireland to America during the famine and it was really interesting however me being me , my favourite part was when I got to ring the ships bell which is meant to give you good luck :) I hope it does <3 Take every wish and good luck token you are offered because although they may not be responsible for your fate, they may give you the belief to pursue it :) You have everything you need to be the amazing human I already know you have the power to be, You just have to find the button that lets you realise what I already know is inside you .. but trust me it's beautiful <3

#100happydays : day 76 ( Friday )

Today we went to look around another town and we I bought a really cute mug and a patch for my boyfriends bag with the Irish Flag on ( It will look good next to all the slipknot and other metal music ones don't you think ? ;) ) I'm beginning to notice how everything in Ireland has to be labelled Irish as if just in case it was an English pepper and we'd poisend it aha ;) No joke they actually labeled to peppers Irish pepper, there were Irish Tic Tac's, "Irish Pride" bread, the list could go on forever aha but it made me happy everytime I looked at food . However the highlight of my day came when I realised that post box's here are GREEN ! I have no idea why it makes me so happy, but it honestly does :) I guess it really is the little things, eh . :)

#100happydays : day 77 ( Saturday )

Struggling to eat with those annoying
wooden spoon things aha :) 
Home time :( Today we're leaving the lovely Irish folk who smile back for the sarcastic Brit's who look at me like I've punched them in the face when I say " Have a nice day " But I guess I have the memories to keep me warm and smiling aha :) I love travelling and although most people get bored I love spending 6 hours in the car just listening to music... plus I got a Ben and Jerry's ice cream on the ferry :) Woo aha <3 When I got home I watched Carrie Hope Fletcher's most recent video and It made me cry and get very emotional . I wrote a blog whilst I was feeling emotional which you can find here :)  I have no idea what I wrote, only that I was very tired and it probably made no sense.. I also don't want to know so I will leave it there for you in case you're interested in what me head comes up with when I'm too emotional to function :)

#100happydays : day 78 ( Sunday )

Wooo I get to see my boyfriend today for the first time in what seems like forever ( that made me think of frozen :D ) Cuddles and Guitar hero on easy level for the very first time made me a very happy girl :) Couldn't of been happier to be back where I belong , with my friends because I love them to much to be anywhere they're not <3 I can't wait for Monday so I can see my best friend again :D But this was a wonderful week away and I think everyone should go to Ireland because it's awesome :)

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope your week was great and also filled with smiley people with awesome accents <3 

Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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