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Smiley Sunday - #100happydays: day 86- 92

helloo :)

Sorry If this is a bit rubbishy, I've written this once and I  accidentally deleted it which isn't great when I have two more to write after this because and a ton of school work to do . I'm really sorry . But life goes on :) So without any further a do ( hopefully ;) ) Smiley Sundays day 86-92 , take two ;)

#100happydays : day 86 ( Monday )

Pyjama days are the best :) So I had absolutely no issue with sitting in bed all morning on facetime to my friend, planning blogs and working on one that's taking me a long time; but I can't wait to see what you think of it because I'm almost done :) When I came back to my mums, my sister was in the kitchen attempting to make the Christmas pudding ( which with my mums recipe and excessive use of brandy is probably an alcoholics dream aha :) ) never the less we make the mixture in the summer to give the mixture time to mature letting the fruit steep in the brandy   ... and become even more alcoholic.... and if that's not enough we smother it in a lake of delicious brandy sauce on the magical day itself ;) I think I actually got a bit tipsy last Christmas just off this aha ;) Anyways, my sister was trying to make the pudding by herself and show us what a wonderful domestic goddess she was and it was going absolutely swimmingly .... until I pointed out she'd forgotten to chop the cherries up and she had to pick them all back out again :) Better luck next time darling ;) I also wrote a blog that was very close to my heart on Monday( most likely because this community is where I found my heart ) about the hopefuls and I just want to say thank you for the lovely responses I got both on here and on the hopeful forum :) It means the world <3 If you haven't read it and would like too; you can find it here :) 

#100happydays : day 87 ( Tuesday )

Way. Too. Early. I'm not going to lie I was extremely unimpressed at being awake at six thirty in the summer holidays ... I like my bed , we have a lovely relationship, have great fun spending the night together regularly and I can definitely say I will never have any trouble with commitment issues ;) However I was super excited to go and see Maleficent at the cinema with my youth group which did not disappoint :) I thought the acting was great and I really enjoyed the story line... even if the ending was a lil bit frozen-esque . Although, I am pretty sure that Disney can't steal from Disney so I'll let them off ;) If you've been to see it, tell me what you thought in the comments :) 

#100happydays: day 88 ( Wednesday ) 

Now don't get me wrong; I like ice ... in drinks , in ice cream.. oh my gosh,I love ice cream so so much ! Now I just want to talk about ice cream ! I wonder if I could get away with writing a blog purely about ice cream .... that's so going on my to do list ;) Anyways back to ice :) Today was the day meand my best friend decided to do our Ice Bucket challenge ... It was really cold ! No ! Freezing ! No! Icicle-afying ! A whole new words worth of cold ;) Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it's to raise awareness for a good cause of which you can find about here  because I feel like a lot of people don't actually know what they're raising awareness of aha :) I didn't know properly until after I'd actually done it hehe ;) 

#100happydays : day 89 ( Thursday ) 

Today, after work I stopped at Morrison's and bought all of me and my best friends favourite food ( including ice cream and sour cream and chive Pringles obviously ) before picking her up on the way home and as we had the house to our selves we decided to for the first time in our five year long friendship,  try and have a nice, normal meal at my dining room table .... um the food was good ... the conversation went straight to my weird dreams and how much I like curly fries and in attempt to be civilised we drank out of glasses ( are moto is , if you're not the queen, you don't get a glass )  ... filled with chocolate soya milk because that stuffs the BEST ! But I wouldn't change it for the world :) After that we sat down on on the sofa , I played my ukulele and we watched The Wedding Date whilst eating Ben and Jerry's :) 

#100happydays : day 90 ( Friday ) 

With only ten days left of my #100happydays challenge which I have really enjoyed doing , I've decided that I need a way to keep focused on the small good things in everyday that usually go unnoticed . So I've bought a very pretty notebook for only £2 at ASDA and have decided to write one good thing down each day in my new happy diary :) The other day it was as small as my best friend gave me half of her Crunchie but it was still there , still mattered and it meant the day wasn't entirely bad , because it never is :) I had this Idea after seeing something on pinterest that said : 

" Everyday, write down the best thing that's  happened to you in a notebook. Read it back; You'll soon see it's a wonderful life. " 

#100happydays : day 91 ( Saturday ) 

I like hot chocolate . I like my best friend . She made me a hot chocolate . I love my best friend . Simple as ;) However after she made me a hot chocolate we proceeded to go back to bed to watch The Conjuring ... Wait what ! no No NO. Oh okay then aha :) So with her on one side and my boy best friend on the other ( to protect me from the monsters clearly ) we watched The Conjuring . I won't say much but what I will say is I think I might of burst their ear drums ;) Once I got home I drank chocolate milkshake and worked really hard on blogs until one am :) I actually really enjoyed myself and am really looking forward to posting the things I've been working on :) 

#100happydays : day 92 ( Sunday ) 
Christmas House Rules: 1. Believe In Santa . 2. Live It Up and Laugh It Up . 3. Remember Its Better To Give Than Receive . 4. Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle . 5. Christmas Calories Don't Count . 6. Always Hug It Out . 7. There's Magic In The Merry . 8. All Hearts Come Home For Christmas .
My ukulele and my happy place are most definitely the same thing :) So I spent the morning in play happy place, song writing and enjoying my last day of the summer holidays and looking at pretty Christmas things on pinterest :) I know I keep talking about Christmas but I just love the spirit of Christmas; the spirit, the love, the handmade gifts and the singing that acts like a glue securing any pieces of my heart that hand become a little lose and were close to falling away from me, firmly back into place and even adding a Santa hat for good will :) So expect lots of Christmas crafts, love, quotes and happiness as soon as I can get away with it <3 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance " 
- Alan. W. Watts 

Much Love, Love Much-ly 
DontburstmyBubble Xx

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