Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#100happydays : Day 100 ( WE MADE IT ! :D )

Heyyy :) 

So the final day of my #100happydays challenge is here and I have to say that today's #100happydays is that I've finished the challenge :) Not because I didn't like doing it because I really did but It's e always nice to finish things and accomplish them when you thought you might give up or someone else told you not to bother because "there isn't a point " . There is a point and the point is it matters to you and YOU are important and deserve recognition by yourself as a person who requires the same amount of love and kindness from yourself as other people do . You are as important as everyone else and you should do what makes you happy because at the end of the day you want to sit there counting the moments that made you smile and where you felt good about yourself, your world and your life . You deserve that . <3 

I believe in you and if you want to do something , no matter what it is ; from climbing mount Everast, to becoming a successful actress to saying something that's difficult or seems scary . Yes it might look tedious, terrifying , risky and ridiculously optimistic to even suggest you could do such a thing but I promise you can <3 Prove them all wrong ! Every single one and make them shocked make them confused at where you found the courage to do something when they didn't tell you had the ability to.  I can tell you where you found that courage . IN YOU . Because you are an amazing, wonderful, complex, intelligent and above all kind , human being and you can do anything you put your mind to however big or small . I believe in you and I say that over and over in so many of my blogs but it doesn't matter because the only person who really needs to believe in you is you :) I know you can do it and you need to let yourself know that you can do it because you're getting confused, bewildered by society's expectations and limitations that don't have to be so because you are an individual with your own hopes, your own dreams and your own potential . 

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
-Albert Einstien 

I didn't think I could start a blog and commit to writing regularly but I wanted to and I love writing so I did . I managed it , I talked about a hundred days of my life and It might seem small but I'm pretty proud of that and I'm going to continue because I have so many words inside me that I want to be heard and this is my way of saying them . A lot of days the need to sleep, the frustration when i'd spent two hours writing and accidentally deleted the whole thing , thing stress of finding only happy things to say after an awful day ...yes that would almost over ride the fact that writing made me happy and yes i'd be thinking if I stopped writing it would matter and I've been told that but it matters to me . And I like you am a human being and we all matter and if something makes you happy oh my gosh do it ! Don't let it bring you down though, if you need a break have a break if you want to do something else do it ! As long as you're happy  But don't ever stop because you've had a bad day or someone has said it doesn't matter .

I really hope you have enjoyed reading my #100happydays challenge blogs :) You can find the website to read about how you can do it here  :) I really think this challenge has benefited me and I have even started a little notebook of one good thing that happen each day so that I don't stop looking for the good little things because if this has taught me anything; it's that the little things are way more important than the big things and I way too often used to forget that <3 If you have been doing the #100happydays challenge then please link to your blog in the comments, I would love to have a look :) 

Stay Strong <3 Stay Smiley :) 

I hope you've had an amazing day :) 

Much love, Love much-ly 

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