Monday, 9 March 2015

Like Gold Dust ! ( Magic Hot Chocolate Recipe )

Happy Monday !

So in Thursdays post I promised the cosy. wonderful, warmness of hot chocolate :) However, since it's Monday I thought we might all need something a lil bit stronger... so I added magic gold dust ^.^ I hope you like it , trust me this is the nicest thing everrrrr :)

The Nicest, Most Magical-ist Hot Chocolate Ever !


What You'll need :

  • 1 wonderful mug ( Mines a hopeful mug designed by Carrie Hope Fletcher, you can find them here )
  • A pack of chocolate chips , you'll need between 4 and 5 teaspoons of them depending on how rough your day was <3
  • A tub of ice cream ( Always Chocolate !! ... actually I bet this would taste pretty nice with toffee ice cream as well ) :)
  • A mugs worth of milk 
  • Edible Gold glitter, although they don't tell you on the packet because it's a big secret so don't tell anyone ; it's actually fairy dust !!!! :D

Step 1 : Pop 4 teaspoons of chocolate chips into your mug and then add an extra one for smiles, luck, hope , any excuse you can find to justify chocolate really ;)

Step 2 : Fill the mug about one third the way up with milk and microwave for 1 minute and stir until all the chocolate has melted into the milk :)

Step 3 : fill the rest of the mug with milk and microwave for 2 more minutes :)

Step 4 : Add 2-4 scoops of ice cream and sprinkle with fairy dust  or as the government want us to think, "Edible Gold Glitter " aha ;)

    And there it is ! The bestest, most magical-ist hot chocolate ever ! The ice cream cools the hot chocolate as it goes into your mputh and gives it the most gorgeous taste ever ! :)

    Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

    Check back on Thursday for this week top ten pins !

    Don't forget to have a wonderful week even if the week refuses to be wonderful ^.^

    Much love, Love much-ly

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