Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hedgehogs Vs Ice cream

Hellooo :) 

I know I've not written in over a month and I'm super sorry I've just had lots of mock exams and all that boring stuff but now I'm already to go and i have a scheule so you never know, I might actually post on time someday ;) From now on, Mondays will be general anything I feel like posts so DIY's, Positivity posts and all that jazz and then Thursdays will be Top Ten Pins posts, appart from on the last Thursday of each month which will be a monthly favourites post :) So lets see how long a can stay organised for this time aha :) Anyways, here's this weeks top ten pins , enjoy! :) 

Mrs. Hudson- Sherlock, what have you done to John now?!?  Sherlock- ... Bored... and we're out of ice cream. - I came across a buisness called "J W Hedgehog, Inc" today, and almost screamed out loud at work...I clearly have a problem.

No matter how many times I've asked, my boyfriend still hasn't bought me a hedgehog ! Seriously I think this might be a make or break thing ;) I don't know why I even stand for it aha :) 

Skins [UK], Sid is the cutest most awkward kid... EVER!

I don't even watch this show but this just makes me happy ^.^

roald dahl quote | kensie kate

Always good to have a lil bit of Roald Dahl in your life :) We should all aim to make someone feel twinkly at least once a day <3 

This pretty much defines me ;) 

Easy Little Pandas Chocolate Cupcakes. Such a fun and easy-to-make cupcake! LOVE it!

What is this ? Have I actually found a pinterest DIY that I might actually be able to make ... Oh my gosh I might faint aha :) These are soooo cute and actually look quite easy :) It's comic relief coming up soon so you could make some and have a bake sale to raise some money :) 

Just be with me... You will see that everything will be ok... I promise... I will always be by your side...I love you with all my heart... You are the one for me...

Did anyone see Esio Trot on the BBC on new years eve ? Wasn't it like the cutest thing :) This really reminds me of that <3 

Even if you're having a rough day there's always time for a wish :) There's two 11:11's in a day and a whole lot of dandelions out there so there's always hope , don't give up yet :) 

Isn't it amazing how much of life is in your perception of it ? It's really pretty wonderful don't you think ? :) 

well I never knew how to make envelopes, and now I can make heart shaped ones (kinda...) this is something I need to try

Awwww I might try this for when I leave hopeful notes for waitresses or waiters in cafes :) 

Things to do when you are sad! Cheer up :) Ya know, placebos (yes, placebos) can help you cheer up too.. click the link for more info and smiiiiile!

Just in case you need some cheering up between now and Monday :) Also remember it's okay to be sad sometimes and just let yourself be sad for a lil bit, cuddle up on the sofa and watch rubbish Tv until you're ready to get up again :) I did a post on being sad ages ago which you can find here <3 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can check back on Monday if you fancy it for a yummy DIY which is excellant for when you're sad, happy, heartbroken, in love, any occasion as long as you're not allergic to chocolate ... if you are then umm I'm sorry for your loss ;) 

For Positive bits and bobs all week long you can follow my blogs pinterest here :)

Much Love, Love Much-ly 

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