Monday, 19 January 2015

Origami Bird Cage DIY :)


I've had a cold over the last week so I've been feeling pretty rubbishy but all better now :) Anyways I've been meaning to make this DIY but haven't had the time or the patience, but snuggled up in bed watching big bang theory on repeat I thought I might as well :) Pretty little things always make me feel better... well that and chocolate ice cream but don't worry, I had plenty of that as well ;) So here's my DIY Origami Bird Cage :)

DIY Origami Bird Cage !

What You'll Need : 

  • 1 old book that you would otherwise bin or if you don't ave any you don't need any more just pick one up from a charity shop. It should be roughly 250 pages . 
  • 1 Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 1 Pen ( I used a silver paint pen to make it shiny but what colour pen you want is up to you ) 
Step one : Pull the cover off your book and then tear off two pages and put them aside because you'll need them later ! And then break the spine of the book so that you can pull the front page                    round to touch the back , this will make things easier later :) 

Step two : Take the top corner of the first page and fold this corner in to meet the spine of the book . 

Step three : Fold the side opposite to the spine into meet the spine and press down along the fold to help it hold its place .

Step four : Turn this page over and repeat step two and three on the next page and the next ... and the next ( This takes a while so I did it whilst watching a film ) 


Step five : If you carry on with steps two, three and four until you finish the book then when you get to the end it should stay in place with a lil bit of fiddling because you're folding it in on itself :) 


Step six : Put your origami birdcage aside for now and take the two pages you tore out earlier and using your pencil draw out any designs you want to stick onto your birdcage, in a different one I used an outline of a bird template ( I'm sure you'll find loads if you type it in Google images ) I did the word 'Believe' and two of those really simplistic 'w' shaped bird things because my drawing abilities are very similar to that of a five year olds aha :) Then go over your outline in a pen and cut them out carefully :) 


Step 7 : Finally just stick them on to your birdcage with either double sided take or glue :) If you wanted to add a little sparkle then you could put glue along the top folds in the birdcage and sprinkle glitter over it, I'm definitely doing that next time !

And that's it ! :) Really easy, pretty and a great way to prove your patience .. or lack of it in my case ;) 

If you make it then let me know how it goes in the comments or if you want more DIY's :) Check back throughout the week for the weekly top ten pins post but until then have a great week ! 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Sending lots of hugs your way ! 

Much love, Love much-ly

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