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When Offering Your Pinkie ...

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I don't really know what this is, I wrote most of this on a car journey I'm not entirely sure why but these are the thoughts in my head that I have named " When Offering Your Pinkie" . I have recently realised that there is next to no support for people who support their friends through mental illnesses. This is wrong . There needs to be support in place for the friends of people with mental illnesses because "One in ten children between the ages of one and 15 has a mental health disorder." (The Office for National Statistics Mental health in children and young people in Great Britain, 2005) It's fairly likely that a lot of these people have friends who try to help and do an excellent job but it angers me that those friends are not also given support . What do you think ? Anyways I don't really know what spurred me to write this . But I hope you are well and here are the words my mind gave me when trying to piece together the support that I believe is needed for both sufferers of mental health issues and their friends . 

Don't just walk away . 
Offer them your pinkie and say ;
" I wont let go if you won't " <3 
If they go to sleep purely to escape the bitter sadness; 
Send a text saying ; 
" I love you " 
So at least their day can start with a smile :) 
Never let them forget ; 
" You are NOT in this alone " 
They arn't and neither are you <3 
Don't forget to mention that , 
" It's going to be okay very soon " 
The tomorrow they need might be tomorrow ... 
If they give up they'll never know . 
Are they feeling weak ? 
Like there body can't support the weight of there mind ? 
leave a note in their bag saying ; 
" Stay Strong Beautiful " 
The strength is still there. 
People lose sight of their strength in the darkness. 
Just because you can't see something, it doesn't mean its not there . 
Light a match over their strength for them <3 
If they can't get out of bed then pull them out , 
Do their hair and tell them to put on their best clothes . Say ; 
" Everyday is special .. just like you " 
When they cry ? Let them . 
Let them cry and don't move until they're done . 
Then fetch them chocolate and say : 
" You're worth the world but I only had a piece of chocolate ... 
but it's good, like you " 
Ask questions ! But listen to answers . 
Don't tell them their problems arn't bad enough . 
Listen before they are <3 Let them know ; 
" Everything about you is always worth my time " 
If they ask for help ? Get it ! 
Don't question it . Say ; 
" Okay , we'll find a way "  

But if their pinkie starts to slip from yours , 
Grab them with both hands and yell for help . 
Tell them ;
" You're not going anywhere." 
Never make them feel bad for needing your pinkie . 

However don't fall with them . 
The weight of their mind might just pull you over as you reach out to save them . 
If they drop then don't follow . 
It's not your fault, never is your fault and never will be . 
Watching over a friend , Keeping them safe , 
You're trying your hardest . I see that darling <3 
And let me just tell you now that you are doing so, so wonderfully ! 
You are so enough , I promise . 
I promise to both of you that you are enough . 
But YOU ; the friend that offers their pinkie . 
You are just like them; 
You're both the strong ones ! 
You're amazing <3 
And you know what ? 

" Take my pinkie ! I won't let go if you won't, because I love you and you're not in this alone . I know it's hard and you feel like you're losing your strength in the darkness because you held out your match for them but I'm telling you I can still see it <3 I have never thought of a kinder soul but you . Stay strong beautiful,  remember you're worth it too! Every day is special, just like you . You're worth the world but I can only give you my word but I promise it's good, rather like you . You're being so generous , handing out you're heart , what a wonderful thing but don't forget your where you starts  ! Don't lose sight of yourself because I guarantee that everything about you is worth my time <3 Okay ? We'll find a way . You're not going anywhere <3 " 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

" If you're going through hell, keep going." 
- Winston Churchill 

Much love, love much-ly 

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