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Smiley Sundays- #100happydays: Day 93-99

Good Morning :) 

I hope your day can begin with love <3 and end with wonderful memories :) Now wouldn't thank be wonderful ? Then SMILE ! And make it happen :)  This is my last Smiley Sunday Post and in true Smiley Sunday post style is late ;) Thank you for reading them and I really hope you've enjoyed them <3 

#100happydays : Day 93 ( Monday ) 

I feel so unbelievably happy, content , silent, loud, loving and loved right now that my smile is spreading across my face as I think the thoughts that I thought and of the feels that I felt and realise how worth the bad times are for the moments like this :) Today I spent the day with my boyfriend, we watched Doctor who ( 9th doctor for anyone who is interested , who's your favourite doctor ? ) and then built a blanket fort and played guitar hero before I fell asleep because the blanket fort was way too comfy ( not that I'm complaining ) . Once I got home I finished off a perfect night with a hot chocolate and marshmallows and slept happily in a hoodie because it was too cold but I was too tired to care :) 

#100happydays : Day 94 ( Tuesday ) 

New Books ! Woo :D The one thing I love about the new academic year is the new books. Fresh, clean pages and that lovely neat writing from the one day/lesson of the year that you actually remember a pen ;) I wrote a blog post about my thoughts on the new school year which you can find here :)  But I hope you've had a wonderful start to a year full of lots of procrastinating and hopefully a little school work ;) 

#100happydays : Day 95 ( Wednesday )

My best friends bag some what resembles a mini fridge ... and at the end of the school day an empty mini fridge :) I was extremely happy when I found my best friends mum had made her a cheese sandwich just the way I like it :) Yay! I know that's completely irrelevant to anything but the point is the little things like stealing your friends food and laughing around a table ... they often get taken for granted but they're often the things that matter the most <3 Of course the most important thing about Wednesdays is THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF !!! WOOO ! Despite being absolutely distraught at Norman leaving , NOOOOOOO! His Pieful Tower made my day :D 


#100happydays : Day 96 ( Thursday )

STRESSFUL DAYS, NEED MILKYWAYS :) When I get panicky or worried, when I calm down a lil bit I treat myself a Milkyway... or five ;) They're definitely magic <3 The nicest / cutest thing that happened today, after a pretty rubbishy day when I had practically no make up on and was feeling rather meh ; a little girl came up to me a said "You're Pretty" and it just really made me smile because she didn't know what she was doing, she didn't know that I needed a boost but she was young and there was kindness in her and it just makes me happy that the world has potential like that . So that when it all seems pointless someone will be a little human towards you, a stranger and tell you something to give you faith that it's not all that bad <3 On that note, next time you see a stranger in a pretty dress tell them or loudly tell your friends that you think that person looks lovely :) Trust me it's worth it :) It's really really worth it . 

#100happydays : Day 97 ( Friday ) 

Nothing like a good Disney Movie to cheer you up , So we watched UP :) Whilst eating chocolate ice cream <3 UP is like my all time favourite love story and just awwww :) I want a letter box with hand prints on it !!! 

By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Carl sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years younger, inadvertently becomes a stowaway.

#100happydays: Day 98 ( Saturday ) 

Today me and my best friend went to her cousins, baby's, birthday party :) He was turning two and to be honest I think I was even more excited about the toy car and bubbles than him ;) He had an awesome In The Night Garden cake that was really cute :) Afterwards we went to a massive ASDA and you can't understand how happy this made me because I don't know why but I just really love ASDA ! :D We bought Ice cream and sweets and then spent the evening watching X-factor and getting fat :) Woo ! Happy days ;) 

#100happydays : Day 99 ( Sunday ) 

Spending the morning lying on the sofa with your best friend watching a whole series worth of TV and eating yoghurt for breakfast ( We made like Greek yoghurt mixed with raspberries and chocolate digestives, it sounds weird but is actually really nice ) is great :) Until you realise that you have forty-five minutes to be showered, straighten your hair, do your make up , get dressed and walked the dog .... that was an  urm interesting attempt :) I want more lazy days like this but there's so much school work ! As soon as I work out how to manage it I will probably write a blog post about it ... expect that on the 4th of never ;) 

Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

" She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans " 
- Kobi Yamada
( I realise this quote is random but I also think it says a lot about what you can make possible once you get over the fact it's impossible :) ) 

Much Love, Love Much-ly 

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