Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Smiley Sunday - #100happydays day 58-64

Good Morning Beautiful :)

Guess who's Smiley Sundays post is late again ... yeah that would be me :/ sorry bout that :) I've just been feeling ill and been too busy to have time to feel ill which made me feel ill-er and now I'm having a pyjama day because being lazy can be nice sometimes :) I've had a pretty good week so here it is :) :

#100happydays: day 58 ( Monday )

Soo Monday :) Well I was having a not particularly fantastic day .. but then my boyfriend turn up at my house with flowers and Magic stars ( Best chocolate ever :D ) which just made everything feel lovely and just lots of smiles :)
Roses and Pinkie Promise's

#100happydays: day 59 ( Tuesday ) 

We're going on a bear hunt ;) Grrr
Well this was a lovely day :) I woke up and then went back to sleep for two hours in a different bed ... as you do ;) Then when me and my boyfriend finally got up we attempted to tidy and re-arrange my bedroom ... that didn't go particularly well so my best friend came over , we made some pizza and waffles, ate it on the trampoline because tables are clearly to mainstream ;) and then played "football" for a few hours .. another thing I can't do well aha but it was a laugh especially with my very professional Disney princess football XD Around five o'clock I had to get ready to go see a production of " The two gentlemen of Verona" at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre with my boyfriend and youth group :) I must say the performance surpassed my expectations and I would recommend this hilarious romantic comedy to anyone even if at first glance, Shakespeare does not seem like your cup of tea :) Additionally, as we were leaving the theatre I noticed a giant stuffed bear looming above me ( don't worry, it didn't eat me ;) ) but what really intrigued me was when I looked down at the sign of it's feet ( well paws ) which read " Please Don't Feed The Bear " and made me giggle so I just thought I'd share it with you :) 

#100happydays: day 60 ( Wednesday ) 

Urmmm how do I some up today ?  well I stayed in bed, wrote a blog, planned a blog, researched for blogs, ate pita bread pizza, went to my singing lesson and wrote another blog ... pretty normal day ... oh wait ! No it wasn't ! I got a kinder egg :D Do you want to know what's even better ? It had a toy car in it :D YAYYYYY .. okay I'm too excited about this for my age aha :) 

Come on though .. everyone loves a toy car ;) 

#100happydays: day 61 ( Thursday ) 

Today I felt down for no apparent reason but then I got a penpal in america which made me really happy because I LOVE writing letters because they're just so wonderful to send and to receive :) So I wrote our first letter which is hopefully the first of many and then treated myself to a milkyway out of a little shoe box of things to make me happy that a friend made me bless her :) <3 

Letter to the Stars :) <3 

#100happydays: day 62 ( Friday ) 

I love, love, love writing hopeful notes :) So today I went out with my friend and about fifty hopeful notes to cover our local town in them because it's so important to do things to make other people smile and I promise it will make you feel at least a lil bit better too <3 However the highlight of my day was a little odd .. but I still think it's incredabily worthy all the same :) Have you heard of "MashTags" These are possibly the coolest and yummiest things I have ever seen .. yes, I do intend to live off them :D 

#100happydays: day 63 ( SATURDAY ) 

By far today must have been one of the best days that I've had in a long time :) You know those days where you come home and can't stop smiling because you feel like you can fly and nothing and nobody will bring you down ( this is starting to sound like a reference to Wicked aha :) ) Well today I turned up at my best friend door with a basket of lolly pops, strawberry laces, Buenos and Daim bars as well as a bunch of flowers and when she opened the door it went like this ... 

Me : "Hello, I'm going to be your date for today :) Would you like to go on an adventure? " 
My Best Friend : " No." 
Me : " Oh .. well that's awkward " 

XD So after that fabulous start I lured her into the car with sweets to take her to an unknown destination ... great now I sound like a paedophile.. this isn't going very well is it aha :) This was all a birthday treat by the way aha . So we drove for about 45 minutes and then parked in a field and then walked for ages until she spotted a sign that said " Pet Show " ... this was followed by her making several comments such as : 

" Why the hell would I want to go here ? " 
" Yeah, I would be really excited if I was six. " 

Then we went inside ... this was also followed by several comments including : 

" Oh my gosh ! This is the best birthday present ever ! " 
" I love you so much ! "
" This is so good :) Can we come again next year ? "

I think I might of proved her expectations wrong aha :) But we had an absolutely amazing day ! We held snakes, tortoises, took pictures of lizards.. *cough* and the hot boy holding the lizard *cough* aha :) But the highlight for me was when we went to get a crepe ... now I LOVE crepes so I ordered one with butterscotch sauce on, yummy ! :) Whilst the boys were cooking the crepe they were messing around and it wasn't until we had eaten the crepe that I realised they hadn't asked me to pay so i'd forgotten ... so I took them the money and they gave me a free crepe with chocolate sauce on for my honesty :) YAYYYY aha and with this in mind today's quote will be : 

“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” 
                                                   ― Mahatma Gandhi

#100happydays : day 64 ( Sunday ) 

Carboot sale !!! I had a carboot sale and really enjoyed talking to all the strangers about the lovely weather and everyone was just so smiley , it was just .. happy :) In the evening me and my boyfriend watched " The Secret of Moonacre " because it's freaking awesome ... there's a black lion ... A BLACK LION ! :D 

If you haven't watched it then you should because its all magical and magic's awesome because then anything can come true ... we all have some magic inside you but you have to look at even glitter from the right angle to see it sparkle <3 But I promise you I can see your sparkle even if you can't :) Just Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) and I promise if you look hard even from every single angle you will see the sparkle I see in you and oh my gosh it's worth the wait <3 

Much love, Love Much-ly 

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