Monday, 10 November 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :D

Okay , It's Official ! The Christmas stuff is out in Asda ... ITS CHRISTMASSSSSSSS ! :D
Even if my boyfriend (... and everyone else ever ) insists on December 1st being the start of Christmas, I have Asda on my side... so yeah ! 

Okay so maybe I've gone insane over my excitement for the Christmas spirit and all the happiness that comes with it, but if it makes you happy to be christmassy ... then do it :D Do what makes you happy ! If you're not hurting anyone then it's no one else's problem :) Just be happy <3 I've found myself pretty down recently and stressed ( hence why I haven't written in a while )  but using Carrie Fletchers concept of using your words to fix things and get things back to a place where I'm happy and okay again I'm glad to say I think I'm back to my normal self.. well as normal as I get :) I just want to say right now, please don't compromise your happiness for someone else, you're just as important so tell them how you feel don't let people upset you honey, nicely tell them what they're doing to you because it's not worth being miserable <3 I love you :) So anyways, now I'm feeling more cheerful I'm spending my evening in sat surrounded by Christmas magazines , books and blog plans ( there's so much cool stuff I'm desperate to show you this Christmas ! :D ) wearing my Christmas Pj's and new sparkly cat ears headband and drinking hot chocolate from my new 'Cup of Kindness'  which was a present from my friend the other day and I am absolutely in love with <3 I thought just in case anyone else is already feeling Christmassy I would make a list of my favourite Christmas songs to put me ( and anyone else who wants to be this early) in the festive mood :) 

1.  Winter Wonderland :) 

2. Baby it's Cold Outside <3

3. Let it Snow 

4. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

5. It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas 

6.  I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday 

7. Merry Christmas Everyone 

8.  Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass 

9.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 

10. Jingle Bells 

Sooo basically anything involving Michael Buble is pretty much Christmas in a song :) If you want any more early Christmas posts I did a Christmas tag a few weeks ago which you can find here <3  I hope you have a lovely week :) Comment your favourite Christmas songs below <3

" I just like to smile, smiling's my favourite"
-Buddy, Elf

Much love, Love much-ly
By the way, You're Beautiful :)
Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :)

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