Saturday, 24 January 2015

Otters and Appliqué :)

Hello :) 

This weeks been a little hectic but there's always time to scroll through pinterest even when there's not time to do any maths homework .. not sure how but I guess you just have to prioritize in life right ? ;) So here's this weeks top ten pins :) 


Is the fact I just think this sounds super pretty not a good enough thing to say ? ... nah ;) 

Grey Leggings with Floral Applique Cutout Lace // SO cUte!

I am definitely going to try making these this summer :) Seems pretty simple to make, just appliqué floral lace onto a hole that's cut out of some grey leggings and it would look super cute with a light floaty top in summer ^.^ 

take a deep the footwork to make repair and forgive yourself

Keep learning :) 
"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently" - Henry Ford 

chibird:  Introducing, pocket penguin! Everyone should have a...-made me smile ;) lovely pretty cute nice beautiful enjoy happy life love sweet heee cute smile smiles cute stuff

I'm really enjoying the penguin gifs right now ^.^ They're too adorable :) 

I need this in my wallet so I can read it everyday!

All so true :) I especially think we'd all be happier if we focused on number 2 !

"Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" –Mary Oliver

Ahhhh so many feellsssss ;) 

I'm an unicorn<<<< omg i can see harry doing this with a carrot or a straw... anyone else see it?
I.... am also a unicorn :p 

Pick Yourself Up - Love this, but my literal brain tells me the feet and belly button are facing the opposite direction to the arms and back of the head!!!

Important message .. but I'm slightly more distracted by the awesome orange carving skills , I feel I should be concerned by how much this amuses me ;) 

Super cute idea! Maybe book pages instead of sheet music? Thinking cute idea for the girls music teacher at Christmas!

I can't believe this is sooo simple and sooo pretty at the same time ! Oh my gosh ... It's January and I'm now collecting Ideas for DIY Christmas pressies haha :) 

Otters! Fact checked, they do indeed have a pouch in which they keep their favorite rock. (:


I feel this quite concerningly , clarifies that in a previous life I was in fact an otter ... I'd love to be an otter :) To make it clear, I don't carry around a favourite rock but It is the sort of ridiculous thing that I know I'd do if it was socially acceptable ^.^

What's your favourite animal ? Please tell me that there's someone out there whos favourite is as obscure as mine .... anyone? ... please? ;) 

Annnddd, On that note , I should probably go aha :) You can get positive pins and ottery otters all week long on my pinterest which you can follow here :) Check back Monday for my January Favourites post , I'd stoped doing favourites posts but this months I found some really cute things that I just HAD to share with you lot ^.^ So I'll see you then :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Have a lovely weekend !

Much love, Love Muchly 

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