Monday, 3 November 2014

Beautiful words :)

Hello sweetie :) 

If you just got the Doctor Who reference there then you get 10 points and are as awesome as the words I'm about to tell you about .. and if you didn't then I'm sure you're still pretty awesome because you're you! How could you get any more awesome than that :) On the subject of Doctor Who, Oh my gosh am I the only one who's slightly frightened after the last episode .. I don't even know what to think ! I know one thing though , PLEASE DON'T LET ANYONE CREMATE ME ! ;) 

Anyways .. I need to learn to stop waffling. Actually I've started to really like potato waffles recently and ... wait, I'm doing it again aha :) So its no big secret that I'm ever so slightly in love with Carrie Hope Fletcher ( I'll link to her YouTube channel here ) One of the first videos I watched of hers after the Disney Princess song , was about loads of really cool, awesome words that no one really knew about and ever since then I have been collecting beautiful words on my pinterest account, so I thought I'd share a few with you today :) 

Koi no yokan 
Okay, this ones Japanese but still, the meaning is super cute :) The definition is : 
The sense one has upon meeting another person that they will fall in love <3 

Unfamiliar, strange, rare, and yet marvellous 
( I love that there is a word for this :D ) 

The strong desire to hold someone in your arms <3 awwwww :) 

Finding something nice whilst looking for something else 

The low rumble of distant thunder .
( Doddleoddle a Youtuber, wrote a really cute song about thunder storms which you can find here <3 ) 

An intense and irresistible desire for freedom :) 

Although everyone knows this mini magic spell from Aladin, it actually comes from the Hebrew phrase " Avrakehdabra " which means I will create as I speak :)

I'm not sure I'm ever going to get over the fact that this is actually a word :D It means: 
The uneasiness; Known as the butterflies in your tummy <3 

The act of loving someone who loves you; a love returned in full :) 

Experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder <3 
I know quite a few people know about this word , but it's so cute .. I think it should be used more, I mean even just the thought of the word makes me happy :) Comment if you manage to get it into your day ( Or any of the other words ) and you can have ten points ;) Lets bring back the beautiful words <3 

I hope you've had a fabulous week where you experienced serendipity resulting in koi no yokan which lead to redamancy even if it gave you collywobbles at first and now you are overcome with cingulomania at these selcouth happenings, I still hope you have felt wonderstruck at least once, perhaps at the beautiful sound of brontide whilst you are snuggled up in your bed which sparked a sense of eleutheromania in your heart. And if all that just doesn't work out; say ABRACADABRA! and try again <3 :)  

I checked the clock at 9:16. Cool air was blowing in through the sun roof and we were drunk off each other's laughter. I was happy.
Todays quotes, I found it on pinterest but cant
 find out who wrote it <3 Still, I like it too
 much not to show you :) 

Comment your favourite word below :) 
Lots of love and cuddles <3 
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

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