Monday, 12 January 2015

Silver Linings :)

Heyyy :)

It's no secret that I love positivity ( hence the positivity blog aha ) Some times loads of bad things happen and it's really difficult to see through them because in those moments nothing seems good and the whole world feels really rubbishy and super sad . But in the last 6 months I have set myself the challenge of looking for the good or at least the good that's massively outweighed but I promise you is in there somewhere :) The phrase " Every cloud has a silver lining " is passed around a lot but I noticed that no one seems to say it until something actually happens and the good thing becomes clearly apparent . But the good thing doesn't always just show itself , sometimes you have to find it and more often than not it is incredibly difficult to find ! So that means you should just deal with the sad and wait for something to make you happy right ? Wrong :) Silver linings are what get you through tough days and hold together the cracks on your heart, keeping them from dropping to broken fragments lying on the floor <3 They can be well hidden but they're well worth it :)

 I made this picture to stick on my wall to remind me in case I forget to look , that they're always there . For example . If you were playing guitar on stage for loads of people and you messed up and they now think your playing is awful and you're really embarrassed and upset then the silver lining is that next time, if you play it right because you've improved then they'll be even more impressed than they would've been if you'd played it perfectly first time round :) That's just an example ( It hasn't happened to me ) to show how you can twist anything in your mind to make it a positive situation or at least slightly better :) After all it's your mind that assumed the situation was negative ;) 

So give it a go and please comment anything that happened to you that was rubbish but you found a way to put a positive twist on it :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

Don't forget to check back later in the week for my weekly top 10 pins post :) 

Much Love, Love muchly , 


  1. This was so lovely to read- like a little ray of sunshine ^.^ It's awesome that people as positive as you exist <3

    1. Aww thank you it means a lot :) I saw a quote the other day that said :

      "Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it "
      - Joyce Meyer

      I thought it was really true and that's what inspired this post :)

      I love your blog by the way <3 Especially the awesome Disney reference name aha :)

      Love and hugs :) xxx