Monday, 26 January 2015

January Favourites 2015

Happy Monday !!!

I haven't done a favourites in a while and I'm not sure this is gong to be monthly again but we'll just see what happens ^.^ But this month I fancied it and felt like I had something to say so I thought I'd show you pretty and wonderful things that I found whilst procrastinating away my weekends throughout the new year because hey ! who needs to leave the house when you have big bang theory ? ;)

Tv Show !

On the subject of The Big Bang Theory .... why was I not made aware of this amazingly, hilarious, perfection that I have fallen in love with, before the beginning of this month when it has been around since 2007 !!?! I literally schedule when big bang theory is on, into my day ... yes it's got that bad ! ;) In case you're interested as to how I balance my social life with my numerous obsessions, I don't :) 

Shop !

This month for the first time ever I bought a box from Carries Book Club which was great and had these super cute Peter Pan nail stickers in . So I looked up the website she'd bought them off and I discovered 'House of Wonderland' and just like that all my Christmas money was gone ! So here's my three favourite items that I found :) 

These Peter Pan and Wendy silhouette earring's make me really happy ! I love themmmmmm :D 


Happy Thoughts pencils :D I think these should be essentials in every person pencil case :) 

No . No , No, No ! I can' t deal with this level of cuteness ! Ahhhh I think I'm gonna die ! I need, I need , I need ^.^

Clothes !

I've been looking for a cute jumper just to laze around in whilst watching big bang theory and playing ukulele and all the other things that cool kids like me do ;) So when I found this Harry Potter Jumper reading 'You're Lucky I'm Not Allowed to Use Magic Outside Of Hogwarts' can find it here :) 

Outside Hogwarts #harrypotter #magic #hogwarts

Book ! 
For Christmas my boyfriends parents gave me a voucher for waterstones, I was extremely happy ... my best friend who I made sit in waterstones with me while I went through pretty much every single book in there, well she wasn't so happy ;) I bought a book called ' The Art Of Being Normal' By Lisa Williamson, just on the off chance that it looked nice and had a well designed cover :) But I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it ! The story line follows a transgender boy called David and the new boy at school called Leo and follows them both as they try to avoid any form of attention but slowly discover each others secrets and between them go to hell and back, laugh a lot and make you cry a lil bit ! 'The Art of Being Normal ' was really well written and I will definitely read any more books that Lisa Williamson writes in the future :) 

YouTube ! 

Ruby Day is a really talented singer and her original music is well written and very sweet :) Recently she released an album on itunes so if you like her music then I'm sure she'd appreciate any support because she really deserves it :) This is her cover or 'Peter' 

Accessories ! 

I wear a bow now, bows are cool ;) I bought a black bow from new look for £4.00  and haven't stopped wearing it, especially on the top of my pony tail :) 

Black Scallop Edge Bow Hair Slide

Food !

Costa have brought out an addorable Banoffee tartlet which I'm am ever so slightly a lot addicted to ! They are soooo good ! They also do a pecan one and a rhubarb and custard one :) 

So that's all for this months favourites but I've found it's been a really good month and I'm looking forward to next month and hopefully some valentines day DIY's :) 

Check back later in the week for the weeks top ten pins ! 

Comment the best things you've discovered this month :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are. "
- Elizabeth Gilbert 

Much love, love muchly 

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