Monday, 2 February 2015

Origami Hearts ( Valentines Day DIY #1 )

Hello lovely :) 

It's 13 days until valentines day ! Some people don't like valentines day because they feel like it's all depressing when you're not in a relationship but I simply disagree. Partly because of the reasons expressed in Connor Manning's recent video which you can find here . But mostly because their are a lot of extremely nice chocolates around at this time of year and I'm not one to deprive myself a little pressie in the form of Thorntons ;) So for the next four posts I'm going to put up valentines day DIY's :) So In today's post I thought I'd show you how to make an origami heart love letter which  I've found is a really cute substitute for a valentines day card and is a lot cheaper <3

Origami Heart Love Letter <3 

What you need : 

All you you need is an A4 piece of paper and a pen to write your letter.... see what I mean about it being cheaper than a £5 card from Clinton's ;) 

1) Take your A4 sheet and write whatever you want to say to your valentine/friend/loved family pet/anyone who's not having a great day . Now now fold your top right corner across to meet the the edge of the piece of paper and crease along the line with the edge of your nail before unfolding it :) 

2) Repeat step 1 but this time fold from the top left corner :) 

3) Take the two triangles on the left and right side of the paper and pull them together so that they meet each other in the middle .

4) Pinch the bottom of the fold and then press down from the top of the side of the fold and it should form a triangle ( Don't worry if this takes a few attempts I promise that you'll get it in the end ) 


5) Take the top layer of each of the sides of the triangle and fold them in to meet to top corner of the triangle <3 

6) Fold both of the sides of the paper into the middle so they meet each other. 

7) Turn the paper over so that the side without folds on is facing you :) 

8) Fold the Bottom of the paper up to meet the line where the triangle shape begins

9) Fold the top layer of the triangle down to form a kind of envelope shape . 

10) Fold the bottom corners into meet the centre line and then tuck them into the slots of the upside down folded triangle shape :) 


11)  Fold each of the top corners in to make a triangle and tuck them into the folds across the heart and voila ! All ready to give to whoever you like :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Keeping with the valentines day theme, leave your favourite pick up line in the comments ! 

Check back on Thursday for another valentines day DIY that's super yummy :) 

Much Love, Love Muchly 
DontBurstMyBubble Xx

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