Friday, 17 October 2014

Pretty Little Things :)

Helloo <3 

Whenever I'm having a bit of a less than perfect day, I like to add a little sparkle by looking at all the pretty little things I can find on the numerous extremely cute shops I've found online :) So today after a too long week, I decided to share with you some of my favourite pretty little things I've seen recently :) 

Firstly, the lovely DotComGiftShop : 

Bubbles ? Bubbles . OH MY GOSH ! ICE CREAM BUBBLE !!! :D I'm not sure I can contemplate this level of  absolutely amazing and how much they would brighten any day aha :) Everyday should have bubbles in it <3 Esspecially when they're as cheap as £1.95 , here  :)
Paper chains ! Perfect for brightening up bedrooms .. and for keeping kids quiet whilst babysitting ;) I actually love making paper chains , I find it really therapeutic :) Right now these are on sale for £1.95 here <3 
Who doesn't love a bit of bunting ? I'm desperate to start making my own bunting .. minus my slightly unfortunate record for breaking sewing machines aha :) However, I'm still determined and when I do learn, I might do a DIY on it so let me know if you fancy that ... it could be Chritmas bunting ! Wow now I'm getting all over-excited about Christmas :) Anyways .. until then these super cute and super colourful, polka dot set of fabric bunting will do me just fine for £4.95 whilst they're on sale here  <3  

These would just be soooo sweet to keep in my handbag for whenever I fancied a lil bit of doodling <3 I can't believe they're only £1.50 :o You can find them for all your doodling needs, here :)

Two words, Hopeful Notes !!! Ahhh they're so cute :D Why don't I have these ?  £4.95 for this level of wonderful-ness ... excuse me whilst I go get my card ;) Find them here <3 

Next up ! Etsy :) 

Ellie Badge Grape Soda Pin Inspired by Disney-Pixar's Up

It's no secret that I am a MASSIVE Disney fan :) Up is possibly my favourite Disney Pixar film ... It's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome, adorable, amazing and every other good word beginning with A as that's what I seem to be going with aha ;) When I found the Ellie Badge on Etsy ... I can not even describe my excitment :D I will definitely be getting at least one for £2.99 here <3

Peter Pan Never Grow Up Cushion Throw Pillow Various Sizes

"Second Star to the right and straight on till morning " <3 You have to love Peter Pan :) You can find this adorable cushion here  :) Also whilst I'm on the subject of Disney and Peter Pan, I found a wonderful blog called 'Never Grow Up' Disney inspired and full of lovely-ness , I don't know the girl who writes it but I know that she definitely deserve way more follower than she has so if you have time for a lil bit of magic then have a look :) 

Daisy-Mae Jewellery <3

 Image of Pinky Promise Bracelet

A pinkie promise, the sign of love, trust and the hopefuls <3 This bracelet at £3.50 is so nice, just like all the other stuff on the Daisy-Mae Jewellery website :)  

Ebay :) 


I've wanted some sparkly cat ears ever since I saw the beautiful Carrie Hope Fletcher's cat ears poking out of the curly, blond, rays of sunshine, that are her hair <3 These are only £1.41 with free P+P, you can find them here :) Once they arrive I won't be taking them off ... EVER ! :) 

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pretty things and that it cheered you up a lil bit if your day has been a lil bit rubbishy because all stuff gets better in the end I promise <3 You just have to keep smiling and wait it out because you will get there :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

 “You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne

Lots of love and hugs , 
DontBurstMyBubble xxx

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