Saturday, 30 August 2014

Back to School :)

Heyyy :)

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So September is here and a lot of young people are heading back to school and the work load looks awful, the drama, stress and teachers that hate you for no reason but do you know what makes it okay ? STATIONARY :D  Going into the new academic year I have kitted myself out with all the stationary I could ever need and am really happy with it :) and you know what ? I think that makes it just about bearable :) Even if I probably will have nothing but a pen that I borrowed off a friend and half a packet of gum to my name within a week ;) I am actually looking forward to the new year . Fresh starts, a chance to work hard, focus and do well because I believe if you go to school with a negative attitude grumbling about wishing you were still in bed, how much you hate school and how much you are bored in every single lesson and just want to curl up into a little ball and sleep behind the stage when your head teacher is attempting to motivate the school in the first assembly of the year whilst looking like he wished he was in a private jet getting away from here as quick as possible ..and trust me we all feel this way. But you are not going to do well if you refuse to make the best of the situation . So buckle down and do your best with a smile on your face and a highlighter in your hand :) If you get to school and end up with 50 million pieces of homework due in on Thursday with  no exceptions .. well you might as well make a list ... no ! A colour coded list :D Already things feel better because you're adding colour and making it accessible and when you plan out your work because you're going to have to do it in the end, so you might as well do it now. you will feel so much better about it knowing what you are doing . How about you make yourself a little work space and buy folders for each subject, look up for cool ways to decorate them on YouTube and make a decision to work your very hardest this year :) Because I don't care if your top in the class or bottom, there is no reason why you can't prove everyone wrong and do AMAZING because that's what you are, amazing and I reckon that this could be your year to show that to the world <3

Keep this in your mind always <3

 You can get through anything and become anything . You CAN prove them wrong it's going to feel great when you stand up and say " I did this " and if it doesn't work out well at least you can say "I tried this " Which is a lot better than regretting the smug look on the face of a person person who thought you couldn't do everything and anything because I see the fire in your eyes behind the fear of not getting there because I know you can do anything if only you believe in you <3 Why wouldn't you ? I do :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 
Good luck with the new school year and  your fresh start and realising how much potential you have to do the extraordinary if you only try, keep a positive mind set and most importantly, refuse to ever give up :) 
Much love, love much-ly 

P.s. Fun Fact : When Darwin discovered the Galapagos tortoises, he tried to ride them!

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